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  1. hi you need to tune it in on your satellite, and plug your hi fi into your decoder
  2. Avi Tiomkin, what else would you expect from jewish american, frightened by the VERY REAL demise of the american dollar ? Its nonsense, the euro may be a little over valued right now, and then again perhaps not, but in use by a population equal to that of america, it is the second largest currency in the world, well the bit that matters anyway. Reverting back to old currencies is not an option, those mentioned as likely contenders cant afford it anyway, thats by the by, but they are the ones who gain the most from the union, thats why Germany appears to throw its weight around because they were doing quite nicely thank you without it, but they are in it to stay. 
  3. [quote user="NormanH"]Do any of you 'techies' know if it possible to send a fax direct from my computer without a fax machine or fax modem? I get irritating faxes at times like 4:30 in the morning, but as I have no fax machine they arrive as if they were phone calls, and wake me up. It's always the same number, (I think some business or other ) but when I try to phone back to get them to stop sending them I just get the fax machine at the other end... I'd like to send a fax telling them to stop.[/quote] I assume you are using a Livebox or an ADSL modem for your internet then? Do you not have a phone connection slot on the back of your PC? Most machines still have their old internal modem, unless you particularly removed it? If you have then you can send a fax.
  4. HI Just reread your original post, I was under the impression it was Astra 2/ Hotbird, as theres nothing much on Astra 1 all the BBC's and ITV's etc are on Astra 2. Simplest way is get a motor 75 euros, and the worlds your oyster as they say.
  5. The dual LNB is attached round the body of one of the pair ? Try attaching to the other, so, if when looking from front the left is attached move it ove to the right one.  
  6. [quote user="NormanH"]I am getting spam emails from MY OWN address! I hope they aren't also being sent to other people as if they came from me... How do I deal with this? [/quote] Its unlikely they sent the whole list quoting you as the "from" address, since your name is mid range alphabetically the from address is more likely to be earlier alphabetically. The reason they send mail to you like that, is that when you see your own name your more inclined to open it, and the way to stop it, is to block emails from yourself.
  7. tj


    [quote user="Frenchie"] I had the EMG exam on last monday and it is a carpian tunnel syndrome ,very severe on the left hand, they said ( though my symptoms are not that severe..) ; a,d also well started on the right hand.... [blink] The doc in hospital said " madam, you have to consider an operation " ...  It will be the only way to get rid of it... left hand first.. But as it is not painful, just disturbing pins and needles when I m driving for exalmple, I don"t really feel like going for the op .. well, not now at least, do you think there is any danger in waiting .? I'm wondering, will ask my GP when I see him on wednesday.. How could I cope, being a single mom, with a son and a dog? [blink] [/quote] Carpel tunnel is much more common in women than men, since the tunnel which protects the main nerve and several ligaments of the hand is generally smaller, the problem occurs when outside influences cause pressure around the area, diabetes and arthritis are commonly linked with it, also more so these days obesity. Without surgery to widen the tunnel which actually is only a cut in the ligaments to free the nerve, it is done with local anaesthetic and as an out patient. If you have not had the problem long, then you might try wearing splints across the back of your hands to keep the wrist still while the pressure from the swelling goes down,  even if its just at night, not ideal but as with other things like tennis elbow, they need complete rest to heal, for most people thats not realistic, but every little helps, took 2 years to get rid of mine. Untreated, it wont go away and can lead to permanent loss of use of the limb, as it is you will be doing well if it recovers to 90%. What you really need to know is the cause, if there is some other underlying cause it needs treating first,
  8. [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="tj"] [quote user="cooperlola"].[/quote] But the list your looking at, has already downloaded the messages, they are actually in your PC which is what you are trying to avoid. Also, if right click to block sender, the from line contains a spoof Paypal.com, then you block the real ones aswell, minefield isnt it ! [/quote]So, can you run past me again, how you just download the list you speak of, tj?  The list I look at has the info you describe only, but is obviously not what you're getting at.  Sorry to appear dense![8-)][/quote]   I am assuming your using Outlook Express, and you cannot do it I dont think, I use Pegasus Mail, it is an extremely capable email program and allows the user many more advanced options, downloading just the "headers" for example. You could always download it and give it a try,   http://www.pmail.com/v441.htm 
  9. It is fact that the email addresses that receive the most spam, spoof, fradulent emails, are those that appear on the web, where yo may have visited and you were asked to give your email address. Just for interests sake, search your own email address...in google. then try searching *@yahoo.com for example, you will be surprised, and a little program can harvest all those addresses into a neat little list and hey presto we have created a spam mailing list. If you need to enter your email on a website then try writing it "human readable" for example "tjatyahoodotcom" the harvesting programs are confused by this.
  10. [quote user="cooperlola"]TJ - Whilst you're looking at the list of mails which you descibe, in Outlook Express, you can use the method described above to add obviously fraudulent mails to your blocked senders list. That is, highlight the message header (don't open it), click Messages, then click Block Sender.  This deletes all messages from that sender, and blocks them for the future at the same time.[/quote] But the list your looking at, has already downloaded the messages, they are actually in your PC which is what you are trying to avoid. Also, if right click to block sender, the from line contains a spoof Paypal.com, then you block the real ones aswell, minefield isnt it !
