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  1. Hi,

    The only true free sites at the moment are as above. Thanks Arnold for your efforts for us all.

    We did find that www.holidayhavens.co.uk and www.holidaylets.net  offered 3 months free advertising on their sites. Easy interface to work with and almost full control over content and pictures.

    Between the two we had 10 weeks booked before we paid up for a full 12 months advertising. Both offered good service, fast response and we consider good value for money.

    Hope the info helps.

    We have no connection whatsoever with the companies mentioned other than being an advertiser with them, but if you contact them by all means mention the fact that we referred you. This helps everybody who has a website and helps us all find value for money.

    Best regards,

    Tony and Sue www.flyfishinginfrance.com


  2. Hi,

    We have advertised with a very well known site and got one booking....... so we looked around the web for alternatives.

    I can recommend www.holidaylets.net and www.holidayhavens.co.uk

    Both of these sites give you 3 months free trial and are a doddle to set up with text and pictures etc, giving you complete control.

    We have now taken out a years advertising with one and will shortly take out the same with the other. Between them we now have 5 weeks booked since May and plenty of enquiries. This more than covers the costs of the advertising.

    Hope this helps,


    Tony www.flyfishinginfrance.com


  3. Hi,

    We had heard of saturation gites etc so went down the route of specialist flyfishing holidays but with flexibility, thereby not excluding any non anglers. We aim to please fly anglers, house hunters and of course holiday makers who do not wish to fish at all. We have our own website.www.flyfishinginfrance.com. This is an invaluable and cost effective way of advertising as we have complete control over content etc. Being a qualified, registered and insured fly fishing instructor does help to promote our business. If you have skills or abilities that you can offer as well as accommodation I feel that this can only enhance your plans. Many people these days seem to be looking for some type of activity holiday.

    Bonne chance,


    Tony and Sue

  4. Hi, we have been with Phonexpat.com since December.

    Outstanding service and prices.

    We call UK for a little over 2pence ( 3 cents) per minute.

    I am not sure of rates to Africa.

    Bills arrive monthly via a pdf adobe file by e-mail. We pay by direct debit.

    No complaints at all. We have no commercial link to Phonexpat.com so these comments are genuine.

    Bonne chance,

    Tony and Sue

  5. Hi,

    We are about to register our gite as a business. There are only two of us and our cat, small outgoings so no need or desire for large income from gite.

    Any ideas as to whether we would be better as Micro enterprise or E.I.?

    Any sites featuring relevant information would be appreciated or contacts for specialists in the field.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tony and Sue


  6. Hi, we are just at the beginnings of starting our small business in dept 87 and would be grateful for any advice as to finding an accountant (preferably who speaks a little english) in the region. The business will be based around accommodation and perhaps internet sales.

    From what I hear and read on the forum, a Microenterprise would seem the way to go?

    Thanks in advance for any help or recommendations.



    Tony & Sue

  7. Many thanks to all for your advice and experiences. We are now weighing up the possibility of an electric chauffe eau. It would be a real nuisance to install a butane one and THEN realise that there was insufficient flow to feed the system. I had read that the electric ones are more expensive to run. Anybody know for sure?


    Thanks in advance,


    Tony & Sue

  8. Hi, Does anybody know if you can buy a Wall mounted Chauffe eau which will run on bottled butane and DOESN'T need a flue or conduit? We thought we saw one in Mr Bricolage recently but were not sure. We need one that will supply a sink and shower at the same time.

    All answers gratefully received, thanks.


    Tony & Sue

  9. Hi, we are looking for a ramoneur ( Chimney Sweep) near to Chalus 87.We live in Champagnac La Riviere(about 10 mins away)

    Ideally we need the flues and chimneys sweeping and checking before a) lighting the insert and b) fitting a new Godin log burner. Any recommendations gratefully received.Thanks very much.


    Tony & Sue

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