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  1. I haven't been on the forum for a while and just picked up on this thread. I'd like to offer my best wishes to you both. I hope that Deb's recovery continues to go well. 
  2. Hi Sharpy, If you intend to live in the UK while you do the work, you may be able to use the same insurere I use. I'll PM the details to you. 
  3. Hi, we are looking for a camp-site not too far from Poitiers For 30th July-1st August.

    Anyone who help, can you please let me know.


    Many Thanks

  4. Hi Dinks, Pamiers has lots of  brocantes and at least one large furniture store that sells good quality wooden furniture (new not antique).

    Troc 3000 ( a large depot-vente at Pamiers) has a web-site http://www.troc3000.com/

    I believe from memory that there is a brocante on the old Foix - Pamiers road at Foix.

    There is another at Mirepoix on the Foix road (on the first island after leaving Mirepoix), another on the Mirepoix road at Lavelanet.

    Then of course there are the vide greniers. This site will tell you where and when they are on:


    I hope this helps to get you started. If you need more details PM me. 



  5. "What really pisses me off is when I lose electrical work to obviously unregistered lethal crooks, mainly because their "clients" are, or prefer to, remain, ignorant of how it "works", here.

    One day, I am going to start reporting illegal workers around here and the people that employ them - it is so easy to find them via this and other sites. Do you beileve that the authorities don't use AI-B to trace black workers? I do."


    Nick, no one is implying that they want to employ, or indeed work, illegally.   I am a fully qualified spark myself (in the UK) and realise that the French regulations and methods are completely different. I for one would not consider carrying out any work without complying with the countries laws. The reason I am asking personally is that we now live in a European Union with completely different work treaties to the old days. It would be interesting to find out what is allowed and what is not.

    I fully understand your frustrations about people working on the black but that is not what this thread was aimed at.


    I've just found this little bit of information:

    There are two types of permit for France:

    Temporary Secondment:

    This is for a non French company which needs to place their employees on it's client's site in France. This can be applied for by the foreign company but needs the full co-operation of the French client. The seconded employee must remain in the employ, pay, and line management of the foreign service provider. The maximum duration of these permit is 18 months and may then be extended for a further 9 months.

    Full Work Permit

    This is applied for by an established French company who wish to directly employ a non-EEA national. The candidate must be a full time employee and paid in France in Francs or Euros. There is no time limit on this permit.


    So it seems that there is nothing illegal on the employment front provided you have the correct permits. It looks like a real minefield. There seems to be very specific requirements to qualify for the permits including a minimum wage. I doubt very much if it would be worth all the hassle unless it was a very large contract. I cannot find anything about actual qualifications but it is part of the application for a permit.  

  6. [quote user="nicktrollope"][quote user="Smiley"]

    There seems to have been a lack of definitive answer here.


    Eh? The OP mentioned a roofer and that is what I was talking about - definatively.

    Sir Norman Foster is not a roofer - as an Architect, he can (and does) design things wherever he chooses - the regulations are completely different. However, the company who built the Millau bridge was Spanish (I believe) - but they must have had a French "arm" to enable them to carry out the work.

    And don't start going on about "free movement of goods and services". Read the appropriate treaties and then come back to us.

    If you want more definative, talk to the French authorities. There is no confusion or lack of definition here.



    Nick, I don't see the need for a stroppy answer or telling people to off and read up on something, this is a public forum where people can ask for advice. I think if you look back at your previous reply, you quoted someone who referred to living in France and putting work through the UK, this is not what Abbaye or my posting referred to.




  7. I'd just like to say thank you to Poolguy for his consistent and valuable contribution to this forum. I find his postings valuable information even when I haven't asked the question. Please keep it up, this is what the forum should be about.

    Many thanks.

