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  1. [quote user="Clair"]If you were caught by an automatic speed trap, the likelihood is that nothing will happen.

    If you were stopped by a gendarme, he will most probably have written a note that your UK licence should be exchanged for a French one.

    In a few weeks time, you will asked to present your licence at the gendarmerie and if you still have a UK one, your will be given about one month to present your new French licence with its penalty point.


    I think things have changed :

    The French license does not now show penalty points - you get a notification by mail.


  2. To put this into perspective - I checked out of a hotel in Alicante on Friday morning before driving back to my home in Languedoc. I was driving my French reg car, with French ins cover, French permis, French CdS but UK passport.

    Had I been stopped in Spain on Friday I would have been in exactly the same circumstances as Outie. And what about the numerous cross border "day trippers" buying booze, fags, fuel, etc. ?

    Given the circumstances - Outie was doing nothing illegal, or unusual

    (lots of people drive to work across borders every day) - the UK police

    were at fault.

    It would be worth looking into the question of compensation. Some info here : http://www.lawontheweb.co.uk/actionsagainstthepolice.htm

    Contact with a journalist may highlight the problem and help

    with any compensation claim.


  3. Hi

    I would head off towards your destination, and continue early (ish !) the next morning.

    If you are arriving late, I'd think about Nimes itself, or Aigues Mortes. LE MAS DES SABLES  http://www.lemasdessables.com/uk/geo.html  just outside Aigues Mortes is nice, but you would need a taxi (or drive) into the walled city to eat.

    Montpellier is an interesting place to stop. Best to stay on the South side near the tram, and go in on the tram - the centre can be difficult because it is mostly pedestrianised or confusing one way streets.

    Sete is a bustling seaside resort / port with many hotels & restaurants.

    My choice would be Bouzigues. It is a south facing fishing village on Etang de Thau. It is very close to the A9 and small enough to park and walk everywhere. La Cote Bleue has private parking and a good restaurant : http://www.la-cote-bleue.fr

    List of local hotels.

    Bonne chance


  4. [quote user="Quillan"]

    It is winter.

    On Friday the weather was fine when we sailed on Saturday it was gusting force 10 along the coast. The water was almost at road level in the marina, another few feet and boats could have floated on to the road.[/quote]

    There were high winds with damage on the coast here in East Languedoc over the weekend.

    I'm obviously a wimp. I wouldn't go out if force 10 was forecast ! Unfortunately weather changes, and I've been caught out a few times.

    Beaufort Force 10 (Storm) :

    Wind : 48-55 knots (88-102 kmh)

    Wave height : 9m    

    At sea : Very high waves. The sea surface is white and there is considerable tumbling. Visibility is reduced.

    On land : Trees uprooted. Considerable structural damage.


  5. [quote user="Tj"]Re the posting by groslard on the Quartier St Jaques, Perpignan, made whilst I was formulating my last reply, the incident refered to by him, was as I mentioned one incident in the last five years.   I frequently visit the area as the best and freshest spices can be purchased in the shops.  The Mahgrebs, Catalans and French live in harmony.  I do not have knowledge of Beziers quartier.  [/quote]

    It is also 200km from Calvisson, the village the original poster was interested in.

    I ignored the first two comments when replying in my original post as they did not deserve a reply.


  6. Interesting replies above ?

    Calvisson is in a very good location.

    It is in the Vaunage which is a large plain populated with similar small villages. It is surrounded by vine and olives.

    Calvisson has very old origins, and was once an important town. It has some very impressive old buildings, and was on the main Nimes-Sommieres-Montpellier road (now it has a bypass). It also has a disused station. It is around 30 minutes from Montpellier, Nimes, the Med and the Cevennes. It has a few expat residents (not many English), and at least one French expat who keeps a house there.

    It has excellent travel connections -

    TGV Paris - Nimes in 3 hours

    Low cost airlines (to about 30 destinations) from Marseille, Nimes and Montpellier

    A9 autoroute is nearby

    There is a local bus service

    It is a very desirable village because it has a few shops, bars and restaurants, a Sunday market,  and is half way Nimes - Montpellier. There are 4 supermarkets within 7km, and Sommieres has around 100 businesses.

    A pool will reach 30C in summer with no heating.

    July and August will be hot (30C - 40C). Rainfall is rare at that time and normally falls overnight (interestingly, apart from a few overnight storms, this weekend has had the first real rain since May).

    Others who have "moved" from Northern France have settled happily in Languedoc.

