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  1. I have updated the 2007 summer flight details (that I am

    aware of) here :


    There have been many changes, with some routes ceasing and many new ones

    starting in 2007.

    The routes I've found are :

    Avignon - Exeter Flybe *
    Avignon - Southampton Flybe

    Barcelona - Aberdeen Flyglobespan

    Barcelona - Amsterdam Air


    Barcelona - Amsterdam Transavia

    Barcelona - Amsterdam Vueling

    Barcelona - Austrian cities Air


    Barcelona - Baku Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Basel-Mulhouse Easyjet

    Barcelona - Belfast Jet2

    Barcelona - Berlin Easyjet

    Barcelona - Birmingham BMI baby

    Barcelona - Bristol Easyjet

    Barcelona - Brussels Virgin Express

    Barcelona - Brussels Vueling

    Barcelona - Bucharest Blue


    Barcelona - Bucharest Wizzair

    Barcelona - Cardiff Thomsonfly *
    Barcelona - Cluj Napoca Blue

    Barcelona - Cologne Jetairfly *
    Barcelona - Cologne-Bonn Germanwings

    Barcelona - Copenhagen Sterling

    Barcelona - Cork Aer Lingus *
    Barcelona - Coventry Thomsonfly *
    Barcelona - Dortmund Easyjet

    Barcelona - Dublin Aer Lingus *
    Barcelona - Dublin Ryanair *
    Barcelona - Dusseldorf Jetairfly *
    Barcelona - Edinburgh Flyglobespan

    Barcelona - Gatwick Easyjet

    Barcelona - Geneva Easyjet *
    Barcelona - Geneva Easyjet

    Barcelona - German cities Air


    Barcelona - Glasgow Flyglobespan

    Barcelona - Helsinki Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Helsinki Air


    Barcelona - Helsinki Estonian

    Barcelona - Italian cities Meridiana

    Barcelona - Italian cities Vueling

    Barcelona - Kaliningrad Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Kiev Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Leeds Bradford Jet2

    Barcelona - Liverpool Easyjet

    Barcelona - Liverpool Ryanair *
    Barcelona - Luton Easyjet

    Barcelona - Luton Ryanair *
    Barcelona - Manchester Air

    Barcelona - Manchester Air

    Barcelona - Manchester Jet2 *
    Barcelona - Manchester Monarch

    Barcelona - Milan Air


    Barcelona - Minsk Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Moscow Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Newcastle Easyjet

    Barcelona - Odessa Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Oslo Sterling

    Barcelona - Paris Vueling

    Barcelona - Paris Orly Easyjet

    Barcelona - Prestwick Ryanair *
    Barcelona - Riga Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Riga Estonian


    Barcelona - Spanish cities Air

    Barcelona - Spanish cities Vueling

    Barcelona - St Petersburg Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Stansted Air


    Barcelona - Stansted Easyjet

    Barcelona - Stansted Ryanair *
    Barcelona - Stockholm Sterling

    Barcelona - Stuttgart Germanwings

    Barcelona - Swiss cities Air


    Barcelona - Tallinn Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Tallinn Estonian

    Barcelona - Tirgu Wizzair

    Barcelona - Vilnius Air Baltic

    Beziers - ??? ???

    Carcassonne - Charleroi Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Dublin Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Liverpool Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Nottingham Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Shannon Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Stansted Ryanair

    Girona - Aarhus Ryanair *
    Girona - Alghero Ryanair *
    Girona - Belfast Air

    Girona - Birmingham Air

    Girona - Birmingham Thomsonfly

    Girona - Blackpool Ryanair

    Girona - Bologna Ryanair *
    Girona - Bournemouth Ryanair

    Girona - Bremen Ryanair *
    Girona - Bristol Air

    Girona - Bristol Ryanair *
    Girona - Brussels Jetairfly

    Girona - Budapest Wizzair

    Girona - Cagliari Ryanair *
    Girona - Cardiff Air

    Girona - Cardiff Thomsonfly

    Girona - Charleroi Ryanair

    Girona - Doncaster Air

    Girona - Doncaster Ryanair *
    Girona - Dublin Ryanair

    Girona - Durham Ryanair *
    Girona - Dusseldorf Ryanair

    Girona - Eindhoven Ryanair

    Girona - Faro Ryanair *
    Girona - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair

    Girona - Fuerteventura Ryanair *
    Girona - Gatwick Thomsonfly

    Girona - Glasgow Air

    Girona - Glasgow Thompsonfly *
    Girona - Gothenborg Ryanair *
    Girona - Karlsruhe Baden Ryanair

    Girona - Katowice Wizzair

    Girona - Leipzig Ryanair *
    Girona - Liverpool Ryanair

    Girona - Luton Ryanair

    Girona - Luton Thomsonfly

    Girona - Malmo Ryanair *
    Girona - Manchester Thomsonfly

    Girona - Marakesh Ryanair *
    Girona - Milan Ryanair

    Girona - Newcastle Air

    Girona - Newcastle Ryanair *
    Girona - Newcastle Thomsonfly

    Girona - Norwich Air

    Girona - Nottingham Ryanair

    Girona - Oslo Ryanair *
    Girona - Paris Beauvais Ryanair *
    Girona - Pescari Ryanair *
    Girona - Pisa Ryanair *
    Girona - Porto Ryanair *
    Girona - Prestwick Ryanair

