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    I am looking for a happy, responsible English speaking (with reasonable command of French) woman to join my team of live-in carers to act as housekeeper,chauffeuse & carer-I am an English woman who is wheelchair-bound with MS.

    This is a part-time live-in position to take care of personal hygiene,cooking,shopping, & light housework (there are two others employed: a cleaner & a maintenance man).

    I would like to hear from anyone who could offer help with or without this type of experience as flexibility and a happy nature is of more importance!

    Please email me with your details & a telephone number with availability & something about yourself : [email protected]

    Remuneration & part time hours to be discussed by telephone + there is use of a pool & of course a car.

    I look forward to finding the right person!

    Edit : Note corrected email address : [email protected]

  2. Hi

    sorry to hijack the forum but I hope you can help me.

    I'm trying to organise a reunion for the 1963 intake at Morecambe Grammar School.

    The details are here : http://www.mgs1970.com under Reunion.

    If you are from MGS, or know people from MGS, we would be delighted to know about them.


  3. To - From Carrier

    Avignon - Birmingham Flybe

    Avignon - Dublin Cityjet

    Avignon - Exeter Flybe

    Avignon - London city Cityjet

    Avignon - Manchester Flybe

    Avignon - Southampton Flybe

    Barcelona - Algiers Air Algerie

    Barcelona - Alicante Norwegian

    Barcelona - Alicante Ryanair

    Barcelona - Amsterdam Easyjet

    Barcelona - Amsterdam Transavia

    Barcelona - Amsterdam Vueling

    Barcelona - Asturia Ryanair

    Barcelona - Athens Aegean Air

    Barcelona - Athens Vueling

    Barcelona - Basel-Mulhouse Easyjet

    Barcelona - Belfast Aer Lingus

    Barcelona - Belfast Easyjet

    Barcelona - Berlin Germanwings

    Barcelona - Berlin Easyjet

    Barcelona - Berlin-Tegel Air Berlin

    Barcelona - Bilbao Ryanair

    Barcelona - Bordeaux Vueling

    Barcelona - Bristol Easyjet

    Barcelona - Brussels Brussels Airlines

    Barcelona - Brussels Vueling

    Barcelona - Bucharest Vueling

    Barcelona - Bucharest Blue Air

    Barcelona - Bucharest Wizzair

    Barcelona - Budapest Wizzair

    Barcelona - Cagliari Ryanair

    Barcelona - Charleroi Ryanair

    Barcelona - Copenhagen Norwegian

    Barcelona - Dublin Ryanair

    Barcelona - Dusseldorf Ryanair

    Barcelona - East Midlands Ryanair

    Barcelona - Edinburgh Ryanair

    Barcelona - Fuerteventura Ryanair

    Barcelona - Gran Canaria Ryanair

    Barcelona - Hamburg Ryanair

    Barcelona - Helsinki Blue1

    Barcelona - Helsinki Norwegian

    Barcelona - Ibiza Ryanair

    Barcelona - Jerez Ryanair

    Barcelona - Lanzarote Ryanair

    Barcelona - Leeds Bradford Ryanair

    Barcelona - Mahon Ryanair

    Barcelona - Malaga Norwegian

    Barcelona - Malaga Ryanair

    Barcelona - Marseille Vueling

    Barcelona - Memmingen Ryanair

    Barcelona - Milan Ryanair

    Barcelona - Murcia Norwegian

    Barcelona - Oslo Norwegian

    Barcelona - Oslo Ryanair

    Barcelona - Palma Majorca Ryanair

    Barcelona - Paris Beauvais Ryanair

    Barcelona - Porto Ryanair

    Barcelona - Poznan Ryanair

    Barcelona - Prestwick Ryanair

    Barcelona - Rome Ryanair

    Barcelona - Santander Ryanair

    Barcelona - Santiago Compostella Ryanair

    Barcelona - Seville Ryanair

    Barcelona - Stockholm Norwegian

    Barcelona - Stockholm Ryanair

    Barcelona - Tenerife - S Ryanair

    Barcelona - Vallodolid Ryanair

    Barcelona - Venice Ryanair

    Barcelona - Vilnius Ryanair

    Barcelona - Aalborg Vueling

    Barcelona - Antalya Germanwings

    Barcelona - Belfast Jet2

    Barcelona - Berlin Vueling

    Barcelona - Birmingham BMI baby

    Barcelona - Blackpool Jet2

    Barcelona - Brest Vueling

    Barcelona - Bucharest Germanwings

    Barcelona - Budapest Smart Wings

    Barcelona - Budapest Germanwings

    Barcelona - Cardiff Vueling

    Barcelona - Casablanca Air Arabia

    Barcelona - Cluj-Napoca Wizzair

    Barcelona - Copenhagen Vueling

    Barcelona - Copenhagen Cimber Air

    Barcelona - Corfu Germanwings

    Barcelona - Cork Aer Lingus

    Barcelona - Crete Vueling

    Barcelona - Dortmund Easyjet

    Barcelona - Dresden Germanwings

    Barcelona - Dublin Aer Lingus