    You can contact me for more information,


  7. I've updated the full list here : www.the-languedoc-page.com/tourism/languedoc-tourism-air.htm

    There will be more announcements, I guess.

    There are more carriers, and many more routes for 2008.

    Flights from UK and Ireland are :

    From To Carrier

    Aberdeen - Barcelona Flyglobespan

    Belfast - Barcelona Aer Lingus

    Belfast - Barcelona Easyjet

    Belfast - Reus Thompsonfly

    Belfast - Barcelona Jet2

    Belfast - Toulouse Jet2

    Birmingham - Girona Ryanair

    Birmingham - Barcelona BMI baby

    Birmingham - Girona Thompsonfly

    Birmingham - Marseille BMI baby

    Birmingham - Marseille Ryanair

    Birmingham - Reus Thompsonfly

    Birmingham - Toulouse First Choice **

    Blackpool - Girona Ryanair

    Bournemouth - Girona Ryanair

    Bournemouth - Marseille Ryanair

    Bristol - Reus Thompsonfly

    Bristol - Barcelona Easyjet

    Bristol - Beziers Ryanair

    Bristol - Girona Ryanair

    Bristol - Marseille Easyjet

    Bristol - Toulouse Easyjet

    Bristol - Toulouse First Choice **

    Cardiff - Girona Thompsonfly

    Cardiff - Reus Thompsonfly

    Cork - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Cork - Barcelona Aer Lingus

    Doncaster - Reus Thompsonfly

    Doncaster - Girona Ryanair

    Dublin - Barcelona Aer Lingus

    Dublin - Barcelona Clickair

    Dublin - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Dublin - Girona Ryanair

    Dublin - Marseille Aer Lingus

    Dublin - Marseille Ryanair

    Dublin - Reus Ryanair

    Dublin - Rodez Ryanair

    Dublin - Toulouse Aer Lingus

    Durham - Reus Thompsonfly

    Durham - Girona Ryanair

    Edinburgh - Barcelona Clickair

    Edinburgh - Marseille Ryanair

    Edinburgh - Toulouse Jet2

    Edinburgh - Avignon Jet2

    Edinburgh - Barcelona Flyglobespan

    Edinburgh - Barcelona Germanwings

    Exeter - Avignon Flybe

    Gatwick - Barcelona BA

    Gatwick - Barcelona Easyjet

    Gatwick - Girona Thompsonfly

    Gatwick - Marseille BA

    Gatwick - Marseille Easyjet

    Gatwick - Montpellier Easyjet

    Gatwick - Montpellier Easyjet

    Gatwick - Reus Thompsonfly

    Gatwick - Toulouse BA

    Gatwick - Toulouse Easyjet

    Glasgow - Barcelona Flyglobespan

    Glasgow - Girona Thompsonfly

    Glasgow - Reus Thompsonfly

    Glasgow - Toulouse First Choice **

    Leeds Bradford - Avignon Jet2

    Leeds Bradford - Barcelona Jet2

    Leeds Bradford - Reus Thompsonfly

    Leeds Bradford - Toulouse Jet2

    Liverpool - Reus Thompsonfly

    Liverpool - Barcelona Easyjet

    Liverpool - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Liverpool - Girona Ryanair

    Liverpool - Nimes Ryanair

    Liverpool - Reus Ryanair

    Luton - Barcelona Easyjet

    Luton - Girona Ryanair

    Luton - Girona Thompsonfly

    Luton - Nimes Ryanair

    Luton - Reus Ryanair

    Luton - Reus Thompsonfly

    Manchester - Girona Ryanair

    Manchester - Marseille Ryanair

    Manchester - Reus Thompsonfly

    Manchester - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Manchester - Barcelona Jet2

    Manchester - Barcelona Monarch

    Manchester - Girona Thompsonfly

    Manchester - Perpignan BMI baby

    Manchester - Toulouse First Choice **

    Newcastle - Reus Thompsonfly

    Newcastle - Barcelona Easyjet

    Newcastle - Girona Ryanair

    Newcastle - Girona Thompsonfly

    Newquay - Girona Ryanair

    Newquay - Reus Flybe

    Nottingham - Barcelona Easyjet

    Nottingham - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Nottingham - Girona Ryanair

    Nottingham - Nimes Ryanair

    Nottingham - Reus Thompsonfly

    Prestwick - Girona Ryanair

    Prestwick - Girona Ryanair

    Prestwick - Marseille Ryanair

    Prestwick - Reus Ryanair

    Shannon - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Shannon - Girona Ryanair

