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  1. Think in terms of Euro 500,000+ . I doubt you'll find many bargains within 15km of Aix. It is a favoured area because it has good facilities and employment.

    Prices in the South tend to be cheaper as you move west. Cote d'Azur is more expensive than Provence is more expensive than Languedoc.

    There are hot spots : Cap Ferrat, Luberon, Montpellier, Collioure, etc.

    In general prices are higher :

    close to the coast

    close to commuter towns

    close to tgv stations/autoroutes/airports with low cost flights

    close to schools, hospitals, etc.

    close to employment

    There are still bargains to be had in the Cevennes, Aude and Gard.


  2. [quote user="Sprogster"]As most French in the UK probably live in the greater London area and most expatriates don't bother to register with their embassy, the figure of 300,000 is probably therefore a gross under estimation if 270,000 have bothered to register with the French embassy in London! (The French Embassy would base their figures on French nationals who have registered with them as resident in the UK.)[/quote]

    How many people have registered with the consul ?

    I'm in my 4th country and have never registered.

    May be different if you are in Iraq !


  3. Hi

    I spent quite some time going back through my files to contribute to the original thread.

    It was me who suggested you could control the EDF account. Having been down this way myself (unlike other posters), it is a pity that we can't look back at the other parts of my experience - as  posted on the deleted thread.

    Forget revenge, retribution, an eye for a eye, etc. If you get him out it is a result.

    It is isn't finished yet. He is barely past the start of the legal remedies available to him. Potentially he can cause you much trouble and delay. The current position is that he is a poor Frenchman who has fallen behind with his rent - you are the wealthy foreigner wanting to make a killing out of wealthy tourists.

    The authorities will help him because it is easier than finding him alternative accommodation.

    Stay legal, use the Huissier, and let's hope you eventually get rid of him. Have patience, and just take one step at a time.

    I know that is easy to say, but I wish I had had that advice.

    This may sound alarmist. My dodgy tenant told the court that he had to move out (he was evicted by the gendarmes - conveniently forgotten and not raised in  court) because the premises were insalubrious, and asked the court to decide that I had to pay for alternative accommodation. It  was insalubrious - he had made it that way as a squatter. Actually, he didn't appear - the free avocat available to those on RMI did.

    Never take court decisions for granted. Avoid court hearings if you can.

    You can mail me here : [email protected] for private advice.


  4. [quote user="Evianers"]From our own personal point of view the answer is yes, simply because they are in situ and you are obviously a very long way away. If things go well, then they don't earn their keep - taking 8% and only having to bank the money and provide a statement at the end of each month: but in a case where things can go drastically wrong, as they have done to us, then it is essential to have someone in the area to sort out the tangle that bad tenants leave. See my other posting today. If we can be of any additional help to you, please privately em us and we can give you the benefit of our experiences good and bad. I have to add that just recently, we have had three sets of tenants in four years, all of them French and all of them seemingly reliable, clean and honest which is more than could be said for the tenants from Portsmouth![/quote]


    I think you'll find that 8% represents a bargain.

    In my area the commision is 10% -20% depending on level of service.


  5. Just some photos from around the area :






    More photos here : http://www.the-languedoc-page.com/photos/languedoc-photo-index.htm


  6. Hi

    call me an old cynic, if you wish, but the agents words "in the picturesque Gardon valley" ring bells?

    You need to check out the exact location of the development, check the flood map, add a bit to the blue areas for (bad) luck, then decide.

    Just worth saying :

    It may not be floodable if it is on higher ground.

    Even areas far from rivers, burnt brown in summer, can flood in autumn.

    Checking my own area, the flood map areas don't extend as far as the water I've seen. Maybe there is some criteria  based on depth ......... maybe the maps are out of date.

    Some flood history here :


    I used to live in Cumbria. Don't be put off by this talk of flooding in South France.

    We get 2 or 3 very heavy downpours each year (often overnight), then back to sunshine.

    It is better than grey drizzle. !




  7. [quote user="jules"] Languedoc is a bit outside the area we wanted to consider, as one of the boxes I wanted to tick is to be within a day trip visit of an elderly relative who lives in Lorgues, Var. Unfortunately that area almost certainly is well outside our budget, however most of my searching so far has been done using the key word "Provence".


    Oh dear. I'm afraid you've been mislead by the notoriously poor grasp of geography shown by property agents.

    Anduze is certainly in Languedoc. It is in the departement of Gard (postcode 30140), and located in the lower Cevennes, north of Montpellier and Nimes. I was there yesterday !

    You can read a bit more about this property here:

    http://www.explorimmoneuf.com/servlet/com.explorimmo.page.ficheprogramme.FicheProgrammeView?ANN_REF_INTERNE=8831463 &


    They are quite small, and it is not clear if they have their own gardens.

    They have shared facilities including a pool and therefore have service charges.

    The development includes 93 appts and houses.

    Anduze is subject to flooding. It is worth checking the exact location with the communal flood maps here :





  8. Hi

    Photos from top :



    Vis valley North of Montpellier

    Pont du Gard


    By request - some of Sommieres (some with autumn showers !) :








  9. Just some photos from around the area :






    More photos here : http://www.the-languedoc-page.com/photos/languedoc-photo-index.htm


  10. [quote user="LanguedocGal2"]

    [quote user="Mpprh"]Hi

    I've edited the link. It should be working now.



    Peter, saw the scary pix.  Was it taken near your home and how long did the horrid thing hang around for? I’m assuming that you are in the Gard, so I’m a little reassured. [8-)]



    it was taken about 300m from my house in east Herault, close to Gard. The photo is actually in colour. I took it from the car window.

    The snow had gone by the next day.

    We have snow behind us in the Cevennes. Close enough ?


  11. Just some things I forgot :

    Tram line 1 is intended to be extended with a new stop called Cité

    Ludique near IKEA. However there is also a  suggestion to  extend a little further to create a station & parking on the A9.  This stop would be called Odysseum, and the current Odysseum stop renamed. Confusing ?

    Some work has been done in preparation for this.

    Tram line 2 is intended to be extended East from St Jean de Vedas to
    Fabrègues, Cournonterral et Cournonsec as well as Northwest to Castries. I haven't seen any dates for these.

    Tram line 3 is initially planned to go from Juvignac to Perols. However there is a longer term plan to extend the line from Perols to run along the coast (but excluding Palavas) as far as Grande Motte.

    The launch date has been put back to 2012.

    And I've seen other reports that a Geant Casino will be built at Odysseum.




  12. [quote user="RumziGal"]

    mpprh, you know lots of things....... that HUGE space they're clearing between Ikea and the Multiplexe, is that going to be the new giant Geant Casino?    The other huge one beside it is presumably a car park for all the happy shoppers to pile into on a Saturday in their millions?

    It means you can't walk straight up that path to Ikea from the tram stop now - cos there ain't no path any more!  [:)]


    If you walk through the Odysseum car Park, you can follow the road to IKEA. Bit further, but probably easier !

    I have seen the plans for Odysseum at an exhibition a few years ago. IKEA was planned, but I don't remember which other retail outlets. However, I do remember that Odysseum will eventually have many residential premises as well.

    I probably won't use Odysseum in the future as Line 2 is more convenient for me. Well, unless i go to IKEA !

    BTW I took 40 minutes from Sommieres to La Comedie (via Line 2) on Tuesday. I couldn't drive in and park any quicker ............. and certainly not as cheaply.


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