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  1. A (non-French-speaking) friend has asked me to turn off the internet service for her residence secondaire. I've been told that the request must be made to Orange by letter (I have the address). Has anyone done this? Is there some particular terminology I need to know?
  2. Unfortunately for me (after years of using it), the link for suspending my RS service stopped working sometime last fall. Now when I click on the link, I get a popup window that says IE cannot display....
  3. Sorry, posted before getting to the last page.
  4. In my experience (we have the payments preleved), they don't issue a new bill, but they credit back the amount overpaid to your bank account and adjust your monthly payments for the rest of the year (or, in this case, the whole year).
  5. I've installed it on 3 machines, one XP and two Win7 64-bit machines.  Except for having to use the 32-bit IE on the Win 7 machines for the install, we've had no problems with or from FP 10. Are you sure you used the 32-bit IE for the install?
  6. For the record, I've downloaded Chrome (which I don't like, BTW) and the Orange website doesn't work better there either.  In fact, the pages that DO load, load more slowly than on IE8. If I can figure out how to call FT via my Google Voice number, I may do it.  I managed to change the EDF account for the property from our name to the new owners' and to get the prelevement started for them, so I think my French is probably up to suspending our service.  Of course, I'd have to call again to restart before we get back if Orange hasn't gotten the website fixed.
  7. [quote user="Jane and Danny"]strange - works for me on two different pcs with Firefox or IE Have you gone through the steps outlined here? http://assistance.orange.fr/activer-suspendre-depuis-l-etranger-votre-abonnement-ligne-residence-secondaire-4465.php Danny [/quote] Yep.  And I've been turning our service on and off w/o problems for years.  I had no trouble turning it on from here in August.  I've now tried on 3 computers (2 w/IE and 1 w/Firefox) with no success.  It's not a huge expense, but it is annoying.
  8. [quote user="Jane and Danny"]on this page, http://assistance.orange.fr/gestion-de-ligne-4264.php two thirds down the page there is 'votre compte fixe'. Click on 'nous contacter par mail' and you should get a box in the next window to send you message. Danny [/quote] That popup won't display for me either.  Tried connecting yesterday on son's computer using Firefox; no joy there either, so it isn't simply an IE thing.  (And he uses a different ISP.) Thanks, all, for trying to help.
  9. [quote user="Department71"]I had the same problem earlier in the year, used the system for ages, then at the end of July it wouldn't turn off via the website. We returned in September and whilst there opened the 3000 account from our line, when we left phoned them and got the line suspended. Checked our account today and it is in fact suspended as requested.  Tenniswitch I know this is no use to you at the moment but maybe its something to look into on your return. Another post mentioned they E-mailed FT and got it suspended that way. Good luck Steve [/quote] Thanks. At the moment I can't seem to find any link to email them. There's nothing in the "contactez nous" section that I can see.
  10. [quote user="Salty Sam"][quote user="tenniswitch"]After 8 years of turning our phone on and off via the FT website with no problems, I am suddenly unable to do so. When I click the "demander la suspension de la ligne" link, I get an "IE can't display the webpage" message in the window that opens. Anyone else having this problem?[/quote] You now need to go to: [url]http://www.orange.fr/portail[/url]. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one in 'Espace Client', otherwise click on 'Identifiez-Vous' and follow the instructions for logging in. You should then be taken through to your 'Espace Client' page, where you'll find your services listed including "Mon compte internet", and "Mon compte fixe: 02xxxxxxx2". This box will show whether your line is suspended or active. Clicking this link will provide you with the means to activate or deactivate your phone. Any problems, please don't hesitate to PM me. [/quote] Have done all that (multiple times). Unfortunately, the link has stopped working for me. It pops a window up, but I get the IE (8) can't display message. Maddening, as I've been doing this flawlessly for years.
  11. IE 8. All updated and patched. I know it was working in August because I turned my phone on then.
  12. After 8 years of turning our phone on and off via the FT website with no problems, I am suddenly unable to do so. When I click the "demander la suspension de la ligne" link, I get an "IE can't display the webpage" message in the window that opens. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. Yes, a US bank can issue a cashier's check in euros.  Or it can do a wire transfer in euros.  Contact your bank to make sure that they have someone who knows how to do this (if it's a branch of a large bank, they may have to contact someone elsewhere).  You might also check with the notaire and see which he prefers. Our US bank charges $50 for wire transfers and $25 for cashier's checks.  Your bank fees may be different.  There is also the matter of the currency exchange rate; if you're a good customer, they should be willing to give you their "best" rate.