    Southampton - Avignon Flybe

    Southampton - Perpignan Flybe

    Stansted - Barcelona Air Berlin

    Stansted - Barcelona Easyjet

    Stansted - Carcassonne Ryanair

    Stansted - Girona Ryanair

    Stansted - Marseille Ryanair

    Stansted - Montpellier Ryanair

    Stansted - Perpignan Ryanair

    Stansted - Reus Ryanair

    Stansted - Reus Thompsonfly

    Stansted - Rodez Ryanair

    Stansted - Toulon Ryanair

    Stansted - Toulouse First Choice **

    ** = Awaiting confirmation

    As always, additions & corrections welcomed.

  8. It is that time of year again, and some of the contents of my newsletter could be interesting :

    The Languedoc Page newsletter, December 2007

    This is a newsletter from The Languedoc Page.

    You are receiving this because you have registered with The Languedoc Forum or requested it through The Languedoc Page.

    Wine :

    The wine market has continued to be difficult in Languedoc. The EU has

    a master plan to reduce wine production and Languedoc would suffer more

    than other areas from digging up vines. It is still under discussion

    and opposed by France, Spain and Italy.

    Inter Sud, the Languedoc Rousillon wine growers association, has

    developed a marketing plan to increase the perception of local wines.

    They envisage doubling the value of wine sold over 10 years, both

    within France and the key export markets of Germany, Netherlands, UK,

    Canada, USA and Japan. They intend to develop “Sud de France” or “South

    of France” as an umbrella brand.

    Meanwhile the militant wine growers association, CRAV, took

    advantage of the Presidential election by issuing a video threatening

    violence if their demands were not met. There have been some terrorist

    attacks on supermarkets, large wineries and wine importers.

    The 2007 harvest will be less than usual due to bad weather in other

    wine growing areas. However there was little impact on Languedoc wine


    Weather :

    After a late Spring, the Summer was average for the region. There

    were no long hot spells this year. There was a week, or so, of

    temperatures over 35C in August.

    The summer was dry, and the autumn did not provide the usual quantity

    of much needed rain. There has been no flooding so far this year.

    Current river levels are available here : www.vigicrues.ecologie.gouv.fr and risks by commune are now available here : www.prim.net/home.htm . Select Department, Then risk, then commune, then zoom in.

    Most of Languedoc (and Cote d’Azur, Provence, etc.) had snow on 15

    December. It melted within 24 hrs except at higher levels in the hills.

    Currently, we have clear skies, chilly nights and up to 15C during the


    Land transport:

    Lines 1 & 2 of the Montpellier tram system are now fully operational.

    Tram line 1 is intended to be extended with a new stop called Cité

    Ludique near IKEA (and future Geant Hypermarket). However there is also

    a suggestion to extend a little further to create a station &

    parking on the A9 autoroute. Some work has been done in preparation for


    Tram line 2 is intended to be extended East from St Jean de Vedas to

    Fabrègues, Cournonterral et Cournonsec as well as Northwest to

    Castries. I haven't seen any dates for these developments.

    Tram line 3 was originally planned to go from Juvignac to Perols. It

    will now be launched in 2012 as Collines d'Estanove to Lattes. There is

    a longer term plan to extend the line from Lattes/Perols to run along

    the coast (but excluding Palavas) as far as Grande Motte. The colour

    scheme will use a coral reef theme.

    Tram line 4 initial studies were authorised for commencement in

    september 2007. One option that has been put forward is to extend to

    the East from the end of the projected line 3. No proposal has yet been


    The topic is regularly updated here : www.the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=839

    The final links from the A75-A9 near Beziers are still not completed. The Montpellier CCI has published these dates :

    2008 (start) Pezenas - Valros section work starts

    2008 (summer) Valros bypass opens

    2008 (end) Valros to Beziers section opens

    2009 (end) Pezenas - Valros section opens

    The connection of the TGV line from Nimes to Barcelona commenced in 2006.

    Current predictions are :

    2008 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line bypass surveying starts

    2008 Public enquiry on Montpellier - Perpignan TGV line route

    2009 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line bypass work starts

    2009 Perpignan - Figueres TGV line in service

    2011 Figueres - Girona - Barcelona TGV line in service*

    2013 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line rail bypass opens

    2020 Montpellier - Perpignan dedicated TGV line in service

    * It now seems that technical problems associated with the route

    into Barcelona will delay the Girona – Barcelona line until at least


    The plan for an additional loop of the A9 South of Montpellier has been deferred.

