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  1. Hi, To the best of my knowledge, you don't need a permit to fish the seas, however, there are minimum sizes of fish that can be taken and there can be restrictions around ports/harbours etc. See http://www.jcpoiret.com/bapw/peche/mer/reglementation_mer.htm Cheers, Tony
  2. Hi, You can get a daily or weekly permit too, just for your region - much cheaper if you're not here for long. See http://www.cartedepeche.fr/12-liste-des-cartes.htm Cheers, Tony
  3. Hi, Have sent you an e-mail. Best regards, Tony
  4. Hi Chris, Take a look at this site. http://www.bikeclubfrance.com Cheers, Tony
  5. Hi, We had long term - 3 month stay - guests in last year who wanted to open a bank account whilst they were here househunting. I asked at our branch of Credit Agricole, explained their situation and was told that they could open a bank account using our address as long as we asked our marie for an attestation stating that they were staying with us. I would think most branches would offer the same service. They could of course change the address when they moved into their own place. Hope this helps. Cheers, Tony  
  6. Hi,   Well worth joining this forum www.bikeclubfrance.com You'll get all the info you'll need. Very friendly bunch of bikers with a good few "born agains" :-) Cheers,   Tony
  7. Hi, There may be some info on http://www.unpf.fr or on the fishing pages on our site. Cheers, Tony
  8. Hi, You may like to visit this site too. http:// www.oradour.info/  A sobering experience, but well worthwhile nonetheless. Best regards,   Tony    
  9. Hi, Have sent you an e-mail with some info. Cheers, Tony
  10. Hi, Maybe not quite what you are looking for but a great site anyway. www.promoconso.net Gives all the up to date deals / special offers with the larger supermarkets and bricos throughout France. Happy shopping ;-) Tony and Sue
  11. Hi, We can only speak from personal experience in Haute-Vienne, however we had our business registered in 2005 and last year wanted to add on a different facet.  A quick visit to the Chamber of Commerce and the new activity was added onto the Greffe certificate. I should point out this cost us 70,00 euros. We kept the same SIRET/SIREN number. Hope this helps. Best regards,   Tony
  12. Hi,   You could take a look at this site. www.federationpechedordogne.fr It is in french, but may give a guide to areas to fish etc. Regards, Tony
  13. Hi All, Just wondering if anybody has space in a van in the next few months coming from Chester to Haute Vienne ( 25 mins from Limoges airport). We have a settee, chair and pouffe that we would like bringing over. We would of course contribute to the costs of the trip thereby cutting their travel costs. Sizes are as follows. Settee Length 4 foot 7, width 3 foot 4, height 2 foot 10 Chair Length 3 foot 2, width 3 foot 2, height 2 foot 10 Pouffe 17 x 15 inches square. For further contact details, PM us or use the link below. Thanks in advance,   Tony and Sue
  14. Hi, You could try this site that our french friends recommended. Great video, very friendly little fellow, if you have broadband, or at least 512k. www.lachainemeteo.com/aff_ville.php?langue=fr&num_pays=63&nom_pays=france Just choose your commune et voila! Gives a 12 day forecast.........though not sure of the accuracy that far in advance. Cheers,   Tony    
  15. Hi, We have a site that has loads of info for flyfishing throughout france, particularly the Limousin. There are links to many interesting sites which could help you. Tight Lines,  Tony Post edited by the moderators to conform with the non-advertising rule of the Code of Conduct. Contact the poster by PM or emails for details.
  16. Hi, Follow this link to an article which we wrote last year concerning our experiences in setting for selling on a french market. www.thisfrenchlife.com/thisfrenchlife/2006/11/selling_on_a_fr.html Hope this gives you a better idea of some of the rules and regs- well those that apply in Haute-Vienne[:)] Good Luck.   Tony www.flyfishinginfrance.com
  17. Hi, Best one I've heard. She asked me for a double-entendre, so, I gave her one! Cheers Tony www.flyfishinginfrance.com  
  18. Hi,   If you use the following link, this should allow you to browse and find your local AAPPMA site. This gives all rules and regulations pertaining to the various areas in France. http://www.pecheur.com/resultats-rub-pagine.asp?rub=122 Or google aappma followed by your region. Incidentally, in the Haute Vienne you can now get a 1 day permit for just 8 euros that covers you for a wide range of rivers and lakes. Very useful for the Fair Weather Angler. I am not sure if this is nationwide yet. Most Tabacs sell the permits, or sometimes supermarkets, and tackle shops of course. Yours in sport, Tony www.flyfishinginfrance.com  
  19. Hi, Here is a link that explains "all things fishing" for the Limousin. I think it is pretty well nationwide as far as rules and regs go. http://www.frenchentree.com/france-limousin-fishing/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=5047. Indeed the fishing pages on the french entree site is full of other info and there is a forum just for anglers too. Hope this helps. Best regards,   Tony www.flyfishinginfrance.com
  20. Hi, We are not far from you- Champagnac-La-Riviere. We got married in the village last year. It was very straightforward. We enquired at the Mairie and they gave us a booklet with all of the required paperwork that we had to get. A few cheques here and there and a bit of work on the "net"and we went back with all the various papers and Voila we picked a date with our Maire who was very flexible " Quand vous voulez" We had the civil ceremony at the Mairie which I believe is the law. Afterwards we went back to our house, with the horns blaring of course, and had a superb day. We wish you all the best for your forthcoming marriage. Hope this info helps, Best regards,   Tony and Sue www.flyfishinginfrance.com If you need any documents translating please see our French property and life link, off the main page. You will find a direct e-mail link to the lady that we used in Limoges. Very quick too.  
  21. Hi Tina, You may wish to visit this site http://www.frenchentree.com/france-limousin-fishing There is lots of information regarding fishing in the Limousin as a whole including licences etc. There is also a forum which I am sure if you posted a question there, answers would be forthcoming. We hope to specialise in flyfishing this year, so if you dad fancies a change? Best wishes and "Tight Lines " to your Dad.   Tony  www.flyfishinginfrance.com  
  22. Hi Zeb, To be honest, I am not sure about Chronopost, could be something like Parcelforce in UK?. Sorry we cannot be more help on that one. Glad the other info was useful. Cheers,   Tony and Sue www.flyfishinginfrance.com  
  23. Hi, We sell on the internet to the French and had a simlar problem. Unlike UK, parcels seem to go on size as well as weight. If you packages can fit into a jiffy bag, with a depth of less than that of the french letter box, it is possible to use Lettre Post, if not there are various methods and costs for larger parcels. If you drop in to your La Poste and ask for Tarifs Colis ( parcels) and Tarifs Courrier ( most other things), you'll find all international rates inside the brochures. I have to say that sometimes services differ between La Poste's. Seems some staff know more than others about postal methods. Our french neighbours confirmed this. Hope this helps, Tony and Sue www.flyfishinginfrance.com    
  24. Hi, We found www.holidaylets.net and www.holidayhavens.co.uk to be superb value for money. Our first year and we filled 11 weeks between the two. Good intro offers from both at the time . 3 months free AND you have full editorial control and free updates to your advert. Worked for us........... Bonne chance,   Tony and Sue www.flyfishinginfrance.com  
  25. Greetings fellow smokers( aka lepers). Can't help with the baccy but if you want cheap papers, rollers, tins etc etc have a look at www.roll-ups.co.uk . We use this company a lot and they send to France within about 4 days or so.Great service. Regards, Tony and Sue www.flyfishinginfrance.com  
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