    Barcelona - Dubrovnik Vueling

    Barcelona - Dusseldorf Air Berlin

    Barcelona - Dusseldorf Germanwings

    Barcelona - East Midlands Jet2

    Barcelona - East Midlands BMI baby

    Barcelona - Edinburgh Jet2

    Barcelona - Edinburgh Vueling

    Barcelona - Eindhoven Transavia

    Barcelona - Fez Air Arabia

    Barcelona - Florence Vueling

    Barcelona - Gatwick Avro

    Barcelona - Gatwick Monarch

    Barcelona - Gatwick Easyjet

    Barcelona - Gdansk Wizzair

    Barcelona - Geneva Easyjet

    Barcelona - Glasgow Jet2

    Barcelona - Gran Canaria Vueling

    Barcelona - Groningen Vueling

    Barcelona - Hamburg Germanwings

    Barcelona - Hamburg Vueling

    Barcelona - Hamburg Air Berlin

    Barcelona - Hannover Germanwings

    Barcelona - Heathrow Germanwings

    Barcelona - Heathrow BA

    Barcelona - Ibiza Vueling

    Barcelona - Istanbul Germanwings

    Barcelona - Italian cities Vueling

    Barcelona - Katowice Wizzair

    Barcelona - Koln Germanwings

    Barcelona - Krakow Germanwings

    Barcelona - Lanzarote Vueling

    Barcelona - Leeds Jet2

    Barcelona - Lille Vueling

    Barcelona - Lisbon Easyjet

    Barcelona - Lisbon Vueling

    Barcelona - Liverpool Easyjet

    Barcelona - Lourdes Vueling

    Barcelona - Luton Easyjet

    Barcelona - Lyon Vueling

    Barcelona - Lyon Easyjet

    Barcelona - Malmo Vueling

    Barcelona - Malta Vueling

    Barcelona - Manchester Jet2

    Barcelona - Manchester Avro

    Barcelona - Manchester Monarch

    Barcelona - Marakesh Vueling

    Barcelona - Marseille Minorca Vueling

    Barcelona - Milan Vueling

    Barcelona - Milan Easyjet

    Barcelona - Moscow Vueling

    Barcelona - Munich Vueling

    Barcelona - Munich Germanwings

    Barcelona - Mykonos Vueling

    Barcelona - Nador Air Arabia

    Barcelona - Nador Jet4you

    Barcelona - Nantes Vueling

    Barcelona - Naples Vueling

    Barcelona - Newcastle Jet2

    Barcelona - Newcastle Easyjet

    Barcelona - Nice Easyjet

    Barcelona - Nice Vueling

    Barcelona - Nuremburg Vueling

    Barcelona - Palma Majorca Air Berlin

    Barcelona - Palma Majorca Germanwings

    Barcelona - Palma Majorca Vueling

    Barcelona - Paris Vueling

    Barcelona - Paris CDG Easyjet

    Barcelona - Pisa Vueling

    Barcelona - Pisa Germanwings

    Barcelona - Poznan Wizzair

    Barcelona - Prague Vueling

    Barcelona - Prague Wizzair

    Barcelona - Prague Smart Wings

    Barcelona - Riga Air Baltic

    Barcelona - Rome Vueling

    Barcelona - Rostock Germanwings

    Barcelona - Rotterdam Transavia

    Barcelona - Sarajevo Germanwings

    Barcelona - Sophia Wizzair

    Barcelona - Southampton Vueling

    Barcelona - Southend Easyjet

    Barcelona - Spanish cities Vueling

    Barcelona - Split Germanwings

    Barcelona - Split Vueling

    Barcelona - St Petersburg Vueling

    Barcelona - Stansted Easyjet

    Barcelona - Stansted Germanwings

    Barcelona - Stavanger Vueling

    Barcelona - Stockholm Vueling

    Barcelona - Strasbourg Vueling

    Barcelona - Stuttgart Air Berlin

    Barcelona - Stuttgart Germanwings

    Barcelona - Tangier Jet4you

    Barcelona - Tangiers Air Arabia

    Barcelona - Tel Aviv Vueling

    Barcelona - Tenerife Vueling

    Barcelona - Thessalonika Germanwings

    Barcelona - Timisoara Wizzair

    Barcelona - Tirgu mures Wizzair

    Barcelona - Toulouse Vueling

    Barcelona - Tunis Germanwings

    Barcelona - Venice Germanwings

    Barcelona - Vienna Germanwings

    Barcelona - Vienna Vueling

    Barcelona - Vilnius Wizzair

    Barcelona - Warsaw Wizzair

    Barcelona - Zadar Germanwings

    Barcelona - Zurich Germanwings

    Barcelona - Zurich Vueling

    Beziers - Bristol Ryanair

    Beziers - Dusseldorf Ryanair

    Beziers - Luton Ryanair

    Beziers - Manchester Ryanair

    Beziers - Oslo Rygge Ryanair

    Beziers - Paris Beauvais Ryanair

    Beziers - Southampton Flybe

    Beziers - Stockholm Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Charleroi Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Cork Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Billund Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Dublin Ryanair

    Carcassonne - East Midlands Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Liverpool Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Porto Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Prestwick Ryanair

