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  1. Thanks to all for your helpful comments. I found the Eurotunnel one to be of particular interest. It seems that if I go out on day one and return about midday on day two the crossing comes to £44. That makes the idea of an overnight stop in Boulogne a possibility (not forgetting all the lovely booze I'll be able to bring home!!!!). So thanks to all.   Tony.
  2. Can anyone out there advise me of any cheap deals at present, so that I can get across to replenish my wine stocks!! I'm looking to do the shopping at Boulogne but I'm happy to do the Dover-Calais route. Although I'll be travelling from Norwich, I'll be looking to do the crossing and back in the day. It seems if I want to go across one day, shop, stay overnight, and come back the next day (an option that appeals to me), the cost seems to rise significantly (it seems to be called a 5 day crossing, and charges accordingly). I've also had a quick look and it seems the Eurotunnel crossing is no longer competitive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Tony.
  3. Just caught up with this thread. I thought it sounded like a loir which is a squirrel-like animal that frequents the lofts of houses (we had one in our rented place a couple of years ago). They make an awful amount of noise and particularly like playing with the rest of the loir family at 2am!!
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