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  1. We have a place in Pensol (87), and my Dad who is a mad keen course fisherman is coming for a holiday with us this spring/summer. He would like to spend a few days fishing, and has asked me what the fishing is like in the area. Apart from knowing you need a permit which you can get from the Tabac I’m clueless!    Can anyone tell me if there is a good lake or river in my area and what we need to do to enable him to fish there? Also can you hire tackle or will he need to bring his stuff with him?   Any advise greatly received!   Tina
  2. Thanks very much  - will give them a call. Tina
  3. We are both in our 40’s and are hoping to move permanently to France in about 18 months (we have a house in 87). We are not planning to do paid work as we will have rental income from property in the UK which should provide enough for our far from extravagant lifestyle!!    Can anyone advise me which E form we will need for heath care initially and which heath care scheme we will need to join?  We will be making voluntary NI contributions to get our full pensions when 65.   Thanks Tina
  4. Fabulous thread – I’ve been getting some strange looks across the office as I’m laughing so loud!!   Thanks for brightening up my day   Tina
  5. I know there are some differences between the UK and France in which medication is available over the counter and that some things are cheaper than in the UK. Can anyone tell me if Imigran tablets (Sumatriptan) are available without prescription in France, and if they are how much do they cost? Thanks Tina
  6. [quote user="Patf"]On the Finding/Owning French Property forum you will find a recent topic "Taxe d'Habitation, Fonciere ?discount for 2nd. homes", which covers part of your question. We had the same situation as you of not being billed for T d'H and found out it was something to do with the previous owner being a widow and exempt fom the tax.  Eventually we have got onto their books and now pay the tax. We always had a bill for T. Fonciere. Pat. [/quote] We also have not received a bill for Td'H. The previous owner was a widow which maybe answers the question as to why we have not had a bill. You say you have now got onto their books, sorry to sound a bit dim but who did you contact to get this sorted out? Thanks Tina
  7. useful site to for all motorway info from tolls to new roads, even the odd webcam! http://www.autoroutes.fr/index.php Happy travels! Tina
  8. Had not considered this an option before but sounds ideal for us. Mark, Have sent you a PM Thanks Tina
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    Thanks chocccie, have sent you PM.
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    We are total novice gardeners and have absolutely everything to learn so please be gentle with me for asking dumb questions!! We need to raise the level of the ground we’re planning to use for our veg patch. In the UK you could get a delivery of topsoil, do they do this sort of thing in France?  I don’t fancy the idea of buying bags form Bricolage. We are in Haute Vienne (87)   Thanks Tina
  11. Once we move permanently (hopefully next year) we want to start our own business. There are lots of books about living and working in France. Before I start wading my way through these can anyone recommend one in particular?  Something that only covers only this subject would be preferable.   Thanks Tina
  12. I’ve just read an article in this month’s FPN where the person renovating their house says, “it is now policy in France that electric meters cannot be left in a bedroom. The electricity board would move everything and replace it at their expense” and in his case they did move and replace his electric metre and fuse box.    We are planning to convert our garage into a bedroom. This is where our metre and fuse box are and we were just going to get them boxed in. The equipment is old and we would like to get it updated to a modern fuse box anyway.   Does anyone have any experience of this? Would it matter to EDF if the room were not originally a bedroom when the equipment was installed?   We are in Haute Vienne (87) I don’t know if department makes a difference or not?   Tina
  13. Is it just me or does anyone else think Ryanair prices have had a sharp hike in the last year?  I thought it was because I was missing the windows given for booking the cheapest flights but I can’t always have such poor timing surely?  I used to regularly get fares for £5.99 but now the lowest seems to be £19.99 or £29.99 for the more popular days. Once the tax is added on and you’ve hired a car it’s running into a tidy sum.  Now I use the fabulous speed ferries but an 8 hour drive each way is not great on shorter trips…. Tina
  14. I passed through at the weekend and yes the new terminal is open although a bit chaotic still. No aircon so roasting hot but nice new loos and just to catch you out the male and female signs are the wrong way around! The air show on Sunday was pretty good as well, all red white and blue smoke.
  15. Hi There Have a look at this website for FAQ, books and technical help. www.satcure.co.uk Best of luck Tina 
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