  8. There seems to have been a lack of definitive answer here. I have a long established company in the UK.  Surely under European law I can carry out short term contracts in France or for that matter anywhere else in the EU?. Just because I may not have recognised French qualifications does not mean that I am not qualified to carry out the work. ( I can understand the need for French qualifications for full time or long term employment)

     Equally being taxed in the UK does not mean you are attempting tax evasion in France (If you're ligit).

     I realise that warranties/certification etc, especially now may be a problem. Maybe that is why France has just introduced this for any major works.  I'd like to say I haven't and don't intend to do work in France - It's just Hypothetical

    I would have thought that there would be a restriction of trade issue here. For example how would  the architect who designed the Millau bridge have got round it - he has UK based company?

    I'd be interested in hearing from someone that can give a definitive answer to this.

  9. [quote user="Danglar"]

    I can show you posts where there were more than just one "biker" - by which I mean a member adopting a bike as avatar - replying in support of ferry liners' crazy prices.

    Must be a coincidence....

    What  I am saying is : how much is genuine in the identities of  many of  those partecipating to the forums  ?

    1600 posts in less than 2 years for "Sunday Driver" !  That is more than 2  message a day, every day since 2005.


    I'd say that's the sign of a good contributor to the forum.

  10. Therfore Roger you need to get your house electrics checked.

    If there was a fault to earth, albeit a small one then for your guest to feel the shock he/she would need to be making contact between the heater and another grounding source and have to have a resistance path lower than your house earth. (path of least resistance)Taking into consideration resistance of skin etc, this would mean that your house earth resistance must be quite high. 

    Having said all that it is best to get everything checked as you are a commercial business.

  11. [quote user="ChezTinns"]

    We travel regularly into Toulouse airport, and in the past I have got quotes from all the major car hire companies, plus trying Avis who partner Flybe, and every time - without fail - Holiday Autos comes up cheapest, and has the better selection of vehicles as they tend to use more than one company.  We've only had one dirty car -  the ashtray was full, there was no water in the windscreen wash and we got some (albeit not much) compensation after complaining direct to Holiday Autos when we got home.  As they tend to use Europcar and National Citer the queues aren't too bad either.  I would definitely suggest getting a quote next time!



    Unfortunately holiday autos also had no vehicles available same for europcar and National. It was a case of beggars can't be choosers I'm afraid. It was Hertz or walking !!

  12. [quote user="P"]

    When we were flying in to Carcassone I found it slightly cheaper booking via Ryanair than direct with Hertz - or using booking sites and the Ryanair prices were lower than using other hire companies.

    The disadvantage of booking Hertz is that there are many other people on the flight that have a booking with Hertz and quite a queue builds up outside the cabin.

    Our trick was that I would rush ahead, leaving the OH in the 'baggage' hall and be one of the first at the cabin. Having got the car keys, located the car, would normally have time to go back to the baggage hall and get the case (security seems to be very lacking there). Having got the cases we would walk to the car and see the mile long queue outside the Hertz cabin - not the way to start.



    Hi Paul I do exactly the same at Carcassonne. Also the last 2 times I have booked with Hertz the cars have been dirty and both had damage that they had not pointed out. Thankfully I always check but then you have to go back to the portacabin to inform them-and rejoin the end of that blasted queue.

    Unfortunately I was unable to book the car till the last minute and Alamo etc did not have cars available. Also much more expensive than before even with my Club#1 discount.

  13. Smiley


    Our crop was not so good this year. Unfortunately whitsun fell a little later this year and by the time we got to the house the blackbirds had eaten a lot of them. Only got enough to make 3 bottles of Cherry brandy. The rest were either split, half eaten too old. Last year we were getting bowl-fulls of them. On the other hand I hard cropped the ancient grapevine back in our garden last year thinking it would probably die. It seems to have come back stronger than before. Hope I'll be down to enjoy them this year.
  14. I don't like it at all.

    I prefer logo4 but does logo 11 represent all the money that's going down the drain???