    More fixed radar traps have been installed in the area during 2007. There is a map here : www.radarsfixes.com .

    Air transport :

    Once again, there will be new routes to Languedoc this year. As news becomes available, we will note it here : www.the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1758 and eventually update this page: www.the-languedoc-page.com/tourism/languedoc-tourism-air.htm .

    Some early news :

    Ryanair :








    Rodez - Dublin

    Eurociel :

    Eurociel (a new operator for 2008 flying from Nimes) :

    April - October

























    Jet 2 :


    Avignon- Leeds/Bradford


    GB Airways (BA franchisee Gatwick-Montpellier) have been taken over by Easyjet. They will run this route for summer 2008.

    A new airline based in Cardiff ( www.flyforbeans.com ) is shortly expected to announce 12 European routes.

    ADSL :

    Many cities have a choice of supplier for both phone and ADSL. Some

    also have cable. Extending the service to villages has been rapid, and

    currently around 3% of visitors to The Languedoc Page still use dial

    up. To check the speed available from your phone and review the various

    deals on offer use this link : www.degrouptest.com .

    ADSL 2 (faster than ADSL) is now becoming available. Prices are

    reducing. In general ADSL is cheaper than dial up and, increasingly,

    some free phone calls are included in the deal.


    2007 has continued to be a relatively quiet year for property sales

    in Languedoc. Desirable houses continue to sell. Languedoc prices

    remain attractive compared with those in Provence and Cote d'Azur.

    President Sarkozy's proposals have resulted in boosting the Parisian

    2nd home market.

    Swimming pools :

    Private pools should have met the new security laws by 1 January 2006.

    Many still don’t! Despite scare stories of government inspections, I am

    not aware of any prosecutions.

    Health cover :

    The French government did an about turn regarding health cover for EU

    “early retirees”. Previously they paid a proportion of their income

    into the government health system; the proposal was that they needed to

    buy private health cover until retirement age. This was retrospective.

    The developments can be followed here : www.the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1957 .

    The government reviewed the situation and changed it’s position. The

    effect of the changes was that new arrivals must take private health

    cover until they have either been in France for 5 years, or reach

    retirement age – existing contributors to the government system can

    remain in the system.

    Blogs :

    The number of South France residents blogging in English has

    steadily increased. We maintain links to the more disciplined (and

    interesting) bloggers here : www.the-languedoc-page.com/articles/languedoc-articles01d.htm

    Elections :

    During 2007 Nicholas Sarkozy became the new centre right president of

    France. He started dynamically and made several proposals that could be

    beneficial to expat residents (or future expat residents). They are

    summarised here : www.the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1919

    The local elections will be held in 2008. EU national who are resident

    are entitled to vote provided they register before 31/12/2007.

    The Languedoc Forum (Expat Foyer) :

    This forum was hosted by Aimoo until February 2006. It was then transferred to The Languedoc Page ( www.the-languedoc-page.com/forum

    ) using phpbb software. Since then, 684 new members have registered

    bringing the total up to 1384. The spammers continue to attempt to

    register both manually and automatically. About 1 registration in 25 is

    genuine and accepted. If you have registered and heard nothing from us,

    please email us directly. Around 5000 topics are being read per day.

    Only a small minority of readers contribute by posting.

    Aimoo seems to have had some problems, and the old forum vanished for a

    while because I stopped paying the subscription this year. Currently,

    it continues as an archive here : http://forum1.aimoo.com/expatfoyer .

    The Languedoc Page :


    There are now over 1500 pages of information excluding forum pages.

    There will be around 430,000 visitors in 2007 (2006 = 352,129),

    equivalent to about 1.5m pages read. The growth rate has slowed down at

    the end of 2007, mainly because visitors were lost due to deletion of

    Aimoo, and pruning of the current forum reduced the content available

    through the search engines.

    As mentioned in the last newsletter, we have expanded the property section www.the-languedoc-page.com/property/

    . Currently, we have around 2000 properties for sale listed through

    IFP, private sales and local agents. This is excluding the free

    property classifieds in the forum. We are looking at ways to expand the

    presence of private sellers and local agents. We have developed

    contacts with some local agents, and can help with advice if you are

    looking to buy property in Languedoc.

