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  1. Cheers! B T W, I can't seem to find an option to update my profile.....anyone point the way please? Riggy.
  2. Thank you both for the patience and understanding. As you both say, recent regs make it appear I'm stuffed re just climbing on board again and will have to do the 7 hour jobby. Funny thing is, if I'd have bought and insured a bike over here using English license, I probably would have had proof of experience and insurance....before I handed my licenses over for exchange. Funny ole world innit!
  3. If I knew all the answers would I be on here asking questions. Anyone can win a quiz if they already know the answers.
  4. Thanks Ken.I apologise (to all involved) if I am taking time getting to the point of complete understanding of what I need to do next, but I have been out of the world of biking and legislation for a while and I didn't think I was going to have any trouble getting back on two wheels. There is much conflicting information here and also on the other forum where I posted same as even now, someone has posted an official website saying I only need 3 hours re-training. Am sifting through it all but just want to get back on the road. Riggy.
  5. [quote user="cooperlola"]http://www.motoservices.com/permis/lepermis.htm   Le permis B Français (communément appelé permis voiture) et la conduite d'un deux roues de moins de 125cc en France et dans l' UE (Union Européenne des 25 états membres) Le décret n°2010-1390 du 12 novembre 2010 portant sur "diverses mesures de sécurité routière, publié au Journal Officiel du 16 novembre 2010 modifie entres autres l'article R 221-8 du code de la route et impose à tout titulaire du permis de conduire B (permis voiture) depuis le 1 Janvier 2011 qui souhaite conduire pour la première fois "une motocyclette légère ou un véhicule à trois roues de plus de 50 cm3 (L5e) sur le territoire national (Français). 1/ D'être titulaire du permis B depuis 2 ans au minimum. 2/ De suivre une formation obligatoire de 7 heures obligatoire depuis le 1 Janvier 2011 [/quote] Thanks for that. On the surface it looks like a NO I can't ride a 125 on car license but I'm still confused as to me it says...."someone who wants to ride a m/bike/scooter etc of more than 50cc FOR THE FIRST TIME" and I'm not a first timer. Am I being thick over this
  6. [quote user="AnOther"][quote user="Riggy"].[/quote]It's off to French motorbike school for you then [;-)] [/quote] Getting confused here. I posted same problem on another forum and was told I could ride a 125 on a Cat. B license? Who is right please? The reciept I was given had 'pour les categories -B - E (b) at the bottom. Riggy.
  7. Haven't got proof, haven't ridden for 10 years or so.
  8. I agree with your Group A proposition having read the Jan 2011 regs. Yes kept copy of card and paper licences. Have been trying to get hold of DVLA all day then realised it was B. H. over there. Soon to be ex-wife had contact with another Brit over the weekend who described his wife's experience with license infractions. Aparrently she got points put on her license for something, didn't change her license to a French one, commited a second pointable offence and they sent her to jail for three months. I had points deducted on my last speeding fine. Riggy.
  9. Hi, a little while back I incurred the second of two speeding fines within a specified time with points to be registered. This morning I went to the Tarbes Prefecture with all documents to exchange my license for the French version. Upon completing the paperwork, I was handed a reciept with only B cat car plus 750kg trailer permit. Upon enquiring about my 125cc prov license (it was only showing on the paper counterpart and not the plastic) she said if it wasn't on the plastic I wasn't entitled and would have to sit a French driving test. Anyone know if there is any appeal over this or any other solution? I have been licensed (prov bike and full car for 42 years)since 1968 and was just about to buy my first bike in 20 years. I'm also concerned I won't be able to drive up to 7 tons....not really worried about the minibus categories. TIA Riggy.
  10. Thanks Eric, I found some before but couldn't remember which cateogory they were under. Riggy.
  11. Anybody out there have any canal tiles to dispose of or for sale please? Regards Riggy.
  12. Hi, has anybody with general maintenance/handyman status (Micro Enterprise or Autoentrepreneur) managed to get a half sensible answer regarding public liability/damage (in the course of repairing or maintaining) insurance? Would this be Responsibilite Civile or another type? I have been asked by two companies "where are your professional references and qualifications".....HUH!? What?? A general handyman? How on earth does a handyman/general maintenance person get qualifications covering every small/medium job out there? If a person had all these qualifications then they would presumably working as an Artisan and not in general maintenance. I would be pleased to know if anyone has resolved this seming 'impasse'. Riggy.
