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  1. Easyjet buys GB Airways, will fly Gatwick - Montpellier ?


    The report also says that BA will operate some of these routes themselves.

    I'm not sure that they will attempt to do Montpellier. Once their monopoly on flights to this region was eroded (c 1999) they have consistently reduced the service.

    But, a new foothold for Easyjet, presuming they keep the Montpellier route.

    If so, maybe they will consider other routes. They are quite active in flights from Scotland, Newcastle, and Belfast (also EMA, Luton, Stansted, Liverpool and Bristol, but they won't want to compete with existing Ryanair routes ?).

    Interesting times !

  2. Now is the time to pick green olives - wait until Xmas if you prefer them black.

    We have four 100+ years old picholine olive trees in the garden. Not a great crop this year, and quite a lot of insect infestation.

    So :

    1)Pick olives

    2)Grade by size

    3)reject those with insect holes

    4)Cure olives separately


    The reason they are sorted by size is that the best become olives for  aperitifs, the others end up as tapenade.

    Curing :

    You will see on the net that everyone has there own recipe for curing olives. We've tried the salt only recipes and not had such good results.

    Our most succesful treatment uses sodium hydroxide - caustic soda - lessive de soudre. This sounds pretty drastic, but is the most commonly used curing technique here in Languedoc.

    Essentially the olives are immersed in a sodium hydroxide solution, then rinsed over several days, then bottled in brine with various additives and herbs.

    Different treatments have different strengths of caustic hydroxide, and different techniques.

    Ours is :

    Immerse the olives in a 3% solution of sodium hydroxide (you normally buy it as 30% - so it is diluted 1 to 9 with water).

    After about 6 hours take an olive, cut it in two and check the colour of the flesh. When you can see the colour change has reached the stone, rinse in  cold water and then immerse in clean water.

    Rinse over several days until the water remains clear for 12 hours ( this could take 5 or 6 days).

    Then bottle the olives in a 5% salt solution with a drop of olive oil on the top of the liquid. You can add herbs de provence, chillis etc to flavour the olives.

    Bonne chance

  3. [quote user="Ian"]I'm pretty sure you are light a few Toulouse routes: I don't follow these things with any great scrutiny, but I have flown from Toulouse to quite a selection of destinations not mentioned: Frankfurt, Brussels, Munich, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Prague, Geneva,  Lisbon, Paris CDG and  Nice.  I also have seen flights for Metz, Crete, Dominican Republic, Casablanca, Rome, Milan et al advertised.

    At least one of the flights listed is a connection (TLS-Glasgow, I'm pretty sure you can't fly this direct) - if you include flights with a connection almost the whole world opens up.

    Thanks for the service, Ian


    I try to include the direct routes of the cheap airlines. They change rapidly, and some are infrequent or summer only.

    I can't find the direct Glasgow - Toulouse flight now either !

    There is an ongoing discussion here


  4. By email from Transport for London :

    Dear Languedocpage,

    Please see the press release below. We want to ensure as many

    ex-pats as possible are aware of the closure and its effect on the

    Stansted Express terminals. We will try and contact as many expat

    websites and newsletters as possible but would you be able to also

    circulate it around expat websites please?

    Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Allan Ramsay

    Transport for London Press Office

    0207 126 4893

    Disruption to be minimised during Christmas engineering works at Liverpool Street Station

    -Work vital to £1.4bn transformation of London's rail network

    Transport for London has today outlined plans for a vital

    engineering project to replace a dilapidated bridge near Liverpool

    Street Station. The 120-year-old iron and brick structure is so large

    it will take 10 days to carry out demolition, and means that Liverpool

    Street Station will need to close for the duration.

    The work is being carried out as part of a £1.4 billion investment

    that will see the huge improvements to London's rail network including

    the rebuilding and extension of the East London Line as part of the new

    London Overground network. The station will be closed from 23 December

    2007 and will re-open at 4am on 2 January 2008, in time for people to

    get back to work after the Christmas break.

    Closing the station at this time will affect fewer people than at

    any other time in the year, with passenger numbers typically between 40

    and 80 per cent down compared to normal days. A wide range of

    alternative travel arrangements will be available over the period to

    enable passengers to complete their journeys, and compensation packages

    will be offered to local residents affected by the work.

