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  1. Reminder for tonight :

    Thursday, Feb. 11, 6:15 pm, University Paul Valéry 3, Building B, room 202. (Unless we have to move it across the way, in which case there'll be a notice on the door). Here's a map, Building B has a B on it, which I failed to notice yesterday when I went up there to look at the place. Be there or be square!

    Map : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_914mkCvoigU/S3EwuyQ4TXI/AAAAAAAAAUE/by_cOvcj7xE/s400/plan_ufr_uk.jpg
  2. By email :

    Rock & Roll will make you stupid and immoral - and I ought to know

    An evening with Ed Ward http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Ward_(writer) , author and rock historian for Fresh Air with Terry Gross (NPR).

    A zany, informative, controversial rant about the craziness this now-mainstream music has stirred up in the past, with some unusual thoughts about the present and future. Up-to-the-minute multi-media effects if I can learn how to use PowerPoint in time! Music from the distant past, some of it with dirty lyrics! Will not be podcast, so you have to attend in person.

    Date: Thursday, 11 February 2010

    Time: 18:15 - 20:15

    Location: B2 02, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France

    Conférence en anglais

    Free Admission / Entrée libre
  3. Could the problem be that "South East" is not well understood ?

    Languedoc must be South. It extends as far West as the Spanish border. Yet it is included here as South East.

    Better to use the Regional names ?

    So, should it be :



















    Pays de la Loire






  4. Press Release 20-4-2009 :

    [color=green]EasyJet, the UK's largest airline, has today announced that it is to begin operating three new routes from Luton Airport, enabling travellers to fly to Milan, Mahon and [b]Montpellier[/b].

    Fares for the new routes begin at just £26.99 one-one and go on sale from today.[/color]

    This must be very worrying for Beziers airport. They now only have 3 flights (Luton, Bristol, Nr Dusseldorf!) - all Ryanair.

    The competition on direct routes is :

    Montpellier - Bristol (Ryanair)
    Montpellier - Luton (Easyjet)
    Girona - Bristol (Ryanair)
    Girona - Nr Dusseldorf! (Ryanair)
    Girona - Luton (Ryanair)
    Perpignan - Bristol (Ryanair)
    Toulon - Bristol (Ryanair)
    Nimes - Luton (Ryanair)

    Beziers is under 1hr by road from Montpellier ?

    There are also a range of flights to other UK / Eire destinations from Avignon, Rodez, Perpignan, Nimes, Montpellier, Carcassonne, Marseille.

    Just worth noting that Girona is only 60km from the Spanish border, and Marseille is pretty close to those living East of Nimes (and only 1hr 30min from Montpellier).

    Can Languedoc supply enough passengers to keep all these airports in Business ?

    [url=http://the-languedoc-page.com/tourism/languedoc-tourism-air.htm]Route planner here [/url]



  5. Read this - www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/3078296/the-true-extent-of-britains-debt.thtml -  and then this :

    Tensions appear to be simmering between Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel and UK prime minister Gordon Brown. Earlier this week, Brown held an economic summit with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission (EU) president Jpse Manuel Barroso. Merkel was conspicuously absent, and her office said she hadn't been invited.


    Now the German foreign minister has publicly criticised Gordon Brown's plan to rescue the global economic crisis through government bailouts and shore-ups. However Merkel has not been very active during the economic crisis, and has yet to come up with any kind of alternative plan.     The German finance minister has "launched a stinging attack" on Gordon Brown's economic rescue strategy, on the eve of European crisis talks in Brussels, said the Financial Times.

    Peer Steinbruck said in a magazine interview that the Prime Minister has been "tossing around billions" and heaping debt on a generation of taxpayers. The minister has already accused other European leaders of acting like "lemmings" and the comments come as Europe’s leaders meet in Brussels to discussthe proposed €200bn stimulus package.

    then answer this question :

    Now rearrange these words issued by both sides of the German parliament today" when comes it to the economy complete tosser brown is a"


  6. [quote user="katietom"]

    My husband and I are about to exchange on a hoilday home in Calvisson.  We have already had 2 properties in normandy but since having children we decided we would be better in the south of France for he sunny weather.

    the last 2 years holidays with the children have been awful as they want the beaches and swimming every day.  The beach was a 1.5hr drive away adn it was never warm enough for the pool!!!