  11. [quote user="Gluestick"] if you don't open the email but place the cursor over the mail and right click, a drop down menu opens. Select "Properties". Next open the option "Details". The sender's email root address will appear prefaced by the comment "Reply To". Left click and highlight the email address. press Control "C". Then paste this into the "Blocked" senders box. The only problem is that scammers don't normally use the same mail relay and proxy mail servers again as they flit around the cyberworld keeping one jump ahead of the web police!   [/quote]   I agree in principle with that, only email programs dont all work the same way, and I'm sure most people are using the one that comes with the pc, most often Outlook Express? Apart from filter lists, which are not foolproof and always leave you with the feeling somethings in there that I want, so you look anyway. One way is to just download the headers from the server, simply a one line per message list, which tells you, senders name, subject, time and date sent, and size. Listed like this they are quick and easy to go through, select the ones you want and delete the rest while they are still on the server. This is an important point, since it is possible for them to know quite simply that you have actually downloaded and opened the message on your PC. Or for those with their own server, like myself, turn off the email address for a week that really confuses them:) and to be serious does stop junk email for a time, but gradually it creeps back. Also you can specify to accept mail only if your name is in the " to " line, which of course with junk mail it rarely is.            
  12. sorry Ernie Y, blocking email addresses should work for sites you dont want email from, I agree, but the wider problem is that these emails pretend to be from sites we actually use, so blocking them doesnt help, since it will also block legitimate mail. Spam filters are also not much good, they also block wanted mail, unfortunately the only way is to create a filter list of addresses you definitely want to allow, and the rest should be filtered to another mail folder so you can go through them later. There is no easy answer without compromising your own expected mail.
  13. [quote user="ErnieY"]Easily solved, put a BLOCK on Paypal.com in your email client [;-)] [/quote] This is not the answer, for obvious reasons!
  14. Hi I dont think it hurts to repeat warnings about fraudulent emails. The most common, are ones which ask you to update your payment details, credit card info etc. It is quite easy to determine where the email originated from, but needs some knowledge of being able to understand email headers. The crooks cannot completely hide their identity but you need to know where to look. For those that are unable to do that, then one simple rule will prevent you being caught out, never!! ever!! click the link in the email, even if it looks ok. If you think you might actually need to update any sensitive information, type the usual web address in your browser, the one you would normally use when you login to use the service, like online banking etc, the system will soon tell you if it needs any updating from you. I was prompted by more emails today, where they are trying to harvest credit card details, be on the lookout for emails pretending to be from: Skype Paypal Royal Bank of Scotland Barkleys Ebay and others generally related to money transactions.  
  15. Buy a bag of "chaux blanc" (lime), mix with water, and off you go! 
  16. [quote user="ErnieY"][quote user="tj"]Would'nt it be nice if everybody that had been exploited by the banks and building societies, basic greed, acheived by taking advantage of Mr and Mrs average's desire to own their own home,[/quote]Not to defend the banks and other financial institutions but it does take two to tango and goes far far deeper than the simple desire to own a home ! Perish the thought that those who voluntarily "self certified" mythical incomes could be the tiniest bit responsible for their own predicament. Do I smell another rash of mis-selling claims and another field day for the parasitic ambulance chasing lawyers [:@] [/quote] I agree entirely, however if you leave the matches lying around you should shoulder some of the responsibility if your child sets the house on fire !
  17. I often just put small amounts like that in a piece of paper and in an envelope and just post it first class, no problems so far. Dont be tempted by reccomande post, because they only get a signature if it is posted to an address in France
  18. The bottom line for most people wanting to buy or sell at the present time, is that an enormous part of the housing market is over financed. Since as always, the controlling influence's are the banks and building society's, they have been reckless had their fingers burnt and have now pulled the plug. This does not just affect first time buyers, where income multiples have been reduced to sensible levels, but an enormous part of the housing stock is occupied by people who cannot sell because they are unable to obtain another mortgage for their next purchase. Since when prices fall they fall for pretty much everyone, its no big deal, unless you were planning to liquidate your asset thus taking the big profit made over the past few years. If thats the case then welcome to real world, investment is high risk! At the end of the day, someone should be brought to book for this situation, and the FSA should be shot at dawn, what a mess, and since the current crisis could have so easily been avoided, it's all rather unbelievable. Would'nt it be nice if everybody that had been exploited by the banks and building societies, basic greed, acheived by taking advantage of Mr and Mrs average's desire to own their own home, all got together, and agreed  to stop making their mortgage payments. I wonder how long they would survive, a month maybe ! would serve them right !!  
  19. [quote user="Barbara"] but I was looking more for personal experience   Still planning..... Barbara [/quote] Unless you have large investment, vehicle, stock and knowledge of course and french language, it will never be more than pin money!    
  20. Since the euro was intoduced as hard currency in 1999, it is at its highest level against the pound, some of the articles do actually mention that point, But i guess its all rather incidental, the pound is heading for another beating today!  
  21. [quote user="Rose"] just a long shot? [:$] [/quote]   very :)
  22. The painting is called The Lady of Shallot, by John Waterhouse 1888, and your confusion maybe! , a poem by the same name by Lord Alfred Tennyson
  23.  Edit by Russethouse : Due to copyright issues I am replacing the text posted by tj with a link to the article: http://www.rttnews.com/FOREX/FXTopStory.asp?date=03/28/2008&item=3
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