    Girona - Rome Ryanair

    Girona - Rotterdam Transavia

    Girona - Shannon Ryanair

    Girona - Southampton Air

    Girona - Stansted Ryanair

    Girona - Stockholm Ryanair

    Girona - Tenerife Ryanair *
    Girona - Trapani Ryanair *
    Girona - Venice Ryanair

    Girona - Verona Ryanair *
    Lyon - Birmingham BA

    Lyon - Bucharest Blue

    Lyon - Dublin Aer Lingus

    Lyon - Heathrow BA

    Lyon - Madrid Easyjet

    Lyon - Manchester BA

    Lyon - Marakesh Atlas


    Lyon - Rome Easyjet

    Lyon - Stansted Easyjet

    Marseille - Birmingham BMI baby *
    Marseille - Bristol Easyjet *
    Marseille - Charleroi Ryanair *
    Marseille - Dublin Aer Lingus

    Marseille - Dublin Ryanair *
    Marseille - Eindhoven Ryanair *
    Marseille - Fes Atlas

    Marseille - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair *
    Marseille - Gatwick BA

    Marseille - Gatwick Easyjet

    Marseille - Gothenborg Ryanair *
    Marseille - Hamburg Ryanair *
    Marseille - Karlsruhe Baden Ryanair *
    Marseille - Madrid Ryanair *
    Marseille - Malmo Ryanair *
    Marseille - Marakesh Atlas

    Marseille - Oslo Ryanair *
    Marseille - Oujda Atlas

    Marseille - Porto Ryanair *
    Marseille - Prestwick Ryanair *
    Marseille - Rome Ryanair *
    Marseille - Stansted Ryanair *
    Montpellier - Casablanca Air Horizons

    Montpellier - Copenhagen Sterling

    Montpellier - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair

    Montpellier - Gatwick BA

    Montpellier - Oslo Sterling

    Montpellier - Stansted Ryanair

    Nimes - Charleroi Ryanair

    Nimes - Liverpool Ryanair

    Nimes - Luton Ryanair

    Nimes - Nottingham Ryanair

    Perpignan - Manchester BMI baby

    Perpignan - Southampton Flybe

    Perpignan - Stansted Ryanair

    Rodez - Stansted Ryanair

    Toulon - Bordeaux Fly

    Toulon - Brest Jetairfly *
    Toulon - Brussels Jetairfly

    Toulon - Brussels Virgin Express

    Toulon - Rotterdam Transavia

    Toulon - Stansted Ryanair

    Toulon - Stockholm Fly

    Toulouse - Belfast Jet2 *
    Toulouse - Birmingham Flybe

    Toulouse - Bristol Easyjet

    Toulouse - Dublin Aer Lingus

    Toulouse - Gatwick BA

    Toulouse - Gatwick Easyjet

    Toulouse - Hamburg Germanwings

    Toulouse - Leeds Bradford Jet2 *
    Toulouse - Madrid Easyjet

    Toulouse - Manchester Jet2 *
    Toulouse - Marakesh Atlas


    Toulouse - Paris Orly Easyjet

    * = new route.

    I'm happy to add any I've missed.


  2. I'm in a funny position.

    I left UK in 1990, lived in Belgium, USA (Briefly), Sweden, and have been in France for 7 years.

    I am self employed here : my French wife has a full time job. I work in UK a few times each year : Yes, I like the pubs, they all tend to understand English (and even Polish in the hotels these days !),  shops are open when I need to shop, it is easy to have the foods I remember from my youth, and I can sort out any problems in English.

    But : people say that taxes are very high ( I still think they are less than France), booze is expensive, don't talk about cigs, fuel is expensive, the  motorways are overcrowded, good restaurants & hotels are expensive, everyone talks about house prices and the weather is crap !

    I'm open minded. If I had to move back, I would want to be in a rural area near a city (same as for the last 30 years). I could never go back to the London sprawl. I'd have to live in a smaller house, take expensive holidays to see the sun, and change my life.

    The only real problem for me is the if I could live with "little islander" mentality : foreigners are greasy - we are the best in the world - the BBC is independent- the only ones with honest policeman and without corruption are the Brits, etc.

    Am I a stateless person ?


  3. For the Reveillon, we met a group of people we have been spending NY with for the last 7 years. Originally we all went to the village bash, but can't face it these days : starter served after midnight, coffee and liqueurs at 07.00, very loud live music.

    For the last couple of years our group have had their own do. We started by each taking one course to the venue. One of the group is renovating a 12thC chateau, and we hold it there. This year, we had all the food prepared by a traiteur.

    Rather civilised this year, it started at 20.00, we left at 03.00 ..... and no trace of a hangover !