    Our houses were in the middle of nowhere and the children were quickly bored.

    Are we being optimistic in thinking we are guarenteed sunshine in July and August? 

    The house we have bought is a new build on a complex where there is a pool and activities so we think we've go the kids covered there!

    I'm beginning to get nervous as we've never actually visited the house / area.  Some people would think we are barmy mad but we bought our first two houses like this and we have a 'sell up if you dont like it' attitude.

    So ... what's the best thing about the languedoc?!??


    I guess you have now moved in - how do you find it ?

    BTW, I'm often at Calvisson market !


  7. By email :

    Hello Peter,

    Please find attached, a more detailed description of the pedestrian

    races our club is organising, together with Nîmes Marathon, a runners

    club in Nîmes.

    It is estimated that we will need about 160 helpers and hope to find these volunteers in our area.

    It would be very nice if you could publish the information in the

    Brit Nîmes association and any other medium where we could recruit

    voluntary helpers.

    All the helpers are invited to join the pasta party, which takes

    place after the arrival in the Sommières arena. The wine for this party

    is supplied graciously by the Domaine de La Coste-Moynier.

    There are 6 races, as follows:

    - Semi-marathon

    - 10 Km (counting for the French national championship). This race

    took place last year and was heavily overbooked. We stopped the

    registration at 400 more than a week before the race, and had to refuse

    about 200 people on the day of the race. In 2008 we have limited at 500

    people. The registration is already open at the indicated websites and

    we expect that again this year we will have to refuse people.

    - 5 Km

    - 500 m junior kid race

    - 800 m kid race

    - Run Generation (one parent or grand-parent with a child)

    We expect in total around 1.200 people participating in the various

    races and are especially eager to get as much as possible children to

    participate. For the kids there will be an inflated game park, which

    will be free for all.

    Entertainment will be done by Pom Pom girls and several musical

    groups along the racing tracks and also a DJ in the arena where the

    pasta party will take place.

    I am programming visits from September in the various schools of the area for reaching as much as possible kids

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

    Volunteers can contact me, preferably by mail, for registration.

    Thank you very much for any help you can give to find participants and helpers

    Marc Clerens

    Protocol 2008-2009

    Rotary Club Sommières-Vaunage

    Mas des Rompudes

    1000, Les Hauts de Boisseron

    34160 Boisseron

    Tel. 04 67865155

    Mob. 06 03728005


    [email protected]

    [email protected]


  8. By  email :

    Did you lose out with Equitable Life?

    Readers living in Europe who lost a chunk of their pension benefits due to the collapse of Equitable Life in 2000 are being asked to contact a European coordinator based in France.

    The Equitable Members Action Group (EMAG) has been lobbying for compensation for several years and a European branch, EMAG Europe has now been set up. On the 17th July 2008 the government’s ombudsman Ann Abraham released a long delayed report which was damning in the extreme about the UK government and recommending that compensation to be awarded and a compensation scheme to be set up immediately. This will mean the government paying up to four billions pounds that policyholders lost through negligence by the regulators who should have kept better control of Equitable Life.

    Graham Richards who lives in Nerac, South of France a retired former independent consultant to various investment banks can be contacted to advise other European based policyholders what they can do. “Like a lot of other professional men and women I took out a pension with Equitable Life. I was 60 years of age in June and calculate I have lost at least half of what I was told I was originally entitled to and probably up to two thirds.” “This has caused a lot of worry and distress. Why is it that the government discriminates between bailing out Northern Rock and not Equitable Life?”

    Anybody living across Europe wishing to contact Graham should call: -

    00 33 (0) 553 65 51 72

    [email protected]

    www.emageurope.org (currently under construction)

    (for reference)
  9. Gardian, you were quite close to me. We were about 3km west of Sommieres on the D22 (D1 in Herault).