  13. quote    And NO - I do NOT love the 'quaint' French ways....I HATE the 'quaint' French ways. The French think they're so b----y superior with their 'traditions', and their 'culture', and their 'cuisine'.... Sorry but I don't think so.   quote     Why did you actually come to France? If you HATE the quaint French ways why don't you move on? By the way.........French cuisine is FAR superior to British cuisine overall and the average 'housewife here would put MANY a professional chef to shame in UK.    
  14. Hi Shelley, can't really help with accomodation pointers as we only live one hour 'from home to putting skis on'.  The times to avoid would be the school holiday times and public holidays otherwise both will be busy from the Spanish as well as the French skiers. We like Bareges a lot but favour Piau Engaly above most as it is so user friendly with all the runs coming down to a central point with great retaurants-bars and mini shopping precinct.  The "Grande Bleu" ( 7kms long) has been open for the first time in three seasons and Piau is guaranteed skiing.........when all the other resorts are short of snow or un-skiable they all turn up at Piau. This year is far from a problem as we have been having fresh snow regularly.........skied last Sunday and again yesterday at Piau, pisted slopes and  a foot of fresh powder on the sides, absolute magic days. From this coming Sunday(and Monday/Tuesday) further good snowfalls predicted. Hope this helps. Shout if I can help further. Regards   Riggy.
  15. Hi Shelley, if you skied Bareges then you'll know any of the stations in this area are only just over 3 hours from you. We use Piau-Engaly a lot and below that is St Lary-Soulan. Coming up the valley to the stations you pass through Arreau, if you turn left in the village you can get to another couple of stations ie Peyragudes.   If you take the road to Bagneres de Bigorre and out the other side up the valley you will hit a village caled Luz st Sauveur. If you bear right in the centre of Luz St Sauveur (instead of going left to Bareges) there is another station called Luz Ardiden. If you head for a point between Tarbes and Pau, both on the A64, you can get to another good station, Cauterets......revered by many. Riggy
  16. Hi Twinkle, I'm new here (hello everybody if this reply gets read).....we have been just north of Tarbes for nearly a year now and if we could find the sort of place you are talking about we would frequent it regularly. A friendly place with a lively atmosphere perhaps? live music a couple of times a month? Ditch the TV and jukebox and perhaps the frequenters could make their own music with traditional singing/instruments in between band appearances? I think the place would have a unique appeal especially if  the local people could be encouraged to join in.....-we have fabulous French neighbours with great enthusiasm for traditional music, from Basque, all British folk, Irish etc and I know if it was on their doorstep they would attend regularly and participate. Riggy. p.s. Does anybody know of any trad folk/Irish/sea-shanty orientated establishments or gigs in my area please....desperate to get singing again.
  17. Hello to all you good people that are already living the better life......Riggy here...... if any body has any info/knowlege please of long/winter let properties in the Marmand to Mont de Marsan to Armagnac region I would be eternally grateful. House is sold....business going....mid to late September is departure time. Doesn't have to be a really up together property as unfortunately we have a menagerie of sorts to ship over in the form of three cats and three dogs. All dogs well behaved/obedient/house trained, cats all house trained and mature. Edge of a village or just outside would be ok (cats v traffic). Countryside ideal if there is a telephone/broadband for internet business link. Probably asking a lot but any info at all would be great. Thanks guys.
  18. Hi Peta, thank you so much for the valid info. Breeding is not really going to be our thing. I mis-informed when I said 'stud'. (I am not the horse orientated person, just the one to set most of it up an provide the facilities). My wife and I are moving over soon and bringing a friend with us who is qualified BHSAI, Classical Dressage and Performance Breaking and Training, so before I get in over my head with all the technicalites and equestrian terminology, I will get our friend to come and communicate about this on your level. The basic setup will be importing horses from a well known (to us) and reliable breeding contact in Belgium, breaking them for jumping and dressage and then selling on. I know it sounds simplistic and will probably have as many headaches as any other equestrian department, but we are trying to keep this venture as simple as possible. Regards Adrian.
  19. Hi Guys.....new kid on the block....moving over (if plans come to fruition) within next 12 months, Aquitaine region. Any body have any info please, or point me in the right direction for horse -related business reg's etc, i.e. a small stud/horse-breaking/selling. Need to know what qual's, insurance, legal doc's etc. Would be most grateful.... Thanks.....Riggy.
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