    Where possible, Transport for London has sought to retain original

    structures when developing the East London Line. This has been possible

    in the case of the Victorian bridge at Kingsland, but is not feasible

    at Liverpool Street. Engineers carried out a significant investigation

    into the retaining the bridge, but the structure is no longer fit for

    purpose and its position is unsuitable for the direction of the new

    East London Line tracks.

    When the East London Line is complete it will reopen in a hugely

    improved and extended form, running from Dalston in the north to West

    Croydon in the south. Part of the integrated London Overground network,

    it will be linked to a revitalised North London Railway, and served by

    brand new high-fequency trains connecting 20 of the capital's 33


    Julie Dixon, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Transport for London,

    said: “This work is vital to the completion of the East London Line

    that, as part of London Overground, will radically improve the

    capital's transport network. We recognise that it will impact on

    passengers and local residents over these 10 days, but we will be going

    to every possible length to ensure that disruption is kept to a


    “We are offering various alternative routes and are letting

    everyone know in good time. Residents affected by the work are being

    fully informed and consulted, and those affected will be offered

    temporary accommodation, double-glazing to protect them from noise and

    dust, and other forms of compensation.

    “Although we try to retain existing structures, it is simply not

    possible in this case as the bridge is in a terrible state of disrepair

    and is in the wrong position for the East London Line tracks.

    Unfortunately the improvements can only be carried out when the station

    is shut, and the work has therefore been scheduled for over the

    Christmas period, when the smallest number of passengers will be


    A Network Rail spokesperson said:

    “We are working closely with Transport for London to minimise

    disruption and to give the travelling public the information that they

    need to plan their journeys this Christmas.

    “We are keen to deliver the maximum benefit for passengers during

    the closure. Network Rail will therefore also be carrying out £7m of

    other improvements, which will mean better train services in and out of

    Liverpool Street Station in the future”.

    At the same time as these improvements, Network Rail will carry out

    a programme of upgrade work, including the renewal of overhead lines

    and track, which will mean better train services in and out of

    Liverpool Street Station in the future.

    Notes to Editors

    · The bridge, known as GE19, is 120 years old and has been out of

    use for decades. This means that unlike many other great Victorian

    engineering structures it is no longer safe to use. It is also in the

    wrong position for the new East London Line tracks.

    · Demolition of the current bridge means removing some 12,000

    tonnes of brickwork. The new bridge is the length of three Wimbledon

    Centre Courts. It will be put into place in Spring 2008.

    · When Christmas Eve falls on a Monday, train operators carry 40

    per cent less passengers because many people have already left London

    during the weekend. During working days in the Christmas/New Year

    period passenger numbers are down 80 per cent on a normal working day.

    The timing of this work will also mean that people returning to work on

    January 2 after the holiday break, would not be disrupted.

    · Demolition of the bridge by Network Rail will cost £2m. Network Rail is also carrying out a further £7m of upgrade work.

    · Alternative routes

    - Train operator ‘one’ will be putting alternative travel

    arrangements in place and is notifying passengers by leaflets being

    distributed at stations and information on its website.

    - West Anglia and Stansted Express will start/terminate at

    Tottenham Hale, Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central stations to allow

    interchange with the London Underground. Some trains will terminate at

    Hackney Central with passengers being passed onto Transport for London

    buses to Liverpool Street station;

    - Metro Services will terminate at Stratford with London

    Underground connections to London, which will include an enhanced

    service on the Central Line. A shuttle train service will operate to

    Brentwood, with a bus operating between Brentwood and Shenfield;

    - Southend Services will run as a train shuttle between Southend

    and Billericay with connecting buses to c2c services to Fenchurch


    - Mainline services will operate to Ingatestone where buses will

    run to and from Liverpool Street, with the exception of 27th and 28th

    December where a limited service to Stratford will operate.

    · London Underground alternative routes:

    - Victoria Line to Tottenham Hale to meet Stansted Express

    services. The Victoria Line will easily handle the increase in

    passenger numbers during this period.

    - As a precaution, Central Line services will be increased from 24 trains per hour to 30 trains per hour during the closure.

    - Jubilee Line services to Stratford will run as usual - the line easily has the capacity to handle the extra passengers.

    - There will be no engineering closures on these lines during the closure.