    It was over quickly, but we got a close up of the action :



    Maybe too close ?


    The "caravan" was diverted, so we only saw a couple of the vehicles.

  10. [img]http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/06/28/article-0-01C768C000000578-900_468x306.jpg[/img]

    Insolite L'ULM en panne se pose sur le toit d'une maison

    A l'heure où certains sont tranquillement installés devant une tasse de café et quelques tartines, M. et Mme Lehideux, ont eu droit à une très grosse frayeur. « Un grand boom a résonné dans la maison... On s'est demandé ce qu'il se passait. On est sorti dans le jardin et on l'a vu sur le toit ! »Là-haut, ils ont donc découvert un ULM, posé en équilibre sur les tuiles, et son pilote, sorti du cockpit, qui cherchait à retrouver vraiment la terre ferme. Une drôle de vision.

    Voisins immédiats du couple, les gendarmes n'ont rien remarqué sur l'instant. C'est dire si finalement le pilote a maîtrisé l'accident. Celui-ci avait décollé un peu plus tôt dans la matinée de l'aérodrome de Saint-Drézéry, dans l'Hérault, et, suivant un couloir aérien qui l'orientait dans un premier temps vers Pont-Saint-Esprit, il avait l'intention de rejoindre Sisteron, dans les Alpes de Haute-Provence.

    Pilote chevronné, ce Suisse d'origine qui demeure à Saint-Gély-du-Fesc affiche 31 années d'expérience en matière de navigation aérienne. « J'ai parfois eu des soucis, mais j'ai toujours trouvé un champ pour me poser. Mais jamais je n'avais encore été confronté à un problème d'embrayage. Le moteur tournait mais je n'avais plus de puissance. Cela m'est arrivé à 500 mètres de Vézénobres et j'ai aussitôt essayé de rejoindre l'aérodrome de Deaux, sur le plateau au-dessus du village. »

    Conscient du danger il a aussitôt engagé la procédure d'alerte pour un atterrissage en catastrophe. Mais le vent contraire qui soufflait déjà en rafales à neuf heures, hier matin, l'a empêché de conserver assez d'altitude. « J'ai repéré un champ juste au-delà des maisons. J'ai essayé de le rejoindre mais il était encore trop loin... » Il n'a donc pu éviter le toit de la maison d'Henri Lehideux. Simplement, au terme d'une ultime manoeuvre, a-t-il réussi à éviter que le nez de l'aéroplane se plante dans la toiture de la villa. Posé presque en douceur et sans faire de blessé, l'avion qui pèse un peu plus de 300 kg avec le plein de carburant a été arrimé solidement par les pompiers.

    Il était en effet important que les enquêteurs de la brigade des transports aériens de Montpellier puissent procéder aux constatations nécessaires à l'enquête en l'état. L'ULM dont une roue a percé la toiture de la terrasse et une autre au-dessus de la cuisine, devait ainsi rester en place avant qu'il soit évacué à l'aide d'une grue. L'opération terminée, les experts des compagnies d'assurance viendront constater les dégâts causés par cet accident bien peu banal. Ce fait divers arrive au moment même où un projet de développement de l'aérodrome voisin soulève interrogations et protestations de la part des riverains.

  11. Just to say that things have moved on a bit.

    The English cafe closed last year.

    There are now 4 Irish pubs, and others that are English speaking (e.g. Vert Anglais next to Virgin megastore).

    The aquarium opened recently - that area (Odysseum) is undergoing huge expansion (around 15 big cranes in April) as the next "new" suburb of Montpellier.

    Montpellier has a few days below freezing each year, but can feel colder when the North wind (a sort of little Mistral) blows. It can still be 20C on a nice winter afternoon and cafes in the Comedie serve outdoor tables all year round.

    More info :

    Weather history

    Montpellier webcam


    Local bloggers in English

    Current weather & forecast




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