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  1. Hi Deleting files using the Recycle bin doesnt actually delete them, and they can be easily recovered, if you want permenant and actual deletion you need a little piece of software like Data Nuker, and does exactly what the name implies, basically the files are destroyed as the program overwrites the disc space with a series of 0's and 1's, binary code which is the basis of computer function. I mention this since if you want to delete sensitive information this is the only way to be sure its gone and cannot be recovered, well by mere mortals anyway :)
  2. Didnt know it was a paid for channel, just added afew others recently, the channel 4's, and couldnt find the info for ch 5,  
  3. Hi Could someone be so kind to give me the satellite info for channel 5, transponder, frequency etc, thanks in advance
  4. Dont wish this to sound unkind, but I guess its only ignorance that people are still paying subscriptions to sky, or buying the other boxes, freesat etc. There is more TV for free than you could ever watch ! Just a dish and decoder thats it. To be fair, the one area which is lacking is free sport channels in english, but no big deal, BBC & ITV show the important stuff, and with Channel 4 now fta, the racegoers are happy Saturday afternoons.
  5. Hi have you accounted for the rain? although ours seems to work 99% of the time, when it rains it seems to mess up the connection so need to use the livebox restore facility, which basically reboots the livebox, this works but may need to be done more than once during prolonged wet periods.
  6. Archant, no doubt, host this site via their own servers and gateway, as an adjunct to their other commercial operations. but are using a free edition of this software, if I am not mistaken, which for the full version is 1500 GBP They then have to contract to a telco for sufficient bandwidth to carry all web apps and sites. they dont need much bandwidth for a forum, they have relatively small traffic from what I can work out, mostly email handling Furthermore, I doubt their tech support does it for love! True someone needs to look in on it now and again to make sure alls ok, and of course noone will do it for free and such sites carry ads which are hugely annoying. like the ones on here! Advanced forum software is far from free: I'm presently in process of publishing a group of forum sites which are all commercial. There's lots of forum software out there: most of it poorly coded and inflexible. The good stuff costs, believe me! no arguments there,
  7. Hi The software is available free, it needs a hosting server of course,( no big deal, cheap enough, server space is for nothing nowadays) I guess any costs would be in setting it up in the format you want, colour schemes, the different forum sections etc. but negligable cost to run, moderaters are normally volunteers, or software can moderate posts, so runs itself but in defense of the moderaters, I guess technically Archant is responsible at law for anything published in the forum, so all you who have been slurred call your lawyers :)  
  8. [quote user="Cat"]Perhaps you should ask the forum owners, Archant, who provide and fund the forum? [/quote] Fund ! rather a stretch of imagination since the software is available for free? Bottomline is Archant, are in business, and rightly or wrongly only allow what is profitable for them, end of !
  9. Hi My daughter, almost 19, is looking for a summer job, having being promised one and let down the other day. It needs to be a live in position, the work, well, anything I guess, for July and August, she is very bright, is fluent in English, French, Dutch, Russian, and is currently studying German, and learns quickly. I thought of hotel work, maybe a campsite, all suggestions welcome. thanks for your time tj
  10. Hi My daughter, almost 19, is looking for a summer job, having being promised one and let down the other day. It needs to be a live in position, the work, well, anything I guess, for July and August, she is very bright, is fluent in English, French, Dutch, Russian, and is currently studying German, and learns quickly. I thought of hotel , restaurent work, maybe a campsite, all suggestions welcome.  thanks for your time tj  
  11. well it certainly says as much, good news I think!
  12. it should be! where did you get that information?
  13. [quote user="Jane and Danny"] You do not need to use the orange CD to make the wifi active.( or even set up the livebox) Click on this page insert 'admin'and 'admin' for the name and password This will open the livebox configuration page [/quote] wifi is "on" by default, setting it up requires the cd, the last light on the box is wifi and if you have not run the cd, I dont see you will get to the configuration pages
  14. You dont have to reinstall as such.....but you need to put in the orange disc, and let it set up the wifi connection. You will need the 128 bit key, which you can find in the configuration utility. When you say you dont have software installed I assume you mean the annoying "gestionaire d'internet" the little interface where you can connect and disconnect, access email etc...but you must have some of the setup program installed otherwise it wouldnt work?
  15. [quote user="jxedwards"] The Numpty blowing himself up with his 'consumer unit'. [/quote] ooooh! Funnily enough i have just updated two fuse boards, and any electrician will tell you, is the devils job, not to drop a wire, put one in the place etc etc, its much easier to do a new installation, so I might advise you give it a miss unless your 100% sure you can complete it,,,,,,,,can imagine how an electrician will charge to put it right if you make mess of it. Also, dont have it right to hand, but recently read a canadian piece on the dangers, some guy wiring an office was asked by a receptionist what she was going to do about her typing if the power was off,,,so Mr electrician said no problem he would make some change so they had power......while he had been working earlier he had disturbed a 480v incoming line which he couldnt see but had damaged, in his haste to give them power, the explosion that occurred killed him and hospitalised 5 of the office staff, ELECTRICITY REALLY IS DANGEROUS, and unfortunately theres no known cure. the labour costs to update a consumer unit should not be so expensive 3 - 500 euros plus breakers etc :)
  16. You are a busy boy :) Mobile: Orange, no contract, 7 euros a month, 10 mins calls, if you pay an extra 3 euros you can choose 3 numbers either fixed or mobile and get 1 hours free calls per month. Shame you didnt go with Orange internet and phone package, then you wouldnt be having this trouble with France telecom, not sure if you can change over so quickly ?    
  17. I think your electrics are more important don't you ?  :) To be serious, this is some thing you could do yourself, and they are not expensive.  
  18. You need to go into the Livebox configuration utility, click on system information, scroll down and you will find the 128 bit key/Cle, it is 26 digits, enter that and you should be ok
  19. I would'nt delete Vista, just create a new partition on the drive, install your copy of XP, and you can then boot from either OS. You dont say why you want XP, fear of the unknown maybe :), but having both, you have the option to spend some time finding your way round Vista, you never know you might like it! And I would buy a clean machine, ( not Dell ), Carrefour, Geant,  all have a good range to choose from.
  20. Sounds about right for France, they are just so c**p at the simplest things.......... My carte vitale is registered to some George ???? in an other department, and on my professional license I have the added bonus of another middle name, Francoise, knowing the hassle I'm going have I have just left it for now.  I now believe what a frenchman told me shortly after arriving here, there is no pursuit of " a job worth doing is worth doing well" and under acheiving is highly valued, good job otherwise they would all be out of work!!!  
  21. Hi The flue must terminate at the top, if you do as you suggest and stop a couple of metres short your likely to have a problem with smoke coming back down into room, simply because, with an open fire the inside of the chimney gets hot, hot air rises and pulls up smoke, this obviously pulls in cold air which draws the fire and so the process begins again. You may have noticed an open fire smoking into the room when its first lit, because the air in the chimney is cold and drops rather than rises and thus brings smoke down with it, once the inside of the chimney is hot, no problem! What you propose is like creating a short circuit in your electrics, which you would never do of course. You mention the opening is smaller than the opening on the top of the insert, you are allowed to fit a reducer maybe its mentioned in the instructions? If not pop into one of the suppliers and ask if its ok to reduce it to the size that will fit your chimney.
  22. tj


    Hi We have had a change of plans and our chickens will need to wait, therefore I have an incubator for sale, model La Nationale, 100 euros , dept 17. pm or email if interested thanks
  23. A good tip to remember is to make sure the "default save" file extension is .doc, since open office default, . odt will not open in microsoft word. 
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