    Carcassonne - Stansted Ryanair

    Girona - Kylv Zhulyany Wizzair

    Girona - Aarhus Ryanair

    Girona - Alghero Ryanair

    Girona - Amsterdam Transavia

    Girona - Billund Ryanair

    Girona - Birmingham Ryanair

    Girona - Birmingham Thompson Airways

    Girona - Bologna Ryanair

    Girona - Bournemouth Ryanair

    Girona - Bratislava Ryanair

    Girona - Bremen Ryanair

    Girona - Brindisi Ryanair

    Girona - Bristol Ryanair

    Girona - Brussels Jetairfly

    Girona - Bydgoszcz Ryanair

    Girona - Cagliari Ryanair

    Girona - Charleroi Ryanair

    Girona - Cork Ryanair

    Girona - Doncaster Ryanair

    Girona - Dublin Ryanair

    Girona - Dusseldorf Ryanair

    Girona - Eindhoven Ryanair

    Girona - Fes Ryanair

    Girona - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair

    Girona - Gdansk Ryanair

    Girona - Gothenborg Ryanair

    Girona - Ibiza Ryanair

    Girona - Karlsruhe Baden Ryanair

    Girona - Karlstad Ryanair

    Girona - Knock Ryanair

    Girona - Koln Ryanair

    Girona - Krakow Ryanair

    Girona - Lamezia Ryanair

    Girona - Larnaca Ryanair

    Girona - Luton Ryanair

    Girona - Madrid Ryanair

    Girona - Magdeburg Ryanair

    Girona - Malmo Ryanair

    Girona - Malta Ryanair

    Girona - Manchester Ryanair

    Girona - Manchester Thompson Airways

    Girona - Marakesh Ryanair

    Girona - Mastricht Ryanair

    Girona - Memmingen Ryanair

    Girona - Milan Ryanair

    Girona - Nador Ryanair

    Girona - Newcastle Ryanair

    Girona - Palma Majorca Ryanair

    Girona - Paris Beauvais Ryanair

    Girona - Perugia Ryanair

    Girona - Pescara Ryanair

    Girona - Pisa Ryanair

    Girona - Poitiers Ryanair

    Girona - Rotterdam Transavia

    Girona - Rzeszow Ryanair

    Girona - Skelleftea Ryanair

    Girona - Stansted Ryanair

    Girona - Stockholm Skavsta Ryanair

    Girona - Stockholm Vasteras Ryanair

    Girona - Tallinn Ryanair

    Girona - Trapani Ryanair

    Girona - Turin Ryanair

    Girona - Turku Ryanair

    Girona - Venice Ryanair

    Girona - Wroclaw Ryanair

    Marseille - Alger Air France **

    Marseille - Athènes Air France **

    Marseille - Barcelona Vueling

    Marseille - Barcelone Air France **

    Marseille - Biarritz Air France **

    Marseille - Bordeaux Air France **

    Marseille - Brest Air France **

    Marseille - Casablanca Air France **

    Marseille - Copenhagen Norwegian

    Marseille - Copenhague Air France **

    Marseille - Dusseldorf Air France **

    Marseille - Eindhoven Air France **

    Marseille - Hambourg Air France **

    Marseille - Istanbul Pegasus

    Marseille - Istanbul Air France **

    Marseille - Lille Air France **

    Marseille - Lyon Air France **

    Marseille - Madrid Iberia

    Marseille - Milan Air France **

    Marseille - Moscou Air France **

    Marseille - Mulhouse Air France **

    Marseille - Nantes Air France **

    Marseille - Paris Air France **

    Marseille - Prague Air France **

    Marseille - Rennes Air France **

    Marseille - Rome Air France **

    Marseille - Strasbourg Air France **

    Marseille - Toulouse Air France **

    Marseille - Tunis Air France **

    Marseille - Venise Air France **

    Marseille - Agadir Jet4you

    Marseille - Agadir Ryanair

    Marseille - Algiers Air Algerie

    Marseille - Annaba Air Algerie

    Marseille - Batna Air Algerie

    Marseille - Bejaia Air Algerie

    Marseille - Bodrum Air Mediterranee

    Marseille - Bordeaux Ryanair

    Marseille - Brest Ryanair

    Marseille - Bristol Easyjet

    Marseille - Brussels Brussels Airlines

    Marseille - Cagliari Ryanair

    Marseille - Casablanca Jet4you

    Marseille - Charleroi Ryanair

    Marseille - Chief Air Algerie

    Marseille - Constantine Air Algerie

    Marseille - Dakar Air Mediterranee

    Marseille - Djerba Air Mediterranee

    Marseille - Dublin Aer Lingus

    Marseille - Dublin Ryanair

    Marseille - Dusseldorf Ryanair

    Marseille - Edinburgh Ryanair

    Marseille - Eindhoven Ryanair

    Marseille - Faro Ryanair

    Marseille - Fez Ryanair

    Marseille - Gatwick BA

    Marseille - Gatwick Easyjet

    Marseille - Gothenborg Ryanair

    Marseille - Helsinki Blue1

    Marseille - Heraklion Air Mediterranee

    Marseille - Ibiza Air Mediterranee

    Marseille - Ibiza Ryanair

    Marseille - Lille Ryanair

    Marseille - Madrid Ryanair

    Marseille - Malaga Ryanair

    Marseille - Malta Air Malta

    Marseille - Malta Ryanair

    Marseille - Marakesh Air Mediterranee

    Marseille - Marakesh Jet4you

    Marseille - Marakesh Ryanair

    Marseille - Milan Ryanair

    Marseille - Monastir Air Mediterranee

    Marseille - Nador Ryanair

    Marseille - Nantes Ryanair

    Marseille - Oran Air Algerie

    Marseille - Oujda Ryanair

    Marseille - Palermo Ryanair

    Marseille - Palma Majorca Ryanair

    Marseille - Paris Beauvais Ryanair

    Marseille - Porto Ryanair

    Marseille - Rome Ryanair

    Marseille - Setif Air Algerie

    Marseille - Seville Ryanair

    Marseille - Stansted Ryanair

    Marseille - Stockholm Ryanair

    Marseille - Tangier Ryanair

    Marseille - Tlemcen Air Algerie

    Marseille - Tours Ryanair

    Marseille - Valencia Ryanair

    Marseille - Vatry (Disney) Ryanair

    Marseille - Zadar Ryanair

    Montpellier - Alger Air Mediterranee

    Montpellier - Casablanca Air Arabia

    Montpellier - Copenhagen Cimber Air

    Montpellier Fez Air Arabia

    Montpellier Nador Air Arabia

    Montpellier - Oran Air Mediterranee

    Montpellier Tangiers Air Arabia

    Montpellier - Birmingham Ryanair

    Montpellier - Leeds Ryanair

    Montpellier - Charleroi Ryanair

    Montpellier - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair

