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  1. Hi You should ask EDF to upgrade you, free, to 45 amps/ 9kw, you willl need to do this anyway, if you wish to make use of double tarif ( cheap and normal rates).
  2. Hi EDF have just renewed all our old incoming power lines, meter etc, they left two black wires sticking out, and said they were for the chauffe eau, I am assuming these are only live at the time of cheap rate power and can be wired straight into any circuit breaker? Am I correct? thanks in advance
  3. [quote user="Russethouse"] Have a look here : http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/916185/ShowPost.aspx Hope that helps........ [/quote]   not really? you dont give any reason for doing so? I can only assume your chasing website hits?
  4. Hi For a couple of days I have been getting emails that do not contain the replies posted, just notification that someone has posted a reply, is this a new idea to make us go to the website to read them? and anyone else having the same problem? thanks
  5. [quote user="Lindnarden"]  and I have had one plumber say that the pipework taking the hot and cold water feed upstairs is too narrow thus causing the problem. [/quote] the pipe should be a minimum of 16 mm anything less would explain the problem,
  6. [quote user="tenniswitch"]   Now everything is at a standstill, waiting for the plumber. Any suggestions for motivating the plumber? [/quote] Hi Give him the hardword, tell him you need him now or you will find someone else, the problem of course is he probably wont mind as it sounds like he has more work than he can cope with!.
  7. Hi Just treat it the same as any other paint covering, prep, undercoat and finish coat...
  8. Hi Dont know what your electrician has in mind but, if the socket as it is now, is basically a single circuit ( cable runs to fuseboard without interuption) with its own breaker in the fuse board, then remove the socket front, and connect the heater cable to live and neutral, using choc block connectors, there is a special plate to cover the box. Radiators are available from Brico Depot, Castorama, Leroy Merlin etc anywhere from 80 euros upwards.    
  9. [quote user="beryl"][quote user="tj"][quote user="beryl"]  [/quote] So, now we have determined that you have no problem with immorality........... [/quote] Don't make assumptions about me please;[:@]  or I might make a few about you and your business! I would not do anything illegal which is why I was asking for the exact legal position as to what constitutes an introduction. [/quote]   since foregoing moral obligations is not generally illegal, I would say you need to provide a really good reason to deny him a fee, since he has a legal right to it, if he has been in anyway instrumental in you obtaining the property.  
  10. [quote user="beryl"]  Morally, I would want a bit more than one question answered to justify an immos fee and I would rather deal in legalities than moralities when buying a house. [/quote] So, now we have determined that you have no problem with immorality........... the bottom line is this, the moment the agent gives you the address of the property, he is entitled to his fee if you decide to buy, he can also recover through the courts, at no cost to himself, upto 4000 euros, if you try to go behind his back. Also be aware that the french owners will have no allegiance to you, and will most likely send you to the agent anyway. 
  11. [quote user="beryl"] Does merely asking a question about a property on their website, class you as a client ? If I then went direct to the owner, would I be in hot water? [/quote] Just to clarify your question, you have seen a property on an agents website that is of interest to you, you wish to ask a question but dont want to pay his fee, for. what amounts to an introduction to a property, which you otherwise might not have found? morally, of course you are liable for his fee, just one question for you, surely you will need the address of the property to view it? in which case you would be back to signing the agreement with them.      
  12. [quote user="Alane"] tj Do you have the link for the download please? I couldn't find it. [/quote]    Make sure Acrobat is enabled in your browser settings, click the link, http://www.renovatingfrance.com/habitat_guide.pdf and save to a file.
  13. great guide, you can also download it for free and print it yourself.
  14. Hi I guess it comes down to what is reasonable, a few sales here and there are perfectly ok, if it could be considered an income earning exercise then you should register. If I recall correctly, a stolen item turned up on ebay, the guy selling it, a brit, was unaware of its origins but was later fined, I think it was 5000 euros for not declaring his ebay income.
  15. [quote user="Chris Head"]That's alot of flooring.[/quote]   Its a big apartment :)
  16. Hi Just have a dish installed, then you can receive most brit channels, a motorised dish will give you access to 1000's more including french channels so saves having to have an aerial as well.  
  17. [quote user="Bugbear"] How, exactly, does any of the above actually justify your original quote...................? [/quote] Quite simply, it explains the historic intolerance of the British by the French, I must say, my usage of the word "hate" and reference to the war in the original post was rather tongue in cheek, and I wasnt trying to suggest some kind of consuming hatred...
  18. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Yours, I believe: "Lets not forget, they do hate the brits generally, never forgiven us for helping them out in the war, go figure!!" [/quote] Miki - the quote said that all French people hate the British for helping them out in the war. looks somewhat like a  misquote to me ? Dick! as you are well aware, this forum is full those who wish to argue for arguments sake, misquotes are not helpful, although we all make mistakes so no problem. If we want to get down to the "b*****ks" of the matter, as one poster saw fit to call it, If we assume our own characters, likes, dislikes, tolerances are shaped throughout our lives, based on personal experiences, of course a large part of our impressionable years are spent, learning from the likes, dislikes, and tolerances of the society we are born into, whether they be right or wrong is irrelevant. So that means our differences and therefore our tolerances and handed down from one generation to the next. It is historic fact, the differences between the french and english have existed for centuries, two countries with the same ambitions, of territorial demands, superiority in europe etc etc. The problem of course, as is true today they always lagged behind Britain in terms of wealth, military, and political influence. The one other point worthy of mention is the legal systems have always been at odds, innocent til proven guilty in Britain and guilty till proven innocent in France. These issues form part of every frenchmans heritage and culture, and therefore has bearing on how foreigners are tolerated here ( in a lesser form but not dissimilar to the way the Americans are viewed by a large part of the world.) That said, our own experiences here have been very positive, and we are happy here, except for, as I mentioned previously, when dealing with bureaucracy and french systems generally, where the demands for money roll in, from govt agencies and others who offer less than acceptable tolerance to simple requests for advice, information and assistance from the very people they expect to pay them.       
  19. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Miki - the quote said that all French people hate the British for helping them out in the war. [/quote]   Who's quote is that exactly?
  20. Hi I find the worst for their ignorance, are the service helplines, infact yesterday Orange helpline announced proudly," we do not offer a service in English". Happy to take your money though! What a business, take your money for their mediocre services and then are not obliged to offer any customer support. I now resort to calling 3 or 4 times until I get someone who is actually interested to try their english with my french. Lets not forget, they do hate the brits generally, never forgiven us for helping them out in the war, go figure!! But, I have also found many to be very helpful, certainly at a social level, or when your about to spend a large sum of money:) Nevermind, it could be worse, you could be in Holland........if you dont like it here, you'll hate it there!
  21. Hi I am looking for 400 sq mts of oak flooring, 20/22cm width, 20/25mm thickness, not too rustic, I think its described as" character" with less knotting than rustic. any help?  
  22. They are the old bulb type. Looks like dump the dynamo setup and buy new!
  23. The wires have been broken at sometime, but noone has messed around with it as far as I know.
  24. Hi It worked last year, it was factory fitted when the bike was new, so not on backwards very strange...........  
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