    TfL Press Office

    Email: [email protected]

    Direct line: 0845 604 4141 

  5. I'm not sure that the delay is as long as L'Independent has suggested.

    It was not originally expected to open until 2011.

    This was the forecast in January 2007 :

    2007 Lorry / Rail Ro-Ro service (Perpignan-Luxemburg) in service

    2007 Figueres - Girona - Barcelona TGV line works continue

    2008 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line bypass surveying starts

    2008 Public enquiry on Montpellier - Perpignan TGV line route

    2009 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line bypass work starts

    2009 Perpignan - Figueres TGV line in service

    2011 Figueres - Girona - Barcelona TGV line in service

    2012 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line rail bypass opens

    2020 Montpellier - Perpignan dedicated TGV line in service


  6. Don't submit by post!

    There is a huge backlog of applications following the arrival of a new boss who is trying to improve the process.

    I bought a car in mid February. The dealer had to get a certificate of

    purchase before he could register the purchase in my name. He got the

    papers back last week. He is telling the truth because I can see the

    dated stamps from Gard Prefecture.

    As further (and comforting to me ) evidence, I have friends who

    bought a car in the same week as me. They submitted their papers

    through the local Mairie. They are still waiting.

    So, it is worth queueing (only English word with 5 vowels in a row ?) at the prefecture to sort it out ?

    My car came with temporary WW plates that ran out early March.

  7. Hi

    just worth saying that opening new routes isn't just borrowing an airplane and adding a new destination.

    There are considerable costs involved - local staff, airport fees and probably highest, marketing. There was a very high spend by Ryanair when they first launched services to Nimes, and later  Montpellier.

    A daily flight has an annual capacity of around 110,000 seats. More accurately, around 9000 per month. Every month winter & summer.  And they must be new customers -  no point in losing business from an existing service ?

    So, who are these 110,000 passengers who don't already fly from Montpellier, Nimes, Carcassonne, Marseille, Girona or Perpignan ?

    Some points :

    The cheap airlines only make money when flights are nearly full.

    London Montpellier used to have 3 flights/day in summer, 2/day in winter. Now it is 2 flights per day in summer and 1/day in winter. Where have those passengers gone?

    Only a couple of years ago Nimes was down to 1 flight per day in winter, and there was an active campaign to keep the airport open.

    To avoid canibalising existing customers, there is very little duplication between Marseille-Nimes, Nimes-Montpellier, etc.

    The Marseille flights are just 12 months old. Destinations have been changed twice in a bid to get better sales of the available capacity.

    You could argue there are already too many airports, too close together. They are all under an hour from the next one ?

    Ryanair already fly to the 8 reachable Languedoc airports from 43 destinations, with a capacity of around 7m seats per year.


    It would have to be a very compelling business case to invest in new routes to Beziers ?

    Buying a property on the basis of current flight schedules may not be a good idea ?



  8. I live halfway Montpellier - Nimes.

    In UK I need to get to Gatwick, Nottingham, Lancaster, Perth and Chipping Norton.

    My local flights don't often seem to work out. Either the wrong days (East Midlands) or don't fly in winter (Gatwick). Seems silly, but I've often driven Luton/Gatwick/Nottingham/Luton.

    So, I use Girona (Blackpool), Marseille (Gatwick & Prestwick).

    BTW, for urgent business, you can do a day trip to London from Marseille. There are currently 3 BA flights per day and 1 Easyjet flight. However, the early BA flights are not cheap !


  9. Hi

    Latest Languedoc summer 2007 routes :