  14. [quote user="Ceejay"]Aidie If you go to the CA Website and click on "Become a client" in English on left hand side and then click on "Glossary" you will find a complete list of French bank terms in English. [/quote] Could you give a link? Thanks.
  15. We've received mail at least 3 days this week.  Nothing today, but I saw the facteuse's car, so I know there was delivery.  (Haute-Loire)
  16. At some time since mid-July, the messagerie vocale for everyone in our village with a FT ligne fixe got turned on (local opinion is that it's related to the conversion of FT to Orange, but who knows?). Many people who had not previously used the FT voicemail (myself included) did not discover this until friends began asking why they never replied to VM messages. I found the following instructions at http://assistance.orange.fr/desactiver-et-reactiver-la messagerie-vocale-3994.php: desactiver la messagerie vocale Depuis votre ligne fixe, procedez de la maniere suivante: 1. Composez le 3103 2. Composez le 2 pour Personnaliser votre messagerie 3. Composez le 4 pour la Gestion de la messagerie 4. Composez le 2 pour Arreter la messagerie Vous entendez Desormaisla messagerie ne prendra plus vos appels (La desactivation de votre messagerie prend quelques minutes.) This worked for me.    
  17. Also CA/Pacifica: Residence secondaire de 6 pieces Surface des dependances- 57 m2 Last year's premium was a hair over 337 euros.  It's not yet renewal time for us.
  18. Here are the rules for my account: Avec cet abonnement, vous disposez des avantages d'une ligne fixe dans votre résidence secondaire avec la possibilité de la suspendre et de la réactiver dans des conditions particulières : Le numéro de téléphone de votre ligne est conservé pendant les périodes de suspension. Vous bénéficiez des conditions de l'abonnement principal lorsque la ligne est en service. La ligne peut être suspendue pour une durée minimale de un mois La ligne peut être réactivée pour une période minimale de un mois. Le nombre de suspensions est limité à six maximum, sur une période de douze mois consécutifs. La durée maximale de suspension est de un an. Au delà de cette date, la ligne est résiliée et le numéro peut être réattribué par France Télécom.
  19. They will credit you for the month/partial month that you don't use the service. I pay 16€/month plus 1.5€ for "presentation de numero" (I like to know who's calling before I answer).
  20. [quote user="Department71"]Tenniswitch, This is my usual procedure to turn on and off. Logged in ok, went to my services etc, clicked on suspend line, new window shows asking to confirm password etc, then new window, but then nothing window blank and "done" at bottom left of screen, When it works ok I get an e-mail confirming that my request has been actioned. I have tried on both laptop and desktop machine, also used Firefox and IE so not computers fault. Am going over to daughters later to try on their machine, if it works time to ask Talktalk what have they done. Steve   [/quote] That is weird.  Are you logging in via FT or Orange?  I find that the "new" Orange website is even flakier than the FT website, so do as much as possible to avoid it. Are you getting the little warning about some parts of the pop-up window not being secure, and asking if you want to view everything?  And, if so, what are you choosing? I just reactivated my service and received email confirmation within 5 minutes.
  21. I don't know how this works in the UK, but, when we first bought a house in France, the notaire sent us papers and we had our signatures notarized in the US.  We then had to provide an official certification of the US notary- which was simple as we live in a state capital and the state's Secretary of State office knew exactly how to do this.
  22. Steve, exactly what happened when you tried via internet.  Did you not get the pop-up window into which you type details?  Or does it just not give you a confirmation of the command?
  23. [quote user="Gardian"] This is what happens over here isn't it? The OP's question was about 'occasional' ADSL usage, and we all get in to a debate about the best method to shaft a less-than-perfect supplier. I summary, I'd say that "No, you can't" to the OP (any more than you can in the UK - if you were the supplier, you wouldn't offer that, would you?), and customer service can be decidedly flakey over here (but then we all knew that anyway, didn't we?)  [/quote] Actually we can do that in the US; the supplier offers it as a "vacation" service.
  24. I recently visited the FT/Orange shop as "translator" for a friend (pity anyone needing my linguistic "skills", but that's another story) who is interested in having internet (ADSL) in his maison secondaire.  We know that ADSL is available in our village (I and others have it), but my friend wants to be able to turn it on and off as he does his telephone since he only spends 1-2 months a year in France. The FT salesperson indicated that this would not be possible/feasible in our village; unfortunately he used a term that was outside my extremely limited French vocabulary.  Does this sound probable?  Or is it just some FT expletive-deleted ploy for trying to sign my friend up for normal (i.e., 12-month) service?
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