    We used Villa renters to provide a searchable choice of villas to

    rent in the South of France area in 2007. This continues here : www.the-languedoc-page.com/tourism/languedoc-travel-bookings-villas.htm

    The Languedoc Page ( http://the-languedoc-page.com

    ) is a community driven website. Contributions from users have greatly

    enhanced the photo section (now 440 images), restaurant reviews, and

    articles (now over 170 articles). Together with the forum, this visitor

    participation has driven the expansion of The Languedoc Page.

    The Languedoc Page has been in the top three for the keyword

    “languedoc” on google.com and google.co.uk since November 2005. Google

    has 25m – 42m references for Languedoc.

    The advertising that was started early 2006 has progressed. The

    rates are remarkably reasonable given the visitor numbers. More

    information about advertising and statistics : www.the-languedoc-page.com/languedoc-advertising.htm . There will continue to be no pop-ups, porno or gambling ads !

    We hope that you have found The Languedoc Page useful. If you haven’t

    visited it for a while, it is worth a look to see how it has developed.

    And I’m still happy to receive article, photo and restaurant review

    contributions !

    Have a great 2008

  9. I'm keeping an eye on the new routes, as they are announced.


    Beziers-Bristol is confirmed. I hear whispers from several sources that other destinations (Manchester ?) could follow. Obviously more destinations spread the cost of marketing Beziers.


    They have changed some of the original routes from Nimes. They have a timetable at [size=9][url]www.eurociel.net/telechargements/1014%20Eurociel%20Guide%20Horaires%20BD.pdf[/url][/size]

     and the site is now accepting bookings. I tested the one way prices and got (including fees/charges, etc) :

    Nimes-Ibiza for 1 July = Euro 147

    Nimes-Amsterdam for 4 April = Euro 130

    The latest route announcement is :

    April - October
























  10. Hi

    Unfurnished leases are normally for 3 years, renewable to 6, then 9 years and onwards. Effectively the tenant can live there for life providing they don't damage the property and pay the rent. Allowable rent increases are less than inflation. The owner must have exceptional circumstances to terminate the lease (say, needs to live there himself, or, if he wants to sell - he must offer it to the tenant first). However the tenant can terminate the lease at any time by giving, usually, 2 or 3 months notice. Normally landlords will require proof of income, etc because they are very much at risk with these leases. It is a very long, and expensive, procedure to recover the property when tenants stop paying.

    Furnished leases (which are rare other than for holiday lets) are less regimented. There is a bit of a grey area between holiday rentals (say up to 4 weeks) and longer term lets. Many longer term furnished rentals are on the basis of, say, 3 months rental, then tacitly renewed each month with one months notice required from either landlord or tenant.



  11. Aimargues - 21st

    Amelie-les-Bains - 9th December
    Anduze - 16th December
    Argeliers - 16th December
    Aubord - 2nd December
    Aulas - 16th December
    Bagnols-sur-Ceze - 15th and 16th, 23rd

    and 24th December
    Balaruc-les-Bains : du 19 Novembre au 6

    Belvianes et Cavirac - 22nd December
    Béziers : du 5 au 24 Décembre
    Bize-Minervois - 16th December
    Blandas - 9th December
    Bolquere/Pyrenees 2000 - 24th December
    Bouzigues : Dimanche 25 Novembre
    Brugairolles - 16th December
    Cabrieres - 2nd December
    Canet - 10th and 17th December
    Capestang : Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Carcassonne - 7th to 31st December
    Casteil - 15th December
    Castelnaudary - 2nd December
    Castelnau-le-Lez : Le Chariot du Père

    Noël Vendredi 21 Décembre
    Castries : Salon des Santons du Samedi 10

    au Lundi 19 Novembre 2007
    Caunes Minervois - 9th December
    Causse-de-la-Selle : Samedi 15 Décembre
    Cazouls-lès-Béziers : Dimanche 18

    Ceret - 16th December
    Cers : du Jeudi 14 au Samedi 16 Décembre
    Clapiers : Vendredi 7 Décembre
    Collioure - Date unknown
    Cournonterral : du Vendredi 30 Novembre

    au Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Elne - 1st and 2nd December
    Espezel - 2nd December
    Ganges : Samedi 8 Décembre
    Gard :
    Gigean : Samedi 24 et Dimanche 25

    Gignac : Samedi 1er Décembre
    Grabels : Samedi 1er et Dimanche 2

    Ispagnac - 15th December
    Juvignac : du Vendredi 30 Novembre au

    Dimanche 2 Décembre
    La Grande-Motte : Salon des Cadeaux de

    Noël du Vendredi 23 au Dimanche 25 Novembre
    Laroque-des-Alberes - 1st and 2nd

