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  1. [quote user="thunderhorse"]This sounds like a joint which is simply butt-ended. Is that OK in order to join two pipes? [/quote]   no!
  2. Hi clean the 2 pipes with wire wool, apply flux inside the connector and the 2 pipes put the joint together, heat evenly across the joint and touch the solder to it, when its hot enough it will run into the joint. it sounded to me like you were trying to resolder an exisiting joint ? if you are you, at best you might get the old solder to soften and seal the joint, but doubtful, and if there is any water in the pipes, NO CHANCE!
  3. Hi I was under the impression that a gas system ( tank not town) was cheaper to run than oil, only today my client has been told a gas system for hot water heating and cooking is much more expensive to run ? your comments please 
  4. Hi Independent circuit, 16 amp fuse or 20 amp breaker, 2.5 twin and earth, block connector inside wall box and  " sortie de c├óble " plate.
  5. [quote user="joidevie"] It is described as high quality and is made in Turkey. Rather a contradiction in terms I think! The white ones (less expensive ones) I've seen in France look rather poorly made, Interesting, from what viewpoint? and any I've seen in chrome are very expensive. With the same construction underneath of course! If you want a chrome one buy one here ![/quote]
  6. You can use any oil literally, linseed oil is good for all wood, wheat oil might be a good choice for a kitchen, but it does have an aroma, pleasant, but maybe not for everyone, unfortuanately wood worktops are not particularly practical,( thats why wood blocks are illegal in kitchens) they are damaged easily by knives and foodstuff bacteria sets into the grain, notoriously difficult to clean properly, so you should consider at least a couple of coats of varnish, matt / satin maybe, to give the you and the surface protection from use. 
  7. [quote user="Maricopa"][quote user="tj"] . You don't give up your british passport, you gain dual nationality. [/quote][/quote] you raise an interesting question here, for Brits I believe dual nationality is ok, but I think you may find that it is illegal in much of the eastern and third world countries. also, your own country may allow you dual citizenship but quite possibly your host country does not, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia....... 
  8. [quote user="5-element"] But I still can't see droves of British people applying for French citizenship. Just like you said, RH. As for "less because of this", I cannot see it. [/quote] For a Brit the change of citizenship/nationality is rather a downgrade, so why would they? for the lady in question its rather the opposite I think! Would be interesting to hear from anyone who has given up their British passport for French one though.
  9. [quote user="WJT"] [quote user="tj"]We use wood for partition walls as a matter of course, but the french seem quite happy with a 3inch wall, a bit 'cowboyish' though![/quote] Can you not you make the walls thicker or whatever depth you want with the metal system ? [/quote] Why would you bother going to that expense and aggravation, and doubling placo what a waste of money! 75mm x 50mm timber with 13mm placo gives you a four inch wall, and no messing around..... do it once and do it right!! 
  10. We use wood for partition walls as a matter of course, but the french seem quite happy with a 3inch wall, a bit 'cowboyish' though!
  11. a step in the right direction, not before time though!!
  12. just plug the phone line from the livebox into your fax ? or your PC! works for me
  13. This is a common situation among french, happens all the time, just need to be careful.
  14. [quote user="Acoustic"] referred to as Debanas on the fuseboard.  [/quote]   Debarras ?
  15. The circulation unit should have a breaker on the circuit board, and come on automatically when the fire is up to temperature. In the kitchen, it sounds like an extraction unit, there should be a motorised unit behind it, you should be able to see it in the loft if  the house is single storey.    
  16. [quote user="chris pp"]  let's just say it's not my cup of tea and I know that I'm far from being alone in this, silly answers turn a lot of people of. There may well be nothing wrong with this, it depends on what type of forum is required both by the participants and the forum owners. [/quote] I find the regular replies from a small minority are on the whole very negative especially when it comes to the main topics concerned with moving to France, and before one of them jumps in, I realise of course moving here is no walk in the park unless your finacially self sufficient, and people need to be aware of the down sides. Its just the feel of the forum which tends to be rather negative, and reflects the attitude of a minority,  who sadly seem to have made this forum an occupation, and feel they need to downside everything and often give out very unimformed and misleading info, if they do infact ever actually get round to answering the actual question being asked. Also, posts are often hijacked and I for one would like them to turn on the delete function so I can delete my posts when the hijackers move in!
  17.  Press Window key + R to open the Run dialog Start and type services.msc and click OK. 2. Double-click the Printer Spooler service, and then change the startup type to Automatic. This sets the Spooler service to start automatically when you restart the computer. Click OK. 3. Restart the computorand try to install the printer again.
  18. Hi Looking for a studio or small apartment in Saintes, for my daughter to attend school there, she is fed up of internat. 
  19. Hi When there is heavy rain the capacity of the cable to carry a strong signal is greatly reduced, the substations are poorly rigged .You can disconnect or restart the livebox and it may work for a short time then go again, unfortunately the telecom system in France is to say the least inadequate for a western nation, satelite phone and network is the only answer if you can afford it. for those of us who can't we just have to get used to yet another poor service in this country!    
  20. Hi I have a problem for the lateral thinkers out there, Gluestick, I think your among that number! A room, that has as its rear wall, an adjoining barn which more often than not has a damp earth floor, since the roof does leak a little, the oneside wall of the room adjoins a small house which suffers the same damp earth floor problem as the barn. The house has a 4m x 1m space to the rear bounded on all sides by stone walls of the neighbouring building and of course its own. the ground level in that space is approx 60 cm higher than the interior floor level. keeping up with this ! At one time, given the above situation, some hours after heavy rainfall damp patches would appear on the concrete floor of the room in question, no surprise I guess. One problem that fuelled this problem was an old disconnected rainwater pipe, after repair the problem seemed to have been solved. So the problem today, bearing in mind the last rain the house saw was saturday night and nothing much really, damp patches started to appear in the room yesterday and have got worse over the last 24 hrs, not pools of water but glistening patches her and there, and not all connected to eachother. My question, since the temperatures have soared over the past few days, could the raise in temperature be actually drawing moisture upward, and that previously it didnt suffer the same damp patches for the opposite reason that it was not so hot? any comments welcome ps, in general the house interior floor level is 2 steps below outside ground level.        
  21. We have the twin tarif setup, hot water, dishwasher, washing machine, and electric radiators, come on every night when the cheap rate kicks in. our annual bill is between 5 & 600 euros, not bad I think!
  22. Hi If you dont have any special needs, ie 24 hr football, horse racing etc, then a simple installation of a satelite dish and decoder ( installed and setup, cost around 400 euros ) will give you all the UK channels except FIVE, plenty of movie channels, some sport, euronews, cnn, BBC world, the list is endless, all for free. hope that helps
  23. tj


    Hi Am looking for someone to install a fosse around the Aulnay, Charente Maritime area. All materials are available locally within 3 km of the job, including decheterie for disposal of waste. Booking now for September/October regards Tj    
  24. If you want to use BBC iplayer outside UK, you need to log in to a free proxy server in the UK, BBCi recognises your IP address as outside UK, thru a UK proxy server it sees a UK IP address. Although I understand it willbe available worldwide in the near future,once they sort out their contractual difficulties.
  25. Hi 100L is not enough for more than one person, straight forward installation of a good quality 200L tank is 450 euros give or take a few euros.
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