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  1. For those of you using I.E.9, on the menu bar click on 'Tools' and uncheck 'Compatibility View' to remove the white space above the actual forum.  The problem I am having is I can't use my mouse to place my curser where I want it, have to use the arrows on the keyboard. Rubbish update on the forum software, the designer needs a kick up the preverbial.
  2. Control Panel >Display > Change Display Settings > Change Orientatation to 'Landscape'.  This is in Windows 7 but should be the same in XP and Vista. Normally this problem only occurs on Laptops because the settings are usually available in the system tray.   Regards
  3. Hi, As suggested put your 'Real' butter in the microwave on 'defrost' for a few seconds, any other setting usually ends up with liquid. Count yourself luck that you can buy real butter, here in the UK it is fast becoming a rarity.  All supermarkets here sell tonnes of  spreadable butter which of course isn't butter, the manufacturers remove the butter fat and replace it with hydrogenated vegetable oil to soften the product.  Most UK supermarkets only sell about 3/4 choices of butter. Also trivial are the number of products NOT sold here anymore i.e. Kellogs Country Store made in the UK but not sold here but stocked all over Europe.  Camay or Lux toilet soap I could go on.  I asked one of the local supermarked managers where all the products I normally bought had gone, the answer 'Unless we sell x million of units per week we take them off the shelves', this is a typical reason that the supermarkets are restricting choice.  
  4. Hi Sid, I use the professional version of NetObjects Fusion but they offer a free version HERE  Simple WYSIWYG software easy to use and produces a good website.  You create the site on your PC not online, then publish to your web hosting account.  THIS is an example.  Your hosting account doesn't have to be in France by the way.   Regard  
  5. Don't believe it, obviously written by someone as a defence mechanism for their own ample proportions.
  6. There are many such programmes but the best (IMHO) is CCleaner, it is free and rated one of the best.  You can download free HERE. Don't forget to create a 'Backup' folder for the registry backup it makes before cleaning your system. Regards
  7. You have to buy a sim and data package from a 3G provider.  THIS is the link to Orange France (Google translate) giving you the information.  Be aware that your Maison may not be in a 3G reception area as coverage is very patchy.
  8. Hi Gay, Sorry for calling you Kay.  Safe mode, start or restart your computer, as it is booting keep hitting the F8 key, when the options appear use the arrow keys (up - down) to select 'Start in safe mode' when highlighted hit the enter/return key then when windows starts try 'System Restore' Best of Luck
  9. Sorry Kay but it appears you have downloaded a Trojan which uses bogus Anti-Virus warnings.  In the past two week I have had to clean 4 friends computers with the same problem.  It will disable your Anti-Virus programme, Regedit, system restore and any other methods that would normally use to remove it.  So far I have had some success downloading MalwareBytes using another computer, putting it onto a USB flash drive then installing it on the infected PC and running a scan.  Unfortunately the process can by long and involved identifying and removing all traces and you need to be savvy with the process.  Have you tried starting your computer in 'Safe Mode' and running System Restore?, this may work.
  10. You appear to have the Google Toolbar which has that icon, most likely downloaded it with another programme by accident (as most people seem to do) unfortunately they have an opt out not opt in for their toolbar when choosing to download from the net. You can re-install the latest version of Google toolbar by clicking HERE then follow the instructions.
  11. Hi, When you say exported the image what do you mean?, if you used the facility in the Windows Photo Viewer to email the image as an attachment you have several choices i.e. smaller to original size.  The reccipient might find it easier to paste the image into a Publisher or Paint document, adjust the size then print. Regards
  12. [quote user="Rowan"]Thanks all! I am going on line shopping! Hurrah!]] PS if anyone could recommend me the best Viao I would be grateful! Need it to travel, so good battery life, not too heavy, preferably funky colour...[/quote] Hi, Do Not buy one with the NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400M GT GPU Graphics.  They have had lots of problems with this chip.  I am just about to scrap a Vaio which is just out of warranty and although Sony knew the problem they extended the warranty in the U.S. but it doesn't apply in the U.K.  Needless to say I am replacing it with another make and model. Best of Luck
  13. [quote user="Théière"] Must be OUR SPECIAL relationship [;-)] Or that there is a Paris in America [:)] [/quote] 26 Paris but only 11 London in the U.S.A.
  14. Saw it last week HERE.  30 years in the Fire Service and I was twitching!
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