  15. Hi Roger. It might be prudent to check the trip rating of your RCD. In the UK it has to be a maximum of 30mA although I'm sure France is probably different. The mA rating is symbolised by a triangle usually. If it is as low as 30mA then forget it, unless your hands are wet and you are in bare feet on an 'earthy' floor, you wouldn't even feel 30mA and then the trip would operate so fast that you wouldn't even be aware of it. If however it is like the usual 100mA or 500mA which I have seen used, it may be worth putting in combined circuit breakers to cover your outlets with a lower rating.

    It sounds to me like static.

  16. Our cleaner takes between 4-5 hours to clean a 4 bed, 3 bathroom house. Occassionally she will charge a little more if the house has been left excessively dirty or more than expected laundry has been used etc. In this case I normally charge the addition to the tenant, ( I have a clause in my T&C about this) thankfully this is rare.

    My costs are as follows:

    Gardens mowed once a week 15 euros + about 7.50 to weed the small flower beds

    Caretaker 15 euros per changeover to check for damage etc. + 15 euros p/h if pool requires cleaning.

    Cleaner 50 euros + any excess cleaning charges.

    Total per handover 80-120 euros but I know the house is looked after and kept clean for my guests - so a very fair price I think. 


  17. [quote user="Paysages de France"]It's unbelievable how  many problems there are with 'fosse sceptics' .................


    PdF, is this comment aimed at starting another debate so you can attack others in France who ask questions about subjects other than those on your personal agenda. :


    With regards to Treize Vents posting I have read it fully and it makes for interesting reading. Very much to the point of how he feels. Also quite a realistic viewpoint.

    I don't agree with all he says but at least he explains his view with a tone of sarcasm.

  18. [quote user="chris pp"]

    Smiley, sorry wrong, CO2 emissions in Europe are still increasing, check with the European Environment Agency latest reports.



    Hi Chris

    I did indeed check (I assumed that by Greenhouse gases they included Co2 as well). I couldn't find the figures for post 2005 only a projection:


    The latest projections from pre-2004 EU Member States (EU-15) show that greenhouse gas emissions could be brought down to 8.0 % below 1990 levels by 2010. If all existing and planned domestic policy measures are implemented and Kyoto mechanisms as well as carbon sinks are used, the EU-15 will reach its Kyoto Protocol target. This projection relies on figures from several Member States which suggest that they will cut emissions by more than is required to meet their national targets. Existing domestic policies and measures will reduce total EU-15 greenhouse gas emissions by a net effect of 0.6 % from 1990 levels. When additional domestic policies and measures (planned but not yet implemented) are taken into account, the EU-15 could reduce emissions by 4.6 %. The projected use of Kyoto mechanisms by ten of the EU-15 will reduce emissions by a further 2.6 % at a cost of EUR 2 830 million. The use of carbon sinks, such as planting of forests to remove CO2, would contribute an additional 0.8 %. All ten new EU Member States are on track to achieve their individual Kyoto targets, despite rising emissions. This is largely due to economic restructuring in the 1990s.

  19. [quote user="Paysages de France"])
     Supermarkets create unemployment, encourage car use and they propagate bad eating habits 

    PdF this is the sort of comment that I mean.  Supermarkets do not propogate bad eating habits, individuals do that all by themselves. Indeed they can actually encourage better eating as the choice is wider and more affordable. You seem to think that everyone else is not intelligent enough to choose for themselves.


  20. [quote user="Paysages de France"]The fact that on all three english speaking forums I was met with abuse from certain of the users and  told to go back to England rather than try to change anything in  France (by people who are just here for the cheap wine, houses etc and who are not even bothered to take French politics  or  movements seriously) governed the tone of all my future postings.     

    Our way of life is unsustainable and unexportable......... if everyone in the world lived like the average westerner the planet would expire very quickly. 

    PdF, I for one have never been abusive and I certainly wouldn't advocate you returning to England !!