    Montpellier - Gatwick Easyjet

    Montpellier - Luton Easyjet

    Montpellier - Rotterdam Transavia

    Nimes - Charleroi Ryanair

    Nimes - Liverpool Ryanair

    Nimes - Luton Ryanair

    Nimes - Madrid Iberia

    Nimes - Palma Majorca Iberia

    Perpignan - Birmingham Flybe

    Perpignan - Charleroi Ryanair

    Perpignan - Dublin Aer Lingus

    Perpignan - Palma Majorca Iberia

    Perpignan - Southampton Flybe

    Perpignan - Stansted Ryanair

    Rodez - Charleroi Ryanair

    Rodez - Dublin Ryanair

    Rodez - Porto Ryanair

    Rodez - Stansted Ryanair

    Toulon - Dublin Cityjet

    Toulon - London City Cityjet

    Toulon - Brest Jetairfly

    Toulon - Brussels Jetairfly

    Toulon - Charleroi Jetairfly

    Toulon - Oslo Ryanair

    Toulon - Rotterdam Transavia

    Toulon - Stansted Ryanair

    Toulouse - Agadir Jet4you

    Toulouse - Agadir Air Mediterranee

    Toulouse - Algiers Air Algerie

    Toulouse - Athènes Air France **

    Toulouse - Barcelona Vueling

    Toulouse - Basle Easyjet

    Toulouse - Belfast Jet2

    Toulouse - Berlin Air France **

    Toulouse - Birmingham Flybe

    Toulouse - Bodrum Air Mediterranee

    Toulouse - Bristol Easyjet

    Toulouse - Brussels Brussels Airlines

    Toulouse - Casablanca Air France **

    Toulouse - Casablanca Jet4you

    Toulouse - Dakar Air Mediterranee

    Toulouse - Dublin Aer Lingus

    Toulouse - Edinburgh Jet2

    Toulouse - Hambourg Air France **

    Toulouse - Istanbul Air France **

    Toulouse - Lille Air France **

    Toulouse - Lyon Air France **

    Toulouse - Madrid Iberia

    Toulouse - Malta Air France **

    Toulouse - Marakesh Air France **

    Toulouse - Marseille Air France **

    Toulouse - Milan Air France **

    Toulouse - Nice Air France **

    Toulouse - Paris Air France **

    Toulouse - Prague Air France **

    Toulouse - Rome Air France **

    Toulouse - Strasbourg Air France **

    Toulouse - Venise Air France **

    Toulouse - Vienne Air France **

    Toulouse - Blackpool Jet2

    Toulouse - Brussels Easyjet

    Toulouse - East Midlands Jet2

    Toulouse - East Midlands BMI baby

    Toulouse - Edinburgh Jet2

    Toulouse - Gatwick Easyjet

    Toulouse - Geneva Easyjet

    Toulouse - Glasgow Jet2

    Toulouse - Heathrow BA

    Toulouse - Heraklion Air Mediterranee

    Toulouse - Ibiza Vueling

    Toulouse - Leeds Bradford Jet2

    Toulouse - Lille Vueling

    Toulouse - Lille Easyjet

    Toulouse - Lisbon Easyjet

    Toulouse - Lyon Easyjet

    Toulouse - Madrid Easyjet

    Toulouse - Malaga Vueling

    Toulouse - Manchester Jet2

    Toulouse - Marakesh Jet4you

    Toulouse - Milan Easyjet

    Toulouse - Nantes Easyjet

    Toulouse - Newcastle Jet2

    Toulouse - Nice Easyjet

    Toulouse - Nice Vueling

    Toulouse - Oran Air Algerie

    Toulouse - Palma Majorca Vueling

    Toulouse - Paris CDG Easyjet

    Toulouse - Paris Orly Easyjet

    Toulouse - Porto Easyjet

    Toulouse - Rome Easyjet

    Toulouse - Tenerife Air Mediterranee

    Toulouse - Tenerife Air Mediterranee

    Toulouse - Venice Easyjet

    Toulouse - Venice Vueling

    ** Air France low cost services launched 2012

    Includes routes confirmed by 1 March 2012

  4. After 20C on 1st January, the cold weather from N Europe has arrived.

    Plenty of snow in the Cevennes, and eastward to the Italian border.

    A few flurries and chilly temperatures on the coastal plains, but they are mainly back to sunshine now.

    Interesting way to check out LR is to use google satellite view and Streetview and for current images search for Languedoc live webcams.

    This one is in Sommieres : http://www.ot-sommieres.fr/camera.php

    This one is the Millau bridge : http://images.webcams.travel/webcam/1202739647.jpg


  5. Poster : http://the-languedoc-page.com/images/temp108.gif (including details of lunch and venue)

    Current auction catalogue :

    1 Offer to pick up and return two people to an address South of the M25 from and to Gatwick airport. (Wendy and David Morgan)

    2 One night bed and breakfast near the Eurotunnel Ashford. (David and Diane Reece) X 2 lots

    3 One week in a gite situated in a quiet rural hamlet between the Cevennes and the Camargue Coast. Nimes, Montpelier, Avignon and Arles are all within easy driving distance. Fully equipped for a family of 4 with swimming pool and large garden. First week in June 2012. (Ann Willett)

    4 7 main meals for 4 from a menu that a talented chef will agree with the purchaser and will be ready prepared for the freezer.

    ( Liz Coakley)

    5 Christmas cake made by and decorated by two brilliant bakers.

    ( Marian Beavil and Chris Lockwood)

    6 Are you expecting a child or grandchild? Celebrate new arrivals among family and friends with a very popular personalised patchwork bunting, which can be hung in the baby’s nursery and brought down to decorate a room for special occasions. X 2 lots

    (Diane Reece)

    7 Curry lunch for 8 on Sunday 15th January 2012 at Crespian (8 separate lots ) to include wine, beer and soft drinks.

    ( Jim and Gill Pearce)

    8 6 hours worth of labouring, gardening or decorating during the Christmas break. (Jim Pearce and Matthew Wason)

    9 A flower arrangement for a special event. (Penny Atkins)

    10 One day guided bird watching in Petit Carmargue. Maximum 3 people. (Geoff Carefoot)

    11 Six hours of property maintenance by a qualified builder but excluding plumbing. (John Smith)

    12 An ebook which can be printed out addressed specifically for a child and including pet’s names etc. ( Sue Shannon)

    13 A flower arrangement for your home each month for four months.

    ( Brenda Juntunen)


    Have your house blessed by an Anglican Priest. (Stafford Low)

