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  1. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="tj"]Just mobiles? what about all the other junk, Xbox, playstations etc, its a start I guess[/quote] I guess the answer is don't have any (children). [/quote] for some thats probably true, as many children need protection from their parents,,,,, Have long been an advocate for compulsory sterilisation among certain groups :)
  2. Just mobiles? what about all the other junk, Xbox, playstations etc, its a start I guess
  3. [quote user="Will"] I found it so over-long, pompous and junior-schoolmasterish that even if I did use that forum I would give up forthwith. [/quote] Its called being professional !
  4. [quote user="Cathy"]How inconvenient for France that the UK is an island.....  [/quote] I'm sure those living there are extremely pleased, and so they should be!
  5. Truth be known, we dont want them either, but the UK because of its location, although where they would like to be, is much more difficult to get to. So they get as far as the tunnel on this side and thats the end of the road.
  6. [quote user="Cathy"]What speed do they travel at (terminal velocity is 120mph)? How do they land safely? [/quote] Parachute! you just see the red chute open at the end
  7. Hi Can anyone point me in the direction of some installation diagrams for a free standing woodburner. It is intended to take the flue straight through the ceiling (there will be no chimney ) into the attic, and then at approx 50 degrees for 2 mtrs and connect into an existing chimney. I am aware of regulations concerning distance from combustibles etc, but am having difficulty in finding all the bits and pieces in one place, so a definitive drawing might help me source the materials from different suppliers. regards, and have a great year!
  8. And has a bit to go yet, expect to see a pound buying just 85 cents before it turns. More interesting is where will it go when it does ?
  9. I guess he's just as pissed off as the rest of us, about the constant belly aching by some who think they have reason to feel aggrieved in some way.
  10. Hi Just out of interest, this type of mail is actually pretty safe, although annoying. Generally the originators are hoping you open the message and are then interested by what they are trying to sell you. Since sending bulk email is frowned upon, and ISP's will shut you down for doing it, the alternative is to spoof addresses etc, and send mail using methods which hide the originating locations, or at least make it too costly for providers to track them down. At the end of the day the majority are trying as many ways as they can think of to get you to read their offers.
  11. [quote user="Jazzer"]Since 15 december I have recieved 17 email messages purportring to come from my own email address. I have not opened them and they sit in my Spam box.I have not opened any of them, and therfore can only assume that the whole name is the same. They do not appear in my out box. Any thoughts?[/quote] Two people cannot register the same email address, but if someone wants to use yours there is nothing to stop them. Its quite easy to send email messages, showing they came from another address, just delete them. You can also block incoming mail from your own address then you should'nt receive anymore. Once they find out the messages are not being delivered they will probably delete your address from there spam list.
  12. [quote user="Anton Redman"]I thought Carbon Monoxide was dangerous/actively poisinous but Carbin Dioxide was UK.[/quote] The Dangers of Carbon Dioxide 1000ppm 0.1% Prolonged exposure can affect powers of concentration 5000 ppm 0.5% The normal international Safety Limit (HSE, OSHA) 10,000ppm 1% Your rate of breathing increases very slightly but you probably will not notice it. 15,000ppm 1.5% The normal Short Term Exposure Limit (HSE, OSHA) 20,000ppm 2% You start to breathe at about 50% above your normal rate. If you are exposed to this level over several hours you may feel tired and get a headache. 30,000ppm 3% You will be breathing at twice your normal rate. You may feel a bit dizzy at times, your heart rate and blood pressure increase and headaches are more frequent. Even your hearing can be impaired. 40,000-50,000ppm 4-5% Now the effects of CO2 really start to take over. Breathing is much faster - about four times the normal rate and after only 30 minutes exposure to this level you will show signs of poisoning and feel a choking sensation. 50,000-100,000ppm 5-10% You will start to smell carbon dioxide, a pungent but stimulating smell like fresh, carbonated water. You will become tired quickly with laboured breathing, headaches, tinnitus as well as impaired vision. You are likely to become confused in a few minutes, followed by unconsciousness. 100,000ppm-1,000,000ppm 10-100% Unconsciousness occurs more quickly, the higher the concentration. The longer the exposure and the higher the level of carbon dioxide, the quicker suffocation occurs.
  13. [quote user="teapot"]I am not sure your UK tv will work in france unless it is a modern multi format type. The UK us the PAL system and France use SECAM.   [/quote] My PAL TV's work just fine? Isnt technology briliant, with those DVD's and videos been able to tell the difference.
  14. [quote user="KathyC"][quote user="NormanH"] HORAIRE 8,71 Euros (57,13 F) For that she was supposed to do 4 rooms an hour...if it took longer she was only paid by the 4 room an hour tarif. After all it is unskilled unqualified work which is looked for by many to make ends meet.[/quote]  I totally agree with you; I'm amazed what some companies charge![/quote]  What some companies PAY! I guess you meant?
  15. I have IE 8, wonder if its a problem there too? Mind you its a piece of junk anyway, I use firefox more often than not, just a thought tho!
  16. [quote user="Russethouse"]They'll probably come through in one batch, I had 51 turn up a couple of hours ago....[8-)][/quote] they did :)
  17. hi have not received any mail from the forum for a few days, is there a problem?
  18. Hi Not quite sure, but do you mean each speaker has a jack? If so you need a 3 way connector, I bought a new jack to jack lead the other day, Intermarche had just about every jack connector, cable etc. You need to go to a big store though!
  19. Hi If you have another phone socket at that point, then easiest way is to plug in another livebox!
  20. just buy a motor and have it all, for 80 euros
  21. Hi I have 6 cu mtrs of van space available 3rd or 4th week Jan 2009, travelling from Charente Maritime to North Yorkshire, pick up and delivery points considered on route in France between Saintes and Dieppe, in UK, Sussex, Greater London, points north along M1, A1 etc. merry xmas tj
  22. Hi The satellites are always ok, so that eliminates that question. If the equipment is ok, decoder, cable etc which it sounds like it is since you are receiving other channels no problem , and if there were something new in the way you would be able to see it easily since to affect the reception of the dish it would be less than about 50 feet away. Ruling that out, then your left with just the alignment of the dish, which I would guess is the cause of your current troubles.
  23. [quote user="Iceni"] [quote user="tj"]So that makes you a Jewish Goy ![/quote] Nope, sorry, I don't get that. Di NOT John [/quote] You obviously know the translation of Goy?, which is rather more offensive to the rest of us, save for most dont know what it means, ( since in the Jewish book Goy refers to all people who are not Jewish or who are not practicing ) than the use of the word Jew.
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