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  1. We experienced a similar problem at the start of the year and explored the option of a decorative border.  We got to the point of nearly ordering one from a local pool shop.  We asked the pool man what if would cost for him to install it.  There was much foot shuffling and eventually he said that it wasn't a job he would like to do as the borders have a reputation for coming loose after about 6 months around the edges.  Therefore he couldn't guarantee it.  We went off the idea after that as these borders are not cheap.  Perhaps Andrew has a way around this problem.  
  2. Hello,   there is a good health food shop in the centre of Limoges in the old butcher's quarter.  Don't know the name of the street or the name of the shop but if you have Les Halles on your right and you are in the big square, you turn right before the Singer (sewing machines) shop and then it is in one of the side streets on the left (either the first or the second).  Sorry that is a bit vague, but it's easier to find than my directions suggest. Good luck.  
  3. GdF may well have that restriction and might prevent a gite owner (or their caretaker) who lives further away from being categorised as a 'GdF gite'.  However, there are plenty of other organisations to advertise through that have no restrictions at all.  We live 35 minutes away from our gites and clearly there is increased costs from travel, but we have had no major problems so far.  We have been called out when power lines came down during a storm and there was no electricity, but that is classed as part of the job.  We ensure that our guests know where the spare light bulbs are and the trip switch to the electicity box should there be a violent storm.  We made a conscious decision not to live 'on site' and so far we are happy with how it has turned out.  It might not suit everyone though.
  4. Calling all you pool experts this time.  We have just opened up our pool and there are unsightly black marks all the way around the water line.  This has never happened before and we are at a loss to know what to do.  We have tried Aqualine Gel, even leaving it on for extra time, but whilst it lessens the marks it does not remove them.  We visited a pool company yesterday and they didn't know what to do either.  Is there anyone out there who has had this problem and knows what to do.  Grateful for any help you can give us.
  5. Calling all you tax experts, some advice please.  We own a gite with my sister-in-law.  We don't live at the gite, but down the road.  My sister-in-law lives in the UK.  We need to declare a small revenue.  The gite isn't registered so it comes under the micro bic regime.  Easy for us as we just add our part to our form.  However, for my sister-in-law it isn't so clear.  I visited the tax office in Nontron for advice and she gave me two forms, 2042 and 2042c.  However, there is no space to add a uk address (my sister-in-law certainly doesn't want the French tax authorities to think that she lives in France) or the actual gite address.  Unfortunately the tax official I spoke to was totally at a loss to advise her what to do (as was her colleague).  In the end she said just submit a letter.  But we can't be the only ones in this situation.  So is there anyone out there who has experienced this before and knows the answer.  Grateful for any replies.
  6. We are in the process of buying a gite with a pool.  At present it doesn't have any sort of legal security and we are considering a fence as the best option.  However, our attempts to get a devis from local pool companies have come to nought - they seem to be too busy.  One option is to buy the fencing from Castorama and do the work ourselves.  However, I read on 1 pool Company's website that we would need to 'self-certify' the standard of the fencing or our insurance would be invalid.  Of course there was no explanation about how to self-certify.  Has anyone out there experience of installing their own fencing?  What problems were encountered and overcome? Any help gratefully received.
  7. We are just about to buy a gite in the Dordogne, but will continue to live in the Haute Vienne, running it from a short distance.  Does anyone know if we would need to complete two tax forms next year, one for Dept 87 and the other for the gite rental in 24?  Or can we do it all in 87?  We are not planning to register as a business. Grateful for any help  
  8. Hi My husband and I are thinking of buying a house with my brother and his wife.  However, the capital input would be uneven and we would own two thirds.  Is there a way to buy a french property and have the unequal shares registered or recognised at the time of purchase?  Obviously we want to minimise any potential inheritence problems should one of the partners die.  Has anyone out there done something similar?  I have done a search but nothing matched.  Grateful for any help you can provide.    
  9. We have had a nightmare with La Poste.  Opened the account in Feb 04 and then discovered that they would not send us a cheque card or cheque book until we were resident (Junish).  So could put money in but not take it out.  Then discovered that they would not recognise my wife's name (she uses her maiden name) so when the cheque book etc was finally received (in August!) it had the wrong name on it and she could not use it.  After much arguing finally managed to change the title by saying that we aren't married (which we are). And then to cap it all, have just discovered that they charge us over 23 euros everytime we transfer money into the account from the UK even though we already pay charges to our UK bank.  Is this usual or does it just apply to La Poste?  Anyone else had similar problems?  
  10. Sue, Would you mind telling me what steps you took to become registered (especially on the cotisation side) as I have heard that there are special rules for artists. The reason I am wanting to know is that my better half is an artist and will undoubtedly want to sell some of his work when we move in June to the Limousin. Many thanks
  11. Sharon

    La Poste

    We opened an account with La Poste a couple of months ago and they only asked for copies of our birth and marriage certificates. Saying that they later asked for a note from our Notaire saying that we had bought a property in France. We have had two problems. The first is that they had trouble accepting that my surname is not the same as my husband's. After much huffing and puffing they decided to accept it, but everything we have received so far addresses me with his name. The second problem is that they won't give us our cheque book and bank cards until we are permanently resident. Which means that we can put as much money as we want into the account, but take out nothing unless it is by direct debit. This form of banking seems to favour them rather than us. Luckily we will be resident later on this year but we wait with anticipation to see what name is on the cheque book.
  12. I have another question on making dosh whilst retired in France. My husband is an artist in his spare time and often gets commissions for paintings of various kinds. The financial aspects are easily handled in the UK. But what about in France? Can he just tot up the total at the end of the tax year and declare it? He certainly wouldn't want to set up a company and I can't see the cheque d'emploi system working for this one. Would he be allowed to advertise if he doesn't set up a company? He doesn't at the moment but may want to in France when he has time to do more paintings. Grateful for your advice
  13. Hi, We currently live in Italy and cook with bottled gas and have had the same problem. We have great difficulty regulating the temperature. The trick is to put a tray of water on the rack underneath that which the cake is on. We also use an oven thermometer. Happy baking!
  14. Hi, We currently live in Italy and cook with bottled gas and have had the same problem. We have great difficulty regulating the temperature. The trick is to put a tray of water on the rack underneath that which the cake is on. We also use an oven thermometer. Happy baking!
  15. I would like some advice about casual work. I have done a search but did not find anything that quite matched. We will be moving to France later on this year. Whilst we will have a pension to support us, I am considering doing casual gardening work, maybe 4-6 hours per week. Originally I had thought I would just put it on the tax return (as one would do in the UK), however, I am not sure that this would be ok in France where everything seems to be much more carefully controlled. I don't want to open a company as I may not wish to work on a continuing basis. Any ideas about what I could do to avoid being illegal? Thank you for your help.
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