    Your comment about everyone in the world acting like the average westerner is utter rubbish. I have previously pointed out to you with facts that show the Co2 emmissions throughout Europe are falling while in India and China they are rising beyond control. When you are questioned about this you reply that it's not the poor countries that you are interested only the rich !!

    Surely if you REALLY care about the world environment this is a far greater issue. These developing nations are the danger zones now. 

    Your replies make me think that in fact your main agenda is against big corporations, wealthy states and indeed individuals who dare to fly to a holiday home that they have worked hard to enjoy.

    You come accross as someone with a chip on their shoulder and an axe to grind.


  21. [quote user="Paysages de France"] You are grossly mis - informed.
    So, once again: from that other forum.........after I said I was leaving it due to the obscene and threatening language from other users.

      I also answered point by point the questions relating to the "décroissance" movement ...briefly:
     The French décroissance' movement advocates a scaling down for the rich countries not the poor ones.
     To reduce Co²: petrol price hike, introduce free local public transport, stop motorway building,  give out large grants for home insulation, encourage local consumption over costly and ecologically absurd food importation.
     My restaurant runs on town gas. Solar panels are not allowed in the historic centre of town.


    PdF, I am not mis-informed a click on the link will show that the thread was deleted.

    Whilst I agree that some of the tones of the forum are not always to my liking you are equally capable of insulting and seem totally unprepared to accept that others have views too. You treat those who may not agree with every element of your cause with utter distain.

    With regards to your policies, they sound great on paper, but how do you plan to implement and pay for them? The hiking of petrol prices will create a massive public backlash as was shown in the UK. It would be seen as political suicide for any party implementing it.

    Insulating of houses - great but it's not a new idea though is it?

    How would you encourage people to use local produce? A lot of the problem is that people want more exotic foods these days and much of that cannot be produced locally.

    Free local public transport, again great idea but there's no such thing as free. People will pay for it one way or another.

    Why not try these for realistic ideas:

    Lobby for the phasing out of incandescent lighting, reasonably priced low energy lamps are now affordable and have a long term benefit financially to the consumer and the environment. Or maybe encourage big companies to go for a carbon neutral scheme. Problem now is that you'll find it tough if you're alienating the big companies by covering up their billboards.  

    Sometimes working with people rather than against them can be more effective


    Twinkle please don't get me wrong, I think some of PdF's campaigns are worthy causes but his delivery does nothing to help gain friends.

    Like I have said before sometimes a gentle approach is more effective.[:D]


  22. I guess I am just a Panda that accepts France ( and the UK) for all their quirks and faults rather than one that has chosen to attack them.

    I know you are anti economic growth so I guess you wouldn't employ any locals in your restaurant. That might encourage people to drive or spend money, maybe enjoy living?  Heaven forbid that. So please tell us all, simple folks that we are how, we should all change our lives?

    I notice you waste the environmental resources we have to keep running your PC etc. and encourage us to give you 10 Eu towards your campaigns. I havn't seen much in the way of alternatives to the way we run our lives though.

    Please, no more propaganda for your billboard campaign, Tell us your alternatives for changing the world according to PdF's bible.

    What will you do about the third world ( If you advocate no economic growth)?  

    How will you stop economic growth in India and China? 

    What are your proposals to reduce Co2 emmissions?

    What fuels do you use to run your restaurant?

    If you can give some answers to these questions then maybe we can start taking you seriously.

    PdF, you posted  your environmental  credentials on another forum and it got  deleted when you insulted other members who opposed your ideas and you wouldn't answer questions:


    Come on PdF, enlighten us with your brilliance.

  23. I bought my cooker from an outlet in France. Much easier and gave me the option I wanted. Dual Electric and LPG. Gave me a warranty that you wouldn't get if buying in the UK. Also came set up for LPG rather than natural gas. Why lug a big stove down when you can buy as cheap in France. Use the space for stuff like paint etc. that doesn't tend to be as cheap or as good as the UK.
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