    To   From Airline
    Avignon - Edinburgh Jet2
    Avignon - Exeter Flybe
    Avignon - Southampton Flybe
    Barcelona - Aberdeen Flyglobespan
    Barcelona - Amsterdam Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Amsterdam Clickair
    Barcelona - Amsterdam Transavia
    Barcelona - Amsterdam Vueling
    Barcelona - Austrian cities Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Baku Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Basel-Mulhouse Easyjet
    Barcelona - Belfast Jet2
    Barcelona - Berlin Clickair
    Barcelona - Berlin Easyjet
    Barcelona - Birmingham BMI baby
    Barcelona - Bologna MyAir
    Barcelona - Bratislava SkyEurope
    Barcelona - Bristol Easyjet
    Barcelona - Brussels Virgin Express
    Barcelona - Brussels Vueling
    Barcelona - Bucharest Blue Air
    Barcelona - Bucharest Clickair
    Barcelona - Bucharest Wizzair
    Barcelona - Budapest Clickair
    Barcelona - Budapest-Ferihegy SkyEurope
    Barcelona - Cardiff Thomsonfly
    Barcelona - Casablanca Clickair
    Barcelona - Cluj Napoca Blue Air
    Barcelona - Cologne Jetairfly
    Barcelona - Cologne-Bonn Germanwings
    Barcelona - Copenhagen Sterling
    Barcelona - Cork Aer Lingus
    Barcelona - Coventry Thomsonfly
    Barcelona - Cracovie SkyEurope
    Barcelona - Dortmund Easyjet
    Barcelona - Dublin Aer Lingus
    Barcelona - Dublin Clickair
    Barcelona - Dubrovnik Clickair
    Barcelona - Dusseldorf Jetairfly
    Barcelona - Dusseldorf Weeze Ryanair
    Barcelona - Edinburgh Flyglobespan
    Barcelona - Frankfurt Clickair
    Barcelona - Gatwick Easyjet
    Barcelona - Geneva Clickair
    Barcelona - Geneva Easyjet
    Barcelona - Geneva Easyjet
    Barcelona - German cities Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Glasgow Flyglobespan
    Barcelona - Helsinki Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Helsinki Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Helsinki Blue1
    Barcelona - Helsinki Clickair
    Barcelona - Helsinki Estonian Air
    Barcelona - Italian cities Meridiana
    Barcelona - Italian cities Vueling
    Barcelona - Jerez Clickair
    Barcelona - Kaliningrad Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Kiev Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Kosice SkyEurope
    Barcelona - La Coruna Clickair
    Barcelona - Leeds Bradford Jet2
    Barcelona - Lisbon Clickair
    Barcelona - Liverpool Easyjet
    Barcelona - Luton Easyjet
    Barcelona - Malaga Clickair
    Barcelona - Manchester Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Manchester Jet2
    Barcelona - Manchester Monarch
    Barcelona - Marakesh Clickair
    Barcelona - Marseille Clickair
    Barcelona - Milan Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Minsk Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Moscow Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Munich Clickair
    Barcelona - Naples Clickair
    Barcelona - Newcastle Easyjet
    Barcelona - Odessa Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Oporto Clickair
    Barcelona - Oslo Sterling
    Barcelona - Palermo Clickair
    Barcelona - Paris Vueling
    Barcelona - Paris Orly Easyjet
    Barcelona - Pisa Clickair
    Barcelona - Prague Clickair
    Barcelona - Prague SkyEurope
    Barcelona - Riga Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Riga Estonian Air
    Barcelona - Rome Clickair
    Barcelona - Salzburg SkyEurope
    Barcelona - Santiago de Compestela Clickair
    Barcelona - Seville Clickair
    Barcelona - Spanish cities Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Spanish cities Vueling
    Barcelona - St Petersburg Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Stansted Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Stansted Easyjet
    Barcelona - Stockholm Sterling
    Barcelona - Stuttgart Germanwings
    Barcelona - Swiss cities Air Berlin
    Barcelona - Tallinn Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Tallinn Estonian Air
    Barcelona - Tirgu Wizzair
    Barcelona - Venice Clickair
    Barcelona - Venice MyAir
    Barcelona - Verona Clickair
    Barcelona - Vienna Clickair
    Barcelona - Vienna SkyEurope
    Barcelona - Vigo Clickair
    Barcelona - Vilnius Air Baltic
    Barcelona - Warsaw Clickair
