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  1. Hi The pipe from the sink should be inside, not outside the metal waste pipe. You say the OD of the metal pipe is 42, so the 40 PVC should'nt  be far out, he can try thinning the PVC, belt sander, grinding wheel etc. 
  2. [quote user="WJT"] I know it is not exactly the same but I would put it in the same category as using the short term for someone from Pakistan simply because it has been used in a very negative way. [/quote] So maybe Jew should be removed from the Oxford English dictionary ?, as was the short term for someone from Pakistan.
  3. Hi As nouns 'Jew' 'Jews' both are perfectly ok, as adjectives they would be considered offensive, guess your workmate was just being a tad paranoid !  
  4. tj


    I know you have had all the answers to questions you didnt ask :) par for the course here I'm afraid. If your a registered enterprise in France, paying social charges etc etc, and have at least one tax return, ie you have been registered for more than a year, then you are entitled to RMI .  In your situation you should not be paying any cotisations other than the obligatory pension contribution around 500 euros a year, and approx 9% of net income towards medical cotisation, but in return your are going to get CMU, so you will not need to pay any medical charges. Go to your local Marie, and ask how you get intouch with the Assistante Sociale, make an appointment to see her and she should be able sort the whole lot for you. hope this helps
  5. [quote user="Will"] there is a requirement for those under a BIC registration (which includes several types of micro entreprises) to keep records of purchases. [/quote] Correct Will, but this applies to merchandise which is then resold, so assuming they dont resell anything, it does not apply in this case.
  6. Hi You are only required to keep a day book of money coming in ie, invoice payments. At tax return time, the total is the number you put on the return nothing else. You do not need to keep records of your purchases etc. although it doesnt hurt. I would lose the accountant, as a micro enterprise, he cannot save you money, and there is no requirement to have one its wasted money and they are generally not very forthcoming with the information your looking for, just as you mentioned. You can add gite changeovers to your existing enterprise, by simply going into your 'chambre de commerce' where they will complete the forms for you, the fee is 101 euros. Since you are making a change, and can add as many activities as you want, I would think about other things you might want to do and add it all at one time rather than pay each time. I would ask them to phrase something that covers a wide range of activities you may or may not undertake.  
  7. [quote user="ErnieY"] Also, as callous and calculating as it might be, further advantage can be taken of the fact that many such returnees may be doing so under some element of necessity and be hoping to make the move sooner rather than later and consequently perhaps willing to entertain a low offer to secure a deal. [/quote] I find this a rather strange comment ? Given the current  impact of the pounds weakness to these people, the french owned housing market is certainly the place they should be looking, as it is considerably cheaper than the brit market ! And can easily make up for the loss of exchange.
  8. Hi informed, encouraging ? not sure, but I dont think the exchange rate counts for much with most who have made the move, fortunately the exchange rate was of no concern to me, getting away from UK to a life here, was the best exchange I could ever have hoped for. Look for another house, there is one, the size your looking for, and at the price you can afford, you just need to find it. good luck.
  9. Hi The easiest way is 'small claims court' Tribunal D'instance', its free for small amounts, they have offices in the main court house, they will give you the form to fill in, which is basically a simple account of : the people involved, the ampount claimed and why. I reckon you'll have your stuff in no time:)  
  10. Hi A single LNB will allow different channels, but it depends on which transponder of the Astra 2 satellite the program is on, if they are too far apart then not, maybe a twin LNB will be ok, since it gives broader coverage of the signal area. 
  11. Hi You dont say how tall they are? but seems a bit steep at 800 per tree. Does that include removing from site?
  12. Hi I have recently purchased a pair of sony wireless headphones, the wife doesnt like the TV, I'm very pleased with them, can wander the house and garden and listen to whatever,,,,, Question, they work on an RF signal,in one or two places the signals comes and goes, can I get a booster for them, like for example the one you would put on a TV aerial or satellite maybe?  
  13. [quote user="swallowtail"]Well well well, we are in 04 region and still wearing shorts and sandals.[/quote] so am I, in17,................................. but bl**dy freezing :)  
  14. You should have an airgap on BOTH sides of the insulation of a minimum of 2cm. We normally fix the insulation to the chevrons, then batten horizontally with 2 x 1, and fix plasterboard to finish. 
  15. Hi Probably not old enough, the movies your looking for, but http://www.gutenburg.org have a collection of downloadable movies and audiobooks. I use a subscription version of Limewire for the recent stuff.
  16. Hi Tradifarge ( Chaux/ Lime) and sand. Mix 1 lime with 3 sand add water to a consistency that will sit nicely on the trowel without running away. good luck
  17. Hi Puzzled? Tout venant means rubbish! unless I am mistaken, it is marked on the skips at the dechetterie, to indicate where to put rubbish that cannot be sorted more specifically,,,,,, strange!  
  18. Hi Best way is to keep it separated into types of rubbish, ie timber, metals, plaster, stone etc etc, and take to your local dechetterie, ( tip ) it is free to dispose of, as it is paid for thru the local taxes you pay.
  19. Hi We have the same from time to time, I normally tell them they need to speak english, that normally gets rid of them in an instant.
  20. Hi Thanks to all,,,,,,,we are sorted now, thanks
  21. [quote user="Humph"] Can anyone tell me if there is a base limit to the amount of contributions you pay as a micro enterprise? [/quote] There are base limits for different contributions, when you first start your enterprise they assume an anticipated level of income, obviously doesnt work for many small businesses. If you know what income is anticipated, you should write to the organisation and explain your situation, and they will reduce your payments, without question. You should justify your position as fully as you can,,,,, I dont know what you do, but as an example, if you had 2 or 3 contracts with a predetermined level of incoming revenue over the year, then that would be enough for them to reduce your payments inline with your income. But you should be realistic, if you later declare over 10 % more than initially they will charge a late payment fee on the additional contributions.    
  22. It was actually a early 19th century, 'pre dieu' a kind of high backed prayer seat, common in france. The finish looks great, but it should really have a sheen, to be in keeping with how it was originally. I will give it a straight coat of satin varnish, just wondered for future use if it will be ok to add some varnish to the paint? its no big deal really can just go and by the satin version.!
  23. Hi Make sure the TV setting is correct, PAL BG, PAL-M, PAL-N, NTSC-M, best setting it to auto maybe/ 
  24. Hi I just bought a tin of Matt Black paint, not cheap, but very good. Looking at the finished result, my would prefer a satin/ eggshell finish. Question: Is it feasible to mix a clear satin varnish ( which we have ) with the paint, to acheive this? thanks in advance Tj   
  25. Hi All white goods and kitchen appliances must be terminated at the fuseboard, ie, each must have its own seperate supply. Plaque sortie is not acceptable for cooker or hob, according to a recent conseil inspection, and each has to have the corresponding plug and socket. Fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, etc are generally required to have ther own 20amp supply. good luck   
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