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  1. Your entitled to your opinion, doesnt change the reality. while we are on the subject why isnt there a section with all the info related to the issue of financial difficulty? Its not as if it doesnt happen everyday! This is france, a socialist country, the support system is well developed and can help you in times of difficulty, pay your mortgage, rent, money to live on, whilst still continuing to be self employed and find work. If you've been resident here 2 years, registered as self employed, then all kinds of help is available. SO HOW ABOUT IT, A SECTION WITH ALL THE INFO? This would allow those unfortunates to get the direction they need without the need to broadcast their situation.
  2. Have emailed you what you need. But why on earth would you want to discuss this with the Mairie ? maybe so the whole village have something to chat about :)
  3. Hi Need to change some euros to pounds again, about 1000 euros, am changing at 1.10 at present, anyone in charente maritime maybe could do it over the weekend? thanks
  4. Hi Am going to UK for a couple of days on Monday, if anyone around Charente Maritime would like to change some pounds for euros, a 1000 would be good, PM me and maybe we can meet up tonight or tomorrow. tj  
  5. Just a word on the insurance, although I dont have the name of the agency, but know for absolute sure, that if anyone has difficulty in obtaining insurance, of any kind, this govt agency will instruct an insurance company to give a quote. I sure someone else on here must have heard of it?
  6. I think the system is very straight forward, it all comes down to residency, you normally pay tax in the country in which you are resident. There are exceptions, but dont really affect the average worker. Of course a one man band can claim residency in UK , work in France legitimately, but infact be, to all intents and purpose, resident in France. Depends how good one is at keeping ahead of the game. Although I see no benefit at all wanting to be part of the UK system, as the French system is great for small businesses if you know what your doing.  
  7. [quote user="Quillan"] What does worry me a little from the point of view you seem to be about ready to spend some money is his qualifications. Whilst I am sure he is highly qualified in the UK will the French accept his UK qualifications. [/quote] The truth is, he doesnt actually need any qualifications here, he must just be able to prove a minimum of 3 yrs working as an electrician.  
  8. Hi Just thought I would pass this on, it should be welcomed by those who only holiday over here. You are now able to suspend your internet and telephone connections while you are not here, and instead of the 16 some euros standing charges, pay 4 euros a month while the line is suspended. You then call 7 days before your arrival to activate the line and then again when you leave to suspend it, you are allowed to do this upto 6 times annually. about time these people started to think a little outside the box!
  9. I think your way off with the thought of being able to buy a carte vitale, but...... If she is living with you, and you can show her as a dependent, then they should be able to cover her under your contributions, worth a try I guess.
  10. You know, under EU law it is perfectly legal for a british building company to work anywhere in europe, the only question is, are they really just working away from home or infact are they resident here.....  
  11. You appear to have it all in the UK, both with businesses doing well ! When you move here, you will have nothing, unless you plan to continue your existing businesses ? As to your housing question, your more likely to find the right place for you, in one that already exists, be it habitable or in need of renovation, since the best locations has had property built on it long before we all decided to move here. Financially it has benefits, since there is still so much property out there, starting from as little as a good months salary ( UK), then the rest is upto you! regards
  12. One drip every second = at least 10ltrs per day depending how long it is switched on, would add up nicely over a year. If the above is true, then the valve seating is dirty, normally opening and closing it a couple of times would clear it. Do you know how old it is? Maybe a good move to change it !
  13. they are just crap, get used to it :)
  14. HI It is normal for the tank to 'overflow' as you put it, as the water expands when heated.... You could try turning down the thermostat, often it is set far too hot, if you cannot wash your hands with it without adding cold, then its too hot and also costing you more than neccessary. The bubbles are probably being caused by the taps mesh washer, give the appearance of much more flow/ pressure than actually exists.
  15. I agree, I think its going to get alot worse before it gets better...and the latest members of the EU will not help the situation, they were hardly developed enough for membership, so could drag the rest of us down with them....... still no takers for my pounds at 1.10 euros ?,,,,,,,,actually the euro has trashed the pound today its just under 92 pence from 89.5 at open.