    Weather here is warm, clear and sunny.



  4. [img]http://www.the-languedoc-page.com/images/aurora-borealis.jpg[/img]

    Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) occur in the high northern lattitudes. They are quite rare but spectacular.
    They are sometimes seen as far South as UK. Not sure they get down this far.

    My friends in Sweden have set up a webcam using a fish eye lens to record the sky.
    The  resulting images, over 24 hours have been reduced to a couple of minutes.

    See the images [url=http://the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=864]here.[/url]

    Needs ADSL, or an awful lot of patience !


  5. [color=darkblue][size=18]Line 2

    Line 2 opens next week on 16 December.

    It will run from St Jean de Vedas (SW) to Jacou (NE).

    Until 7 January2007 it will be in service 07.00 - 20.00, then normal hours.

    Full details : [url]http://www.montpellier-agglo.com/tam/upload/travaux/JOURNAL_No16.pdf[/url]


    Line 3

    Anticipated 2010

    It will run from Juvignac (W) to Perols (S).

    The map is here : [url]http://www.montpellier-agglo.com/tam/fr/ligne3/index.php[/url]

    The park and ride ( 4 Euros for parking and return tickets for all car occupants) will be expanded.


  6. Hi


    just to say humidity is different to rainfall. You only experience going from dry to humid. UK, generally has high humidity, so most Brits on holiday don't notice the difference.

    To experience real humidity go to Singapore, or Detroit in August.

    The French Atlantic coast has high humidity because of the prevailing winds off the sea. Inland areas may be drier.

    Only the Med inland areas have dry air : http://www.the-languedoc-page.com/photos/languedoc-photo-024.htm .








  7. Experienced Sales/Marketing Staff For Fast Growing Property Development Co
    Based in Beziers, Garrigae is a developer of high quality resort property across the Languedoc.  Growing rapidly, we are looking to hire experienced Sales staff to work alongside the existing sales team marketing and selling our unique products to both the French and International markets, including the UK and Ireland (see www.garrigae.com)

    The right person will be Francophile, passionate about Architecture, design and property in general.  He or she will be highly motivated with great interpersonal team-working and communication skills. Fluent English, working French and a full driving licence are essential.  Sales and/or marketing experience in the Property, Tourism, or other consumer sectors will be an advantage.  Being a nice person critical.

    A highly competitive package, with very significant earnings potential based on achievement of targets is on offer. 

    To apply please send CV with cover letter stating why you are interested in/suitable for this role to:

    [email protected] or call 04 67 11 87 57  (All applications in confidence)
    Feel free to post or call for more info.




  8. A great way to find information about France :

    [color=blue]Launched today, Google books is a massive undertaking from Google.

    They have scanned and indexed both current and out of print books.

    Where copyright has expired the whole book can be downloaded ( [url=http://books.google.com/books?vid=OCLC21003291&id=Gfqkzgkrla0C&pg=PA35&dq=pepys&as_brr=1]example[/url] ).

    Current books show the relevant snippets ( [url=http://books.google.com/books?vid=ISBN0749440163&id=YBVV308vlFoC&pg=PT188&lpg=PT188&dq=%22the+languedoc+page%22&sig=PqDxNrY1wAsndOMSDIz5f2Bbnqc]example[/url] ) and buying information.

    Searches can be made on content, authors, publisher, dates, titles, etc.

    Try it : [size=18][url]http://books.google.com[/url][/color][/size]

  9. Hi

    just an update on the current position.

    Wednesday Nimes-Luton :

    Arrived 2hr 30 min before take off, and the check in queue was very long.
    Security was quick, no special restrictions other than no liquids and a body search. All hand luggage was sniffed by a dog in the departure lounge, then another rapid body search before getting on the plane.

    The plane was 45 mins late.

    Sunday Luton-Nimes :

    There was a document check and briefing for all passengers entering the check in area. I arrived 2hr 30 min before take off and the check in had not opened. After buying a newspaper and coffee, the check in was open and I was behind 100+ people.

    Plenty of announcements and notices covered the new rules. A precheck before security put mobile phones into a clear plastic bag. Security was quick. Laptops were x-rayed separately. All shoes removed and x-rayed.

    The plane was 15 minutes late.

    Note for smokers :

    No lighters or matches allowed, but the shops airside had lighters for sale.
    The staff smoking area near the departure gates was in use by staff who were happy to provide a light !


  10. Following a security alert this was introduced today.


    I guess this will be a problem for many people.

    I carry laptop, files etc in hand luggage so that I can work even if my hold luggage is lost. The hand luggage weighs 9.8kg.

    Will the weight limits for hold luggage be temporarily increased ?
    How long will it last (I have a project next week) ?
    Why does Ryanair not mention it on their website ?
    Will it be applied to UK inward flights as well as outward flights ?

    [url=http://news.google.com/news?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLG,GGLG:2005-24,GGLG:en&q=uk%20airport%20security&sa=N&tab=wn]Latest news reports[/url]



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