    Barcelona - Zurich Clickair
    Beziers * - ??? ???
    Carcassonne - Charleroi Ryanair
    Carcassonne - Dublin Ryanair
    Carcassonne - Liverpool Ryanair
    Carcassonne - Nottingham Ryanair
    Carcassonne - Shannon Ryanair
    Carcassonne - Stansted Ryanair
    Girona - Aarhus Ryanair
    Girona - Alghero Ryanair
    Girona - Birmingham Thomsonfly
    Girona - Blackpool Ryanair
    Girona - Bologna Ryanair
    Girona - Bournemouth Ryanair
    Girona - Bremen Ryanair
    Girona - Bristol Ryanair
    Girona - Brussels Jetairfly
    Girona - Budapest Wizzair
    Girona - Cagliari Ryanair
    Girona - Cardiff Thomsonfly
    Girona - Charleroi Ryanair
    Girona - Doncaster Ryanair
    Girona - Dublin Ryanair
    Girona - Durham Ryanair
    Girona - Dusseldorf Ryanair
    Girona - Eindhoven Ryanair
    Girona - Faro Ryanair
    Girona - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair
    Girona - Fuerteventura Ryanair
    Girona - Gatwick Thomsonfly
    Girona - Glasgow Thompsonfly
    Girona - Gothenborg Ryanair
    Girona - Karlsruhe Baden Ryanair
    Girona - Katowice Wizzair
    Girona - Leipzig Ryanair
    Girona - Liverpool Ryanair
    Girona - Luton Ryanair
    Girona - Luton Thomsonfly
    Girona - Malmo Ryanair
    Girona - Manchester Thomsonfly
    Girona - Mastricht Ryanair
    Girona - Milan Ryanair
    Girona - Newcastle Ryanair
    Girona - Newcastle Thomsonfly
    Girona - Nottingham Ryanair
    Girona - Oslo Ryanair
    Girona - Paris Beauvais Ryanair
    Girona - Pescari Ryanair
    Girona - Pisa Ryanair
    Girona - Porto Ryanair
    Girona - Prestwick Ryanair
    Girona - Rome Ryanair
    Girona - Rotterdam Transavia
    Girona - Shannon Ryanair
    Girona - Stansted Ryanair
    Girona - Stockholm Ryanair
    Girona - Tenerife Ryanair
    Girona - Trapani Ryanair
    Girona - Venice Ryanair
    Girona - Verona Ryanair
    Lyon - Birmingham BA
    Lyon - Bucharest Blue Air
    Lyon - Dublin Aer Lingus
    Lyon - Heathrow BA
    Lyon - Madrid Easyjet
    Lyon - Manchester BA
    Lyon - Marakesh Atlas Blue
    Lyon - Rome Easyjet
    Lyon - Stansted Easyjet
    Marseille - Barcelona Clickair
    Marseille - Birmingham BMI baby
    Marseille - Bournemouth Ryanair
    Marseille - Bristol Easyjet
    Marseille - Charleroi Ryanair
    Marseille - Dublin Aer Lingus
    Marseille - Dublin Ryanair
    Marseille - Eindhoven Ryanair
    Marseille - Fes Atlas Blue
    Marseille - Gatwick BA
    Marseille - Gatwick Easyjet
    Marseille - Gothenborg Ryanair
    Marseille - Hamburg Ryanair
    Marseille - Madrid Ryanair
    Marseille - Malmo Ryanair
    Marseille - Marakesh Atlas Blue
    Marseille - Milan MyAir
    Marseille - Oslo Ryanair
    Marseille - Oujda Atlas Blue
    Marseille - Porto Ryanair
    Marseille - Prestwick Ryanair
    Marseille - Stansted Ryanair
    Marseille - Venice MyAir
    Montpellier - Casablanca Air Horizons
    Montpellier - Copenhagen Sterling
    Montpellier - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair
    Montpellier - Gatwick BA
    Montpellier - Oslo Sterling
    Montpellier - Stansted Ryanair
    Nimes - Charleroi Ryanair
    Nimes - Liverpool Ryanair
    Nimes - Luton Ryanair
    Nimes - Nottingham Ryanair
    Perpignan - Manchester BMI baby
    Perpignan - Southampton Flybe
    Perpignan - Stansted Ryanair
    Reus - Dublin Ryanair
    Reus - Liverpool Ryanair
    Reus - Luton Ryanair
    Reus - Prestwick Ryanair
    Reus - Stansted Ryanair
    Rodez - Stansted Ryanair
    Toulon - Bordeaux Fly Nordic
    Toulon - Brest Jetairfly
    Toulon - Brussels Jetairfly
    Toulon - Brussels Virgin Express
    Toulon - Rotterdam Transavia
    Toulon - Stansted Ryanair
    Toulon - Stockholm Fly Nordic
    Toulouse - Belfast Jet2
    Toulouse - Birmingham First Choice
    Toulouse - Birmingham Flybe
    Toulouse - Bristol Easyjet
    Toulouse - Bristol First Choice
    Toulouse - Dublin Aer Lingus
    Toulouse - Gatwick BA
    Toulouse - Gatwick Easyjet
    Toulouse - Glasgow First Choice
    Toulouse - Hamburg Germanwings
    Toulouse - Leeds Bradford Jet2
    Toulouse - Madrid Easyjet
    Toulouse - Manchester First Choice
    Toulouse - Manchester Jet2
    Toulouse - Marakesh Atlas Blue
    Toulouse - Paris Orly Easyjet
    Toulouse - Stansted First Choice

