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  1. Just a thought.............why have so many sports people taken to screaming and opening their faces like squabbling baboons when winning a point, or a game of whatever sport they are involved in?

    It is not a good look!

    One wonders what Darwin would have made of it.

    Maybe it's just the heat making me grumpy.😡


  2. Now, we don't watch much UK TV for so many reasons, but recently chatted about old adverts and a couple sprang to mind - for any youngsters on this forum - this is how it was done - not your split second frame, flash, idiots throwing themselves around nonsense that passes for an advert today. None of the current adverts will ever be remembered - hopefully..............


    and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh8iXc2d71U

    Discuss ?

  3. I know of a person who does French tax returns for a living as well as translations etc. and the rate that she is using for this year - I expect directly from the Tax office in dept 24 -  is 1,14989.

    Hope she's right...............that's the figure that I have used this year.

  4. Hi,

    Either go and see the bank, or they will do it via e-mail (secure messaging) (we did this). Explain the situation, and they will increase your monthly payment allowance.................of course they will charge you for this - in our case in 2019 it was 11€ to have our limit increased for a period of 12 months. Or they may offer you a card with greater spending limits - that will cost a few euros too. Oh, how I miss free banking in UK - been here 18 years ?

    Hope that helps,


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