    Le Boulou - 1st December
    Le Colet-de-Deze - 16th December
    Le Crès : Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Le Pradal : Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Le Somail - 16th December
    Les Matelles : Marché des Potiers Samedi

    8 et Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Lespignan : Samedi 1er et Dimanche 2

    Leucate - 15th and 16th December
    Lodève : Dimanche 16 Décembre
    Lunas : Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Mailhac - 9th December
    Marvejols - 15th and 16th December
    Mende - 14th to 17th December
    Meyrueis - 9th December
    Montagnac : Dimanche 16 Décembre
    Montferrier-sur-Lez : Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Montpellier : du Vendredi 7 au Lundi 24

    Montpeyroux : Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Narbonne - 1st to 31st December
    Neffiès : Samedi 24 et Dimanche 25

    Nimes - 1st to 24th December
    Notre-Dame-de-Londres : Dimanche 16

    Olargues : Samedi 16 Décembre
    Palaja - 2nd December
    Palavas-les-Flots : du Vendredi 30

    Novembre au Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Paulhan : Samedi 15 et Dimanche 16

    Perpignan - 1st to 24th December
    Pézenas : Dimanche 16 Décembre
    Pignan : Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Pinet : Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Pomérols : Samedi 15 Décembre
    Pont-de-Montvert - 16th December
    Pont-Saint-Esprit - 14th December to 6th

    Portiragnes : Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Pouzilhac - 16th December
    Prades - 21 to 23rd December
    Prats-de-Mollo-la-Preste - 14th, 15th,

    and 22nd December
    Puissalicon : Vendredi 30 Novembre
    Puisserguier : Samedi 15 Décembre
    Quillan - 8th December
    Remoulins - 2nd and 16th December
    Riols : Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Roquemaure - 2nd December
    Roujan : Dimanche 25 Novembre + Noël à

    l’anglaise Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Saint-Chely-d'Apcher - 22nd and 23rd

    Saint-Chinian : Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Saint-Christol : Samedi 24 Novembre
    Saint-Etienne-Vallee-Francaise - 2nd

    Saint-Gély-du-Fesc : Salon de l’Artisanat

    d’Art Samedi 1er et Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert : Dimanche 16

    Saint-Jean-de-Cuculles : Journées des

    Santons Samedi 1er et Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Saint-Martin-de-Londres : Dimanche 9

    Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers : Dimanche 9

    Saint-Nazaire-de-Ladarez : Samedi 8 et

    Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Saint-Pons-de-Thomières : Mercredi 12

    Sauve - 16th December
    Sérignan : Foire au Gras Samedi 8 et

    Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Sommieres - 1st December
    Soubès : Dimanche 2 Décembre
    Tourbes : Dimanche 9 Décembre
    Trebes - 30th November -2nd December
    Vauvert - 8th December
    Vernet-les-Bains - 15th December
    Villemoustaussou - 2nd December
    Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone : Samedi 15 et

    Dimanche 16 Décembre
    Villeneuve-Minervois - 16th December
    Viols-en-Laval : Vendredi 14



  12. [quote user="Quillan"]There is also EU law which I believe says that you can't receive transmissions or rebroadcast programs from a fellow member state unless they give you permission to do so. As BBC programs are intended only for the UK you would, without express permission, be breaking EU law.[/quote]

    I'm not sure this is correct.

    The Belgian cable service relays BBC1 & 2 throughout Belgium, and has done for around 20 years.

    It is apparently with consent of the BBC. They have televised Antiques Roadshows, etc from Brussels, and there is a local Open University group.

    Curious ?


  13. People outside of UK have been watching Sky (and more recently UK FTA) since at least 1995. Quite a high proportion of the non French residents I know have satellite installations.

    My understanding is -

    Sky can not supply cards outside UK. This is because of territorial broadcast rights to films, sporting events, etc.

    It is not illegal to be in possession of a satellite dish & box

    It is not illegal to receive signals from a satellite

    The majority of UK users in France watch the UK "Free to Air" channels, not the Sky channels

    The vast majority of users have no technical problems


  14. I've recently come across a company based near to me who have  automated the writing and printing process.

    They have themes (murder, romance, etc) with up to 500 variables where writers can develop the characters and plot. The result is then edited before printing.

    The surprising thing is that the cost is Euro 33 for one copy, less for duplicate copies.

    Even more surprising, they have produced over 150,000 separate titles in the last few years. They started in French, and are now expanding into other languages.

    The English version is here : www.interactive-novel.com

    Anyone come across similar ideas before ?

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