  10. Hi

    About time I updated the current list :

    I've updated the routes to remove Air Scotland

    (RIP) and add Clickair who have flights via Barcelona. They also have a

    flight Marseille-Barcelona.

    Latest flight information :

    From To Airline

    ??? - Beziers * ???

    Aarhus - Girona Ryanair

    Aberdeen - Barcelona Flyglobespan

    Alghero - Girona Ryanair

    Amsterdam - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Amsterdam - Barcelona Transavia

    Amsterdam - Barcelona Vueling

    Amsterdam - Barcelona Clickair

    Austrian cities - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Baku - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Marseille Clickair

    Basel-Mulhouse - Barcelona Easyjet

    Belfast - Barcelona Jet2

    Belfast - Toulouse Jet2

    Berlin - Barcelona Easyjet

    Berlin - Barcelona Clickair

    Birmingham - Barcelona BMI baby

    Birmingham - Girona Thomsonfly

    Birmingham - Lyon BA

    Birmingham - Marseille BMI baby

    Birmingham - Toulouse First Choice

    Birmingham - Toulouse Flybe

    Blackpool - Girona Ryanair

    Bologna - Barcelona MyAir

    Bologna - Girona Ryanair

    Bordeaux - Toulon Fly Nordic

    Bournemouth - Girona Ryanair

    Bratislava - Barcelona SkyEurope

    Bremen - Girona Ryanair

    Brest - Toulon Jetairfly

    Bristol - Barcelona Easyjet

    Bristol - Girona Ryanair

    Bristol - Marseille Easyjet

    Bristol - Toulouse First Choice

    Bristol - Toulouse Easyjet

    Brussels - Barcelona Virgin Express

    Brussels - Barcelona Vueling

    Brussels - Girona Jetairfly

    Brussels - Toulon Jetairfly

    Brussels - Toulon Virgin Express

    Bucharest - Barcelona Blue Air

    Bucharest - Barcelona Wizzair

    Bucharest - Barcelona Clickair

    Bucharest - Lyon Blue Air

    Budapest - Barcelona Clickair

    Budapest - Girona Wizzair

    Budapest-Ferihegy - Barcelona SkyEurope

    Cagliari - Girona Ryanair

    Cardiff - Barcelona Thomsonfly

    Cardiff - Girona Thomsonfly

    Casablanca - Barcelona Clickair

    Casablanca - Montpellier Air Horizons

    Charleroi - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Charleroi - Girona Ryanair

    Charleroi - Marseille Ryanair

    Charleroi - Nimes Ryanair

    Cluj Napoca - Barcelona Blue Air

    Cologne - Barcelona Jetairfly

    Cologne-Bonn - Barcelona Germanwings

    Copenhagen - Barcelona Sterling

    Copenhagen - Montpellier Sterling

    Cork - Barcelona Aer Lingus

    Coventry - Barcelona Thomsonfly

    Cracovie - Barcelona SkyEurope

    Doncaster - Girona Ryanair

    Dortmund - Barcelona Easyjet

    Dublin - Barcelona Aer Lingus

    Dublin - Barcelona Clickair

    Dublin - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Dublin - Girona Ryanair