  16. Hi Until those in charge start behaving like economists instead of politicians, or as infact will inevitably be the case sooner or later, the market will find them out...... Why is the dollar so strong ? when their economy is in dire straits and set to worsen, its because traders and investors will jump on the currency of the country which is likely to weather the storm quickest, and as the largest economy the US dollar is it. The euro's strength against the pound is in part a simple reflection of a higher base rate, and that although europe is a victim of the crisis, its own in house more responsible lending and banking regulation has prevented the decline in the housing market as seen in UK and US. So basically europe is in better shape generally, for the moment anyway..... My guess is the euro will hit parity with the pound in the next few months, if, the eurozone does'nt deteriorate...why? because the UK's 75 billion politically reasoned injection into the economy, will not work ! The government should be taking an economic view, which dictates, an absolute pay freeze, and more so a reduction in wages, commensurate with a negative inflation rate. If inflation is for example - 2% the economy dictates a reduction in wages of the same to maintain equillibrium. The alternative to that is a continuing loss of jobs as demand weakens further, prices continue falling, companies need to shed more jobs as revenue drops etc etc. On that point the government should be preparing extra money to cover the added demand on unemployment benefits.( infact thats all they need do ) The government hopes this will work, but the natural laws of economics are against it. You might say if the government gave eveyone a cash handout, free money, they would spend it and that money would help get the economy going again? No, Imagine you have 100pounds and want to buy something that costs a 100, then all of a sudden you have another 100, you think great, I'll buy 2........No, with the extra money floating around prices will increase because of demand,called inflation, and then we're back to increased interest rates and rampant inflation again,,,,with the economy still in a mess,,,,,,,,,nasty is'nt it...... Letting the markets tumble to where they stop is the only way......... So for now the euro will remain strong,which is a bugger because I need to change some sterling, 1.10 for a pound anyone? :)
  17. Another handy spinoff of their general incompetance is, for example, to take prices from their website before you go to the store, as often the price quoted on internet is cheaper than in store. I bought a costly item from castorama and had taken the price from the internet, instore it was 50 euros dearer, when I made them look at the website they reduced the price, maybe a one off, but here,I dont think so...
  18. autorisation d’installation d’assainissement non collectif. find the website for your commune and search for the above. simplest way is get the form from the mairie
  19. Correct,,,,,,,,,,,, ridiculous suggestion but correct in theory all the same.
  20. You should replace the incoming power cable, that is, the cable between EDF's disjoncteur and the new tableau. But you cannot extend the circuit cables in the manner you suggest, they need to be replaced in full between tableau and each boite de derivation or final destination.
  21. Guarentees are worthless. You should only employ people on recommendations or references, even then thats no 100% guarentee. Having a Siret number has absolutely nothing to do with his ability, registering is easy, there are more bad ones than good. Especially if he is not english, since europe thrives on the most abysmal customer service and absence of any sense of 'doing a job well'.
  22. [quote user="NormanH"]Does the same system work for unpaid rent? I am not trying to get the people out just claim for what is owed. [/quote] I dont see why not, as long your arrangements are all legal and aboveboard, you have a contract, the rent is declared for tax purposes etc..
  23. [quote user="dave21478"] The short version is that someone (French person, and soon-to-be EX friend) owes me a not insignificant sum of money for work I did for them. The money is not forthcoming, and from what I gather, is not likely to be either. [/quote] For a few hundred euros, forget the exact limit, there is a free service, 'Tribunal D'instance' office normally located within court building, they will give you a duplicate form to complete, and submit any written or other evidence with it. A copy is then sent to the 3rd party with a date to appear or a chance to pay up. fairly straight forward........... however..... you will need to be legally registered for the work you did,,, and probably  more important have an original signed devis from the 3 rd party.... otherwise forget it.....
  24. Hi Would'nt worry too much, the only thing that cannot be manipulated with an email is the originating server and even that can be made difficult to track down. The obvious reason for something like this, is to make you do exactly what you did, open it, they want you to see the message, and therefore these misleading manipulations are generally not malicious. Put yourself in the place of someone trying to sell a product, thinking how can we get them to open it !
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