    15 Eight hours general property or garden maintenance. (Peter Curtis )

    16 One day of fly fishing with coaching on the River Test, Stockbridge. Historically, the River Test is generally regarded as the birthplace of modern fly fishing. The Test is famous for having arguably the best chalk stream trout fishing in the UK. (Gill and Nick White )

    17 Five paintings (to be sold individually). (Maureen Smith)

    18 Canapes (hot & cold savoury and sweet) for up to 16 people prepared and delivered to your home for a pre-Christmas drinks party. Menu choices to be agreed with the host. (Ready to serve although some will need to be heated before being served) (Alex Evans)

    19 Two tickets for a visit to the Noilly Prat distillery at Marseillan. A tour of the vineyards and a tutored tasting. Forget James Bond and learn how to mix the classic dry martini as designed by a head New York Bartender in 1911. ( The Languedoc Page )

    20 Offer to pick up and return a couple to an address South of the M25 from and to Gatwick airport. (Linda and Clive Winter )

    21 A beautiful handmade bird table as a model of our Church. (Roger and Margaret Coombes )

    22 Transport to Nimes or Montpelier Airport - drop off and pick up- for 2 people local to Sommieres,Quissac, Ales. (Roger and Jo Neal)

    23 The Mas De Roux restaurant in Bragassargues has generously donated a meal for 2 people plus overnight accommodation and breakfast in one of their gites to be taken prior to March 2012 (excluding fetes). Bragassargues is a small hamlet near Quissac within easy driving distance of the Cevennes, the Camargue Coast, Nimes and Montpellier. Check out their stunning menus at: http://www.masderoux.com/français/restaurant/nos-menus

    24 1 June 2012 week in a 4 bed gite near Quissac

    Book early to avoid disappointment, Cheques made payable to Eglise Anglicane du Gard and sent to Norma Wiggins 114 Impasse Beauregard, Alés 30100. 0466 524871

    Email: [email protected] Closing date 10/11/11

    Detailed catalogues available from [email protected]

    Enquiries, commission bids to Jim Pearce on 0466 77 65 01

  6. [img]http://the-languedoc-page.com/images/the-languedoc-page_flybe-southampton-beziers-inauguration.jpg[/img

    Yesterday was the inaugural flight of the new Flybe Southampton - Beziers service. It arrived 10 minutes early.

    The flights will run between 27 May and 9 September 2011. Details are:

    Southampton-Beziers dep 10:35 arr 13.35 (Friday) dep 10:45 arr 13:40 (Monday)

    Beziers-Southampton dep 14:10 arr 15:05 (Monday, Friday)

    Booking today for next week, flights are around £55 one way economy (£200 business). Economy tickets have extra charges for hold luggage.

  7. [quote user="itsnippyhere"]Does anyone know if Ryanair fly from Carcassonne or Nîmes to Liverpool in the Winter ?  When I try to book this I can't tell whether it's not available because the flights are not yet bookable or whether they don't fly to these destinations in Winter, can anyone shed any light ?  Thanks


    Ryanair are reducing winter flights from Languedoc to NW UK. They are no flights to Blackpool, reduced movements at Manchester but increasing services at Leeds Bradford.

    The recession is hitting winter volumes, and they have today announced that they will lay up 80 aircraft in winter 2011 / 2012 (cf 40 in 2010 / 2011). New routes will be announced for skiing but many of the flights to Languedoc will just be quietly "rested".

    There is an ongoing news service here : http://the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5275

    Nimes - Luton flights are currently bookable in winter 2011/2012, but nothing is yet available for Liverpool - Nimes or Carcassonne.

    There is still time for these routes to be added.


  8. Firstly .... I missed CityJet and have now included their flights to Avignon and Toulon.

    The airports I include are all used by Languedoc visitors and residents. Languedoc is rather long and narrow, so Marseille is closer than Girona if you live in East Languedoc. Similarly Barcelona is closer than Montpellier if you live at Le Boulou. I live in east Languedoc, but have often used Girona because it used to have more suitable destinations than local airports. Also worth noting that a couple of hours drive along the A9 coast autoroute in winter is more attractive than driving Stansted or Luton to the Lake District on a rainy Friday night.

    National carriers are a difficult choice. Some consistently compete on price for some routes, and I've included some.

    The updated list remains here : http://the-languedoc-page.com/tourism/languedoc-tourism-air.htm

    and the current news about 2011 routes is at : http://the-languedoc-page.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5275

    The compilation is a joint effort !

  9. Most of the announcements seem to have been made, and I have updated the routes for 2011 (see below).

    The main changes are reductions in routes from Girona and Marseille from Ryanair. There are, however, increases from Toulouse (Vueling & Easyjet), Beziers (Flybe and Ryanair) and Barcelona ( Ryanair).

    Please let me know if you spot any errors

    To - From Carrier

    Avignon    - Birmingham    Flybe   

    Avignon    - Exeter    Flybe   

    Avignon    - Southampton    Flybe   

    Barcelona - Algiers Air Algerie   

    Barcelona - Algiers SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Alicante SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Amsterdam    Easyjet   

    Barcelona - Amsterdam    Transavia  

    Barcelona - Amsterdam    Vueling   

    Barcelona - Asturias SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Athens    Aegean Air  

    Barcelona - Athens    Vueling   

    Barcelona - Bamako SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Banjul SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Bari SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Basel-Mulhouse    Easyjet   

    Barcelona - Belfast    Aer Lingus  

    Barcelona - Belfast    Easyjet   

    Barcelona - Belgrade SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Berlin Germanwings  

    Barcelona - Berlin Tegel SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Berlin    Easyjet   