    Dublin - Lyon Aer Lingus

    Dublin - Marseille Aer Lingus

    Dublin - Marseille Ryanair

    Dublin - Reus Ryanair

    Dublin - Toulouse Aer Lingus

    Dubrovnik - Barcelona Clickair

    Durham - Girona Ryanair

    Dusseldorf - Barcelona Jetairfly

    Dusseldorf - Girona Ryanair

    Dusseldorf Weeze - Barcelona Ryanair

    Edinburgh - Barcelona Flyglobespan

    Eindhoven - Girona Ryanair

    Eindhoven - Marseille Ryanair

    Exeter - Avignon Flybe

    Faro - Girona Ryanair

    Fes - Marseille Atlas Blue

    Frankfurt - Barcelona Clickair

    Frankfurt Hahn - Girona Ryanair

    Frankfurt Hahn - Marseille Ryanair

    Frankfurt Hahn - Montpellier Ryanair

    Fuerteventura - Girona Ryanair

    Gatwick - Barcelona Easyjet

    Gatwick - Girona Thomsonfly

    Gatwick - Marseille BA

    Gatwick - Marseille Easyjet

    Gatwick - Montpellier BA

    Gatwick - Toulouse BA

    Gatwick - Toulouse Easyjet

    Geneva - Barcelona Easyjet

    Geneva - Barcelona Easyjet

    Geneva - Barcelona Clickair

    German cities - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Glasgow - Barcelona Flyglobespan

    Glasgow - Girona Thompsonfly

    Glasgow - Toulouse First Choice

    Gothenborg - Girona Ryanair

    Gothenborg - Marseille Ryanair

    Hamburg - Marseille Ryanair

    Hamburg - Toulouse Germanwings

    Heathrow - Lyon BA

    Helsinki - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Helsinki - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Helsinki - Barcelona Blue1

    Helsinki - Barcelona Estonian Air

    Helsinki - Barcelona Clickair

    Italian cities - Barcelona Meridiana

    Italian cities - Barcelona Vueling

    Jerez - Barcelona Clickair

    Kaliningrad - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Karlsruhe Baden - Girona Ryanair

    Karlsruhe Baden - Marseille Ryanair

    Katowice - Girona Wizzair

    Kiev - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Kosice - Barcelona SkyEurope

    La Coruna - Barcelona Clickair

    Leeds Bradford - Barcelona Jet2

    Leeds Bradford - Toulouse Jet2

    Leipzig - Girona Ryanair

    Lisbon - Barcelona Clickair

    Liverpool - Barcelona Easyjet

    Liverpool - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Liverpool - Girona Ryanair

    Liverpool - Nimes Ryanair

    Liverpool - Reus Ryanair

    Luton - Barcelona Easyjet

    Luton - Girona Ryanair

    Luton - Girona Thomsonfly

    Luton - Nimes Ryanair

    Luton - Reus Ryanair

    Madrid - Lyon Easyjet

    Madrid - Marseille Ryanair

    Madrid - Toulouse Easyjet

    Malaga - Barcelona Clickair

    Malmo - Girona Ryanair

    Malmo - Marseille Ryanair

    Manchester - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Manchester - Barcelona Jet2

    Manchester - Barcelona Monarch

    Manchester - Girona Thomsonfly

    Manchester - Lyon BA

    Manchester - Perpignan BMI baby

    Manchester - Toulouse First Choice

    Manchester - Toulouse Jet2

    Marakesh - Barcelona Clickair

    Marakesh - Lyon Atlas Blue

    Marakesh - Marseille Atlas Blue

    Marakesh - Toulouse Atlas Blue

    Marseille - Barcelona Clickair

    Mastricht - Girona Ryanair

    Milan - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Milan - Girona Ryanair

    Milan - Marseille MyAir

    Minsk - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Moscow - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Munich - Barcelona Clickair

    Naples - Barcelona Clickair

    Newcastle - Barcelona Easyjet

    Newcastle - Girona Ryanair

    Newcastle - Girona Thomsonfly

    Nottingham - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Nottingham - Girona Ryanair

    Nottingham - Nimes Ryanair

    Odessa - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Oporto - Barcelona Clickair

    Oslo - Barcelona Sterling

    Oslo - Girona Ryanair

    Oslo - Marseille Ryanair

    Oslo - Montpellier Sterling

    Oujda - Marseille Atlas Blue

    Palermo - Barcelona Clickair

    Paris - Barcelona Vueling

    Paris Beauvais - Girona Ryanair

    Paris Orly - Barcelona Easyjet

    Paris Orly - Toulouse Easyjet

    Pescari - Girona Ryanair

    Pisa - Barcelona Clickair

    Pisa - Girona Ryanair

    Porto - Girona Ryanair

    Porto - Marseille Ryanair

    Prague - Barcelona SkyEurope

    Prague - Barcelona Clickair

    Prestwick - Girona Ryanair

    Prestwick - Marseille Ryanair

    Prestwick - Reus Ryanair

    Riga - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Riga - Barcelona Estonian Air

