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  1. remember to check the weather and snow conditions up there before you leave.......with snow falling late this year, the season may run late. We were up around La Mongie last April and had to re/route some of our walks. so much to see up there ! I subscribe to Rando Pyrenees and it is full of imfo. If you read any bit of french you could look on the french walking forums........full of imfo.

  2. If your hubbie is a builder you need to choose a region where there is lots of building going on, I'm in the south west, les landes,and they are always looking for people.  Also I think if you want to choose an area think of the climate. We had a holiday place in the Limousin, very long winters compared to here and it was cold !  My son has a place in the Pyrenees and snow usually only falls high up.......places like Pau and south of it can be very mild. If you are touring around look and see what they grow, a good inclination on the weather they get is what they grow........best of luck !

  3. Most of the main street shops have on line sales and deliver of course, good place to check out prices as well I sometime use cdiscount.fr as well
  4. sorry i got the wrong end of the stick ! Can you hang on for the sales in January ? as i'm sure you would get some good deals.
  5. Deville is also another common brand here. I would have thought Tarbes, Pau and mt de Marsan, all good places to find a new range. Do you want to run central heating off your range ?
  6. Worth asking at the doctor's, you may be able to get a prescription to get one off a chemist for a few days. Or else a second hand shop, saw one lately for 10 E.
  7. your'e welcome , 1 is pretty close to the railway station at least. there is a sign up outside it, I can check it out if you like, up that way once a week
  8. There are 2 i think close to Mt de Marsan, or is that too far ?
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