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  1. Hi Useful thread ! So after the deduction of 72% ( for sales business ) and remembering the upper limit of 27000, that leaves 7560, do they take 45% of this ? or does the personal income allowance interfere ? If not then your left with 4158, which hopefully will not attract any tax liability? In that scenario one assumes people hope the costs of doing business are less than the 72%? I also assume you do not need to submit accounts in this situation ? regards    
  2. I agree, he security forces have been left with little choice, and are seriously under pressure. And it may be the case an innocent is caught up in all this, but if we trust them to act responsibly with their mandate I would hope this will be avoided. However, this man appaently left a house that was under surveillance for suspected terror activities, he didnt have the sense to stop when instructed to do so, he decided the best option was to run ? I think a fair result was acheived and the police did their best. My sympathies are with the police officers involved, who were forced to take another human life, I,m sure no amount of training can remove the trauma of the situation and the visual impact of the aftermath of the shooting, a mess I  imagine!
  3. Zero tolerance, shoot to kill, and good riddance to bad rubbish, ( the country doesnt need to be paying for these people to sit in our prisons). Shame they didnt get him before he got on the train, a few chips to the concrete platform would be much easier to repair than the holes in the carriage floor!
  4. Hi We have been here in Saintes now for the past 6/7 weeks, have met a few people french and english all have been very helpful, which we appreciate greatly. We are just taking things slowly, getting settled in at our own pace, no rush a whole life ahead , well half of one at any rate I just wondered whether there are any folks planning to visit the market in Saintes on Monday? a huge affair on the first monday of each month as those around will already know! We would love to meet meet up with some of you, we will be having lunch in the restaurent on the corner of mainstreet opposite the courthouse, ( big red place, tables outside, didnt catch the name as yet, sorry! ) if you would like to meet up, have drink and a natter, drop us a line, in anycase we will be there 12.30, hope to meet some new faces! Tim, Tanya
  5. Hi Marjorie A simple question, a simple answer, IKEA is in Bordeaux an hour from, Angouleme, Cognac, Saintes. regards  
  6. Hi The first rule in business is to keep your costs to minimum. Unless you are in a serious money business where there maybe some financial advantages, do the business course ( choose the cheapest in terms of cotisations, which by the way can be deferred for two years, this usually means a micro enterprise, and go from there. Your customers won't care if you are a micro, SARL, PLC or whatever!!!
  7. Hi Depends how long you want be online, but if you dont want a contract you don't have much choice! Free.fr, Dixienet.fr, Tiscali.fr, all offer free connections, no fees only the cost of a local call, so about 80 cents per hour. Have used all, Free.fr seems to work best. regards
  8. Hi Wonder if anyone knows of any french language courses in the summer holidays, we live in Saiintes and our 15 yr old needs an intensive few weeks before scholl resumes in september, any ideas welcome. Tim/Tanya
  9. Hi Wonder if anyone knows of any french language courses in the summer holidays, we live in Saiintes and our 15 yr old needs an intensive few weeks before scholl resumes in september, any ideas welcome. Tim/Tanya  
  10. Hi Anyone in Charente area able to throw some light on where to buy good fresh fruit at reasonable prices? We go thru about 20 kilo's a week, and usually runs to about 80 euro's per month. We are finding the supermarkets expensive ( blatant rip off in fact ) and the market even worse! Maybe its just the season and will be better in summer? thanks
  11. Hi To be a little more positive, the numbers dont look so bad if your earning 140,000 and paying 60,000 ?  
  12. Hi Have dealt with the formalities of setting up the business, but will take my time, am in no rush. But good suppliers of material at a reasonable price are essential, afterall it is the customer who pays in the end! I want to open accounts, but not credit accounts, thats the way I like to do business, but the business registration opens doors to fair priced materials here and I am hoping the same in France. I have 1 or 2 projects to look at when we arrive, and it would be useful to know in advance who the big players are in the Builders Merchant trade.    
  13. Hi Moving to the Charentes region in a couple of weeks, would be interested to know of who supplies the trade in this region ? General builders merchants, timber merchants, plumbers merchant etc, I looked in a couple of B&Q type places, some things were cheaper, but generally they were very expensive!  
  14. Hi Will be moving to Saintes Weds 20th April, unfortunately did not have time to deal with the communication aspects while I was there this week. Would be grateful to hear what others in the area have managed to find regarding Telephone, ADSL, and TV/ cable. I would like at least to get the ball rolling on the telephone so its connected when we arrive in 2 weeks. thanks and hope to catch up with some of you when we arrive, Tim, Tanya    
  15. Hi We are planning to move at the end of April. We are currently considering areas between Les Sables D'olonne and Bordeaux. Initially, and for purely financial considerations, we are looking to rent a house a little in from the coast and probably in a village rather than a town. I wanted to ask, how do children get to school ? I mean is there generally a school bus? or good public bus service etc, since my daughter will be the only one affected by this,we need to consider it as an important deciding factor when choosing a place to live. Also, is it easy to place a child in a school? my daughter is 15yrs, little french language but learning.  I would be grateful for answers to the school issues and also any other helpful info with regard to a move to Western france, do's dont's, any places to avoid etc etc. regards        
  16. Hi all I have been trawling through the archives for some definitive information as to my situation, which is briefly, to relocate my construction business to France. My problem, I have been in the industry off and on for 25 yrs, more on than off I might add. But as is not uncommon, my experience has been gained thru working and running my business, rather than training. Hence, I do not have those seemingly precious certificates for plumbing or electrical installations. I have just finished speaking to a very helpful guy at the Chambre des Metiers, who informed me that he will arrange the compulsory 3-4 day business course, and after will register myself and my business activities as " general construction, plumbing and electrical engineering. Which will fulfil my legal obligations as far as " being registered " and not working illegally in a "regulated activity" This is quite contrary to the "difficulties one will encounter" as suggested by some in this forum, who should it would appear be more knowledgable on the subject? Don't shoot the messenger, myself, and am sure others, will be relieved if this is infact the case.    
  17. Hi Have been searching through the archives, and there is much concerned with electric and plumbing questions. What I am unable to find, are any direct references to a definitive version of the French codes, ( english preferred but could have french translated ) I anticipate moving to the Limoge area this summer, along with renovation of my own property, I hope to continue my construction company. Although I currently work in large part as project manager, I feel it is important, to be one step ahead of the hired help!! Any references, links etc will be gratefully received. regards Tim ps, does anyone know if, as in the US there is a uniform code that can be followed ? 
  18. Hi Planning to move to La Rochelle area mid May, need to find a suitable place to live. Min 2 beds, 2 recepts, garage or other outbuilding. Rural setting ok, but need to consider distance from local schools etc. 6 months rent in advance for right property. any help advice appreciated Tim Wilson
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