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  1. Hopefully my final question on this - and thank you to those who have helped so far!

    Using a microbic, I believe cotisations are paid every 3 months in advance, as the french system doesn't work on arrears.

    But how is the amount payable calculated when the turnover isn't declared (or known) until the end of the year?

    Do the authorities assume you will have the maximum turnover and work the cotisations out based on that and then reduce the following year's payments if your turnover is lower than expected?

  2. Many thanks for the replies.

    They have prompted a further question, however!

    Is it possible to have two microbics - one in service and one in sales?

    To explain - if i continued my service job (37% allowance)and also ran a gite.

    If my sales (supplying a service) job doesn't earn quite enough then a gite will provide supplementary income.

    I understand both jobs must be separate as have different expense allowances, but are you allowed to have two microbics? If allowed, I guess this would involve two lots of regular social payments as well.
  3. I only watched it because it mentioned France in the review!

    To be honest, the way each problem magically solved itself made it increasingly hard to watch!

    Still, i'm sure the 'top private school in Bordeaux' as it was described will suffer a decreased rate in students passing English exams now!

    She did have a 'unique' attitude though - i can speak English, therefore i can teach it!
  4. "The company also seems to rank bottom of the pecking order at Dover in terms of priority - ferries always being given precedence."

    Having seen the prog on BBC1 in Jan mentioning unfair tactics used by their rivals i can't help but wonder if this is caused by their rivals and out of their (speedferries) control.

    Do think you've been unlucky as i've used them 7 times in different seasons but have never been more than 5 mins late....so far....!!

    From my viewpoint, going to Boulogne a) puts me closer to my destination and saves 20 min in driving down from calais and b) is quicker to get out of than Calais as less cars disembarking at the same time.

    I have noticed they are getting busier and busier though with each trip i take.

    The 2nd speedferry may yet come....
  5. Did anyone see this prog last night on BBC1 at 10.40pm?

    In brief...a late 30's couple plus 2 kids (4 yr old and 1 yr old) sold up in Preston,UK, bought a camper van/tent and moved to france. The woman always had a dream of teaching English but had never done that before.

    After travelling around for 3 months looking for work they went to Bordeaux.

    A miracle happens! She gets a (part-time) job via an expat with a 'top private school' teaching english to french teenagers. No, she doesnt speak French. No, she's never taught before. No, she's never had any previous experience with teenagers. Yes, she still lives in a caravan with no proper address. After a few lessons, they then rent a house on the outskirts of Bordeaux (after the 4 of them lived in a caravan for 4 months) and live happily ever after. Amazing stuff!! Part-time teachers with no previous experience must be very well paid in France. Whilst wishing them success, this sort of programe leaves many, many questions unanswered! I guess she was lucky that the students already spoke english as she didnt speak any/very little french!
  6. Could anyone please confirm if my explanation (as i understand it) is correct.

    I worked the figures out from info i gleaned from various websites but my french isn't good enough for me to be 100% confident with my results!

    Having a microbic in my field (sales) i am allowed 27,000eur turnover of which 37% (9,990) is automatically allowed for expenses.

    So, 27,000 - 37% = 17,010 which attracts tax/cotisations at around 48%

    So, 17,010 less 48% = 8,845 payable for tax/cotisations

    And 8,845 + 9,990 (expenses) = 18,835eur NET income.

    So although tax/cotisations are at 48%, they are charged on the income AFTER expenses.

    Expressed as a % of the total turnover (27,000) tax/cotisations are around 31% - a bit more manageable, i feel. All the press headlines saying french taxes are at around 50% don't mention this only applies AFTER all expenses are deducted. So whilst high, perhaps not quite as high as i feared!

    If anyone can confirm my figures are roughly accurate.....or wildly in-accurate i'd be very greatful.

    Also can one stay on a microbic if turnover is under the limits? Or is it only to be used for a limited time? ie. the first year or two of business.

  7. Now you mention it Tresco, i do remember seeing commas and apostrophes regularly misused somewhere before!
  8. [quote]Earlier today another forum newbie, two bikes, 1st posting said: "Look what they did to poor old outcast,he stood up to the three or four privileged few that can get away with insulting members and...[/quote]

    I'm sorry, but i disagree. I've been 'lurking' on this site for over 2 years and remember reading posts by Outcast etc and others that have since been banned, and the old forum format but have never joined up before now.

    So twobikes (whoever he/she is) could easily be another long term lurker like moi!

    I certainly wouldn't want anyone to think i was a reincarnation just because i'm a newbie but still know some of the forum history!
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