    Rome - Barcelona Clickair

    Rome - Girona Ryanair

    Rome - Lyon Easyjet

    Rome - Marseille Ryanair

    Rotterdam - Girona Transavia

    Rotterdam - Toulon Transavia

    Salzburg - Barcelona SkyEurope

    Santiago de Compestela - Barcelona Clickair

    Seville - Barcelona Clickair

    Shannon - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Shannon - Girona Ryanair

    Southampton - Avignon Flybe

    Southampton - Perpignan Flybe

    Spanish cities - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Spanish cities - Barcelona Vueling

    St Petersburg - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Stansted - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Stansted - Barcelona Easyjet

    Stansted - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Stansted - Girona Ryanair

    Stansted - Lyon Easyjet

    Stansted - Marseille Ryanair

    Stansted - Montpellier Ryanair

    Stansted - Perpignan Ryanair

    Stansted - Reus Ryanair

    Stansted - Rodez Ryanair

    Stansted - Toulon Ryanair

    Stansted - Toulouse First Choice

    Stockholm - Barcelona Sterling

    Stockholm - Girona Ryanair

    Stockholm - Toulon Fly Nordic

    Stuttgart - Barcelona Germanwings

    Swiss cities - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Tallinn - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Tallinn - Barcelona Estonian Air

    Tenerife - Girona Ryanair

    Tirgu - Barcelona Wizzair

    Trapani - Girona Ryanair

    Venice - Barcelona MyAir

    Venice - Barcelona Clickair

    Venice - Girona Ryanair

    Venice - Marseille MyAir

    Verona - Barcelona Clickair

    Verona - Girona Ryanair

    Vienna - Barcelona SkyEurope

    Vienna - Barcelona Clickair

    Vigo - Barcelona Clickair

    Vilnius - Barcelona Air Baltic

    Warsaw - Barcelona Clickair

    Zurich - Barcelona Clickair

    Interestingly I put this on a few forums in their Languedoc sections. It was deleted from France news because I gave the link to the latest information http://www.the-languedoc-page.com/tourism/languedoc-tourism-air.htm

    I have 6 links to their forum and website where I belive visitors can get better (or more current) information than I have.

    Curious ?



  11. The Commission Générale de Terminologie et de Néologie, or French Language Police have been busy inventing new French words.

    A worthy cause, but largely ineffective. Le Macdo, le weekend, and le foot show little signs of being abandoned.

    Many of the words are for technological innovations. However, they are

    not used in other Francophone countries. So, a Belgians "le PC", "le

    mouse", and "le keyboard" become "l'ordinateur", "le souri" and "le

    clavier" as you cross the border.

    Earlier attempts in this area have not shown the results intended.

    "Le Courriel" has not replaced "email" and there are signs that the

    French techies have evolved a new word "le mel". And "adresse de

    courrier électronique" seems a cumbersome alternative to "email


    So what has the latest "brainstorming" (or I should say "un remue-méninges") produced?

    Amongst the latest batch of new words are :

    jeunes pousses (start up)

    bloc-note (blog)

    diffusion pour baladeur (podcasting)

    débat-spectacle (chat show)

    pavé tactile (touchpad)

    poste à poste (peer to peer)

    heure de grande écoute (primetime)

    Unless of course, you happen to be in Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso,

    Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros,

    Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire,

    Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Haiti, Luxembourg,

    Madagascar, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Switzerland, Togo

    or Vanuatu.

  12. [quote user="Gardian"]

    Well, dead wood down off the trees everywhere, but no too desperate.

    The Midi Libre weather forecast (which is crap and doesn't for most of the year have to stretch itself to much more than how many degrees C the sun is going to give us), says nice and sunny tomorrow and diminishing wind. Gusting a bit outside just now, but certainly a lot quieter than last night.

    Suze - that Mistral is like an old friend - you can get to miss it when it's not been around for a while.  Lori seems to see more of it over her way (around Mt Ventoux), but over here it's only 2-3 times / yr.  The market traders really had the hump with it though in Uzes today - stuff flying everywhere.


    Many of the Sommieres market traders gave up, and packed up early today.


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