    Barcelona - Berlin-Tegel Air Berlin   

    Barcelona - Bilbao SpanAir 

    Barcelona - Bordeaux Vueling   

    Barcelona - Bristol    Easyjet   

    Barcelona - Brussels    Brussels Airlines  

    Barcelona - Brussels    Vueling   

    Barcelona - Bucharest Vueling   

    Barcelona - Bucharest    Blue Air   

    Barcelona - Bucharest    Wizzair   

    Barcelona - Budapest    Wizzair   

    Barcelona - Cagliari Ryanair

    Barcelona - Cagliari Meridiana   

    Barcelona    - Casablanca Air Arabia

    Barcelona    - Casablanca    Jet4you   

    Barcelona    - Charleroi Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Cluj-Napoca    Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Copenhagen    Cimber Air  

    Barcelona    - Copenhagen    SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Copenhagen    Transavia  

    Barcelona    - Cork    Aer Lingus  

    Barcelona    - Coruna SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Crete Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Dortmund    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Dublin Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Dublin    Aer Lingus  

    Barcelona    - Dubrovnik SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Dubrovnik Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Dusseldorf Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Dusseldorf Air Berlin   

    Barcelona    - Dusseldorf Germanwings  

    Barcelona    - East Midlands    BMI baby   

    Barcelona    - Edinburgh Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Florence Meridiana   

    Barcelona    - Fuerteventura Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Fuerteventura SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Gatwick    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Gdansk Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Geneva    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Gran Canaria Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Gran Canaria SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Granada SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Hamburg Germanwings  

    Barcelona    - Hamburg SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Hamburg    Air Berlin   

    Barcelona    - Heathrow   BA   

    Barcelona    - Helsinki SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Ibiza Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Ibiza SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Istanbul  SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Italian cities    Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Katowice   Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Lanzarote Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Lanzarote SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Leeds Bradford Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Leeds Bradford    Jet2   

    Barcelona    - Lisbon Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Lisbon    Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Liverpool    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Ljubjnana Vueling   

    Barcelona    - London City BA   

    Barcelona    - Luton    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Lyon    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Madrid SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Malaga Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Malaga SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Malta SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Malta    Air Malta  

    Barcelona    - Malta    Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Manchester    Avro  

    Barcelona    - Manchester    Monarch   

    Barcelona    - Marakesh    Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Marseille SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Milan Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Milan    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Minorca SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Moscow Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Munich Aegean Air  

    Barcelona    - Munich SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Mykonos Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Nador Jet4you   

    Barcelona    - Nador SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Naples SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Newcastle    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Nice SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Oran    Air Algerie    

    Barcelona    - Oslo Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Palma Majorca Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Palma Majorca Air Berlin   

    Barcelona    - Palma Majorca Germanwings  

    Barcelona    - Palma Majorca SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Paris Beauvais Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Paris Orly    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Paris    Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Paris CDG Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Porto Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Poznan Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Prague Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Prague Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Prague    Smart Wings  

    Barcelona    - Riga    Air Baltic   

    Barcelona    - Rome Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Rotterdam    Transavia  

    Barcelona    - Santander Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Santiago Compestella SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Santiago Compostella Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Seville Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Seville SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Sophia    Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Spanish cities    Vueling   

    Barcelona    - St Petersburg Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Stansted    Easyjet   

    Barcelona    - Stockholm SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Stuttgart Air Berlin   

    Barcelona    - Stuttgart Germanwings  

    Barcelona    - Tallinn    Estonian Air  

    Barcelona    - Tangier Jet4you   

    Barcelona    - Tartu Estonian Air  

    Barcelona    - Tel Aviv SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Tel Aviv Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Tenerife - N SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Tenerife - S Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Tenerife - S SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Timisoara Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Tirgu mures Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Toulouse Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Valencia SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Vallodolid Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Venice SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Venice Marco Polo Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Venice Treviso Ryanair

    Barcelona    - Vienna Vueling   

    Barcelona    - Vigo SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Vilnius Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Vilnius  Estonian Air  

    Barcelona    - Warsaw Wizzair   

    Barcelona    - Zagreb SpanAir 

    Barcelona    - Zurich Vueling   

    Beziers    - Bristol    Ryanair   

    Beziers    - Dusseldorf    Ryanair   

    Beziers    - Luton    Ryanair   

    Beziers    - Oslo Rygge Ryanair   

    Beziers    - Paris Beauvais    Ryanair   

    Beziers    - Southampton    Flybe   

    Beziers    - Stockholm    Ryanair   

    Carcassonne   - Charleroi    Ryanair   

    Carcassonne   - Cork    Ryanair   

    Carcassonne    - Dublin    Ryanair   

    Carcassonne    - East Midlands    Ryanair   

    Carcassonne    - Leeds Bradford     Ryanair   

    Carcassonne    - Liverpool    Ryanair   

    Carcassonne    - Porto    Ryanair   

    Carcassonne    - Prestwick Ryanair   

    Carcassonne    - Stansted    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Aarhus    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Alghero    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Amsterdam    Transavia  

    Girona    - Billund    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Birmingham    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Birmingham    Thompson Airways  

    Girona    - Bologna    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Bournemouth    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Bratislava    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Bremen    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Brindisi Ryanair   

    Girona    - Bristol    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Brno Smart Wings  

    Girona    - Brussels    Jetairfly   

    Girona    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Dublin    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Dusseldorf    Ryanair   

    Girona    - East Midlands    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Eindhoven    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Fes    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Frankfurt Hahn    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Gatwick    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Gatwick    Thompson Airways  

    Girona    - Gdansk Ryanair   

    Girona    - Gothenborg    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Gran Canaria Ryanair   

    Girona    - Granada    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Graz Ryanair   

    Girona    - Grenoble Ryanair   

    Girona    - Hamburg    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Ibiza   Ryanair   

    Girona    - Karlsruhe Baden    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Karlstad Ryanair   

    Girona    - Kaunas Ryanair   

    Girona    - Lanzarote Ryanair   

    Girona    - Larnaca Ryanair   

    Girona    - Lille    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Liverpool    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Luton    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Madrid    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Magdeburg Ryanair   

    Girona    - Malta    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Manchester    Thompson Airways  

    Girona    - Marakesh    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Mastricht    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Memmingen    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Milan    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Newcastle    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Newcastle    Thompson Airways  

    Girona    - Oslo   Torp  Ryanair   

    Girona    - Palma Majorca Ryanair   

    Girona    - Paris Beauvais    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Perugia   Ryanair   

    Girona    - Pescara    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Pisa    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Poznan    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Prague    Smart Wings  

    Girona    - Prestwick    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Rome    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Rotterdam    Transavia  

    Girona    - Rzeszow Ryanair   

    Girona    - Seville Ryanair   

    Girona    - Skelleftea Ryanair   

    Girona    - Stansted    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Stockholm   Skavsta  Ryanair   

    Girona    - Stockholm   Vasteras  Ryanair   

    Girona    - Tallinn Ryanair   

    Girona    - Tenerife Ryanair   

    Girona    - Trapani    Ryanair   

    Girona    - Turin   Ryanair   

    Girona    - Venice Marco polo Ryanair   

    Girona    - Venice    Treviso Ryanair   

    Girona    - Vilnius Ryanair   

    Girona    - Wroclaw    Ryanair   

    Marseille - Monastir Transavia  

    Marseille    - Agadir    Ryanair 

    Marseille    - Algiers Air Algerie   

    Marseille    - Annaba Air Algerie    

    Marseille    - Barcelona SpanAir  

    Marseille    - Batna Air Algerie   

    Marseille    - Bejaia Air Algerie   

    Marseille    - Bodrum Air Mediterranee  

    Marseille    - Brest    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Bristol    Easyjet   

    Marseille    - Brussels    Brussels Airlines  

    Marseille    - Cagliari   Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Casablanca    Jet4you   

    Marseille    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Chief Air Algerie    

    Marseille    - Constantine Air Algerie    

    Marseille    - Dakar Air Mediterranee  

    Marseille    - Djerba Air Mediterranee  

    Marseille    - Dublin    Aer Lingus  

    Marseille    - Dublin    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Dusseldorf    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Edinburgh    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Eindhoven    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Fez    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Gatwick    BA   

    Marseille    - Gatwick    Easyjet   

    Marseille    - Gothenborg    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Helsinki Blue1   

    Marseille    - Heraklion Air Mediterranee  

    Marseille    - Ibiza Air Mediterranee  

    Marseille    - Koln Germanwings  

    Marseille    - Lille    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Madrid    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Malaga    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Malta    Air Malta  

    Marseille    - Malta    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Marakesh Air Mediterranee  

    Marseille    - Marakesh    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Monastir Air Mediterranee  

    Marseille    - Nador    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Nantes Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Oran    Air Algerie    

    Marseille    - Palermo Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Porto    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Rome Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Seville Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Shannon    Air Mediterranee  

    Marseille    - Stansted    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Stockholm    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Tallinn    Estonian Air  

    Marseille    - Tangier    Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Tartu Estonian Air  

    Marseille    - Valencia Ryanair   

    Marseille    - Vilnius  Estonian Air  

    Montpellier - Alger Air Mediterranee  

    Montpellier - Casablanca Air Arabia

    Montpellier - Copenhagen    Cimber Air  

    Montpellier - Fez    Air Arabia

    Montpellier - Manchester    BMI baby   

    Montpellier - Oran Air Mediterranee  

    Montpellier - Tallinn    Estonian Air  

    Montpellier   - Birmingham Ryanair   

    Montpellier   - Leeds Ryanair   

    Montpellier    - Amsterdam    Transavia  

    Montpellier    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

    Montpellier    - Copenhagen Transavia  

    Montpellier    - Frankfurt Hahn    Ryanair   

    Montpellier    - Gatwick    Easyjet   

    Montpellier    - Luton   Easyjet   

    Montpellier    - Madrid    Iberia  

    Nimes    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

    Nimes    - Liverpool    Ryanair   

    Nimes    - Luton    Ryanair   

    Perpignan    - Charleroi    Ryanair   

    Perpignan    - Dublin    Aer Lingus  

    Perpignan    - Manchester    BMI baby   

    Perpignan    - Southampton    Flybe   

    Perpignan    - Stansted    Ryanair   

    Rodez    - Dublin    Ryanair   

    Rodez    - Porto Ryanair   

    Rodez    - Stansted    Ryanair   

    Toulon    - Amsterdam    Transavia  

    Toulon    - Brest    Jetairfly   

    Toulon    - Brussels    Jetairfly   

    Toulon    - Charleroi    Jetairfly   

    Toulon    - Liverpool Ryanair   

    Toulon    - Stansted    Ryanair   

    Toulouse - Agadir    Air Mediterranee  

    Toulouse - Algiers Air Algerie   

    Toulouse - Barcelona Vueling   

    Toulouse - Belfast    Thomas Cook Airlines  

    Toulouse - Belfast    Jet2   

    Toulouse - Birmingham    Flybe   

    Toulouse - Bodrum Air Mediterranee  

    Toulouse - Bristol Thomas Cook Airlines  

    Toulouse - Bristol    Easyjet   

    Toulouse - Brussels    Brussels Airlines  

    Toulouse - Casablanca    Jet4you   

    Toulouse - Dakar Air Mediterranee  

    Toulouse - Dublin    Aer Lingus  

    Toulouse - Edinburgh    Jet2   

    Toulouse    - Gatwick Thomas Cook Airlines  

    Toulouse    - Gatwick    Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Geneva Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Heathrow   BA   

    Toulouse    - Heraklion Air Mediterranee  

    Toulouse    - Ibiza Vueling   

    Toulouse    - Leeds Bradford    Jet2   

    Toulouse    - Lisbon Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Lyon    Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Madrid    Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Malaga Vueling   

    Toulouse    - Malta    Air Malta  

    Toulouse    - Manchester    Thomas Cook Airlines

    Toulouse    - Manchester    BMI baby   

    Toulouse    - Marakesh Jet4you   

    Toulouse    - Milan Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Nantes Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Newcastle Jet2   

    Toulouse    - Nice Vueling   

    Toulouse    - Oran    Air Algerie    

    Toulouse    - Palma Majorca Vueling   

    Toulouse    - Paris CDG Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Paris Orly    Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Prague Vueling   

    Toulouse    - Rome    Easyjet   

    Toulouse    - Tallinn    Estonian Air  

    Toulouse    - Tartu Estonian Air  

    Toulouse    - Tenerife Vueling   

    Toulouse    - Venice Vueling   

    Toulouse    - Vilnius  Estonian Air  


  10. Updates :

    Air France Union celebrates Ryanair withdrawal from Marseille :


    M le Maire of Marseille in talks with Sarkozy to change the French interpretation of EU law :



  11. "Air France-KLM already has a "low cost" subsidiary - Transavia - though it is arguably more aligned with the KLM end. The prices generally aren't very "low cost" in my experience.
    With regards to pulling out of Marseille: in order to get the deal that they obtained, Ryanair may have had to agree to base some aircraft there. If Ryanair loses this case, then all it has to do is to base the aircraft elsewhere and operate into MRS - which is what it did prior to setting up a base there. It might face a penalty for doing so, or it could wait until the deal is up for renegotiation. In any case, at present what seems to determine Ryanair's route choice above all else is the level of "marketing support" (euphemism for subsidy) provided by the airport. I they don't get a good deal, they move on.

    " Transavia is mainly Amsterdam based, I think. Having watched Ryanair open up several new routes locally, over the last 10 yrs or so, I can vouch for the level of their marketing spend (and the operation of near empty flights) during the start up period. Not all routes have been succesful. Ryanair would argue that any marketing subsidy is to offset their outlay and losses in the earlier years. They currently employ 120 staff at Marseille. Much of the contribution is by CCI and tourist offices. Arguably it is cheaper than generating more custom through TV advertising? Marseille had an empty terminal when the arrival of the TGV decimated domestic flights. It was converted to a low cost flight terminal which attracted Ryanair. BA cut Gatwick flights, but the net result was a massive growth in low cost routes. Currently, 14 low cost airlines fly 61 routes(inc 26 by Ryanair) from Marseille. Peter
  12. Ryanair are determined to pay their French employees from Ireland. The French government is determined that Ryanair employees based in France should pay French tax and has begun legal action against Ryanair. There seems to be a real possibility that Ryanair will pull out of Marseille as a result. Thursdays scheduled Ryanair press conference in Beziers was cancelled to allow concentration on the situation in Marseille. Obviously this has implications for expat residents in Languedoc who fly with Ryanair from Perpignan, Carcassonne, Rodez, Beziers, Montpellier, Nimes and Marseille. Poursuivi pour travail dissimulé, Ryanair veut quitter Marseille

    Recent reports hint at Marseille competition for Ryanair : "Air France-KLM wants to create a cheap option for domestic flights to face competition from much more affordable carriers like Ryanair and easyJet. The airline would be known as Air France Express—they could have done better—and it would be set up next year with bases in Marseille, Nice, and Toulouse." Could this - Air France Looks to Compete with Ryanair by Launching Air France Express be a contributory factor ? Peter

    Edited by Mod to reduce page width problem.

  13. My local news is talking about 20 dead and 12 missing. The serious flooding has been in 06 and 83 this time, but now the weather and flood warnings have been lifted.

    I am in Languedoc where the 2002 floods hit.

    We had violent storms last night with about 75mm of rain, but no flood risks.

    National flood info is here : http://www.vigicrues.ecologie.gouv.fr and my local river is here : http://www.vigicrues.ecologie.gouv.fr/niveau3.php?idspc=20&idstation=55


  14. Will : "I suppose that explains my mistrust of Roman Catholics"

    Perhaps this really is all just a storm in a teacup ?

    Certainly Pope Benedict XVI is not in the same league as some of his predecessors.

    In fact he doesn't seem to have got round to the murders, adultery and genocide so popular with :

    ST. DAMASUS (366-84)

    SIXTUS III (432-40)

    ST. LEO THE GREAT (440-61)

    SYMMACHUS (498-514)

    ST. HORMISDAS (514-23)

    BONIFACE II (530-32)

    SILVERIUS (536-3

    VIGILUS (537-55)

    PELAGIUS (555-60)

    ST. GREGORY THE GREAT (590-604)

    SABINIAN (604-6)

    BONIFACE III (607)

    THEODORUS (642-49)

    ST. SERGIUS I (687-701)

    CONSTANTINE (708-15)

    ST. GREGORY II (715-31)

    STEPHEN III (768-72)

    ADRIAN I (772-95)

    ST. PASCAL I (817-24)

    EUGENIUS II (824-27)

    NICHOLAS (858-67)

    ADRIAN II (867-72)

    JOHN VIII (872-82)

    FORMOSUS (891-96)

    BONIFACE VI (896)

    STEPHEN VI. (896-7)

    JOHN XI (931-36)

    JOHN XII (956-64)

    BONIFACE VII (974)

    GREGORY V (996-99)

    SERGIUS IV (1009-12)

    BENEDICT VIII (1012-24)

    JOHN XIX (1024-33)

    BENEDICT IX (1033-46)

    PASCAL II (1099-1118)

    ADRIAN IV (1154-59)

    ALEXANDER III (1159-81)

    CLEMENT III (1188-1191)

    INNOCENT III (1198-1216)

    GREGORY IX (1227-41)

    INNOCENT IV (1243-54)

    BONIFACE VIII (1294-1303)

    CLEMENT V (1305-1314)

    JOHN XXII (1316-34)

    URBAN VI (1378-89)

    MARTIN V (1417-31)

    EUGENIUS IV (1431-47)

    PAUL II (1464-71)

    SIXTUS IV (1471-84)

    INNOCENT VIII (1484-92)

    ALEXANDER VI (1492-1503)

    JULIUS II (1503-13)

    PIUS X11 (1939-1958)
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