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  1. I often book a single wth different carriers for each of the cross channel leg, depending on the timing/day of each crossing it can be cost efficient against a single carrier return - even using one long and one short crossing.  One of the main advantages is the flexibility it then offers - don't mind the St Malo run overnight but am not prepared to leave France home at 0400 to get the return day crossing, for example. Pouyade
  2. My husband has not long returned from building our 10m by 5m pool. We have used a 'polystrene block filled with (reinforced) concrete' construction, on a reinforced concrete slab. This is his first building  project. I'm sure that he would tackle it slightly differently with hindsight - but it was complete in 3 weeks, bar the fitting of the liner - which will be done in June. All in all I reckon we have saved  a third of the cost of having it built for us. The saving could have been greater but we chose to buy in a wonderful hole digger, and bought some labour time to sort out the concrete base. So, it all depends. If you have the time and inclination it is worthwhile and very satisfying - but not a job to rush or to get into without lots of research. Happy to answer any queries via PM   Pouyade
  3. Have just finished speaking on the telephone to a local  and very helpful, much used in the past French supplier. We have (finally) chosen our slabs for around the pool. I rang from England to order and arrange delivery. Quite understandably, they wanted a deposit to back the order. So, I offerred to pay the 500 euros by credit card. Consternation!! How on earth could they take payment over the phone,  from an English card?! So, I asked, would they take a French card if the buyer was present - 'yes'. Would they take an English card if the buyer was present -'yes'. Would they take payment froma holder of a French card over the phone -'yes'. So, what was the problem? Well it's finally done, but they had to call their bank, and its head office or some such. All over a card that has taken some beating at their premises on a number of accasions. No harm done, we're all still friends, but what a session................ Still French logic is unquestionably an interesting facet of the French experience!! Pouyade
  4. Where this has happenened (and I think it has to us last week) what has been the easiest/ most effective way of getting a refund?  I have found entries direct on my credit card for individual bits, then these duplicated on my monthly bill............................. Thanks Pouyade
  5. Suggest you look at the FAQ on DVLA and French Embassy websites. My understanding is NO he can't, just as a French moped rider of 15 is not allowed to ride such in UK.   Pouyade
  6. Our family (who want to retire to France) had dinner last night with a well-travelled American family (who want to retire to Italy); an American family who have lived in UK for 3 years previously, are back here for a second session and who have also lived in France, Spain and Italy (who want to retire to France or UK); and a French couple (who want to retire to USA). It was both great fun and fascinating, as you can imagine. However -  this event mean that we were unable to see the prog last night about a young British couple who upped sticks for a SW France dream life that apparently went slightly sour. I am unable to fathom out how to use our recording device(s), so didn't attempt to tape it. I  wonder if by any chance anyone recorded the prog and would be willing to allow me to borrow/buy the copy. Thanks   Pouyade
  7. 17 is a big place! May have a recommendatiuon - where are you based? Pouyade
  8. Will do - am going over to eyeball the suppliers 'cos we need it pumped into a small cavity, not just delivered down a lorry shute! Pouyade
  9. We are currently enjoying the presence of a 19 year old French boy who is working near us in a cafe as part of a week-long exchange programme. Sounds like a good idea all round  and this programme has been arranged between my daughter's college and a school in Montpellier for some years. In a few weeks my daughter will stay with his family and work in Montpellier (hope she can understand the local accent, I can't!!). She is to be placed into a nursery school for 3-6 year olds. What is of interest to me is that there have been no checks as to my daughter's character/ background whatsoever. The idea that French schooling establishments are apparently not checking all those with close access to childern is incredible, and surely as important as physical security......................... Pouyade
  10. Ok, going to sound thick BUT was the cert.n-c  from Toyota in US or France (or even Japan)? Am in not disimilar situation - we have a Suzuki UK reg but originally a US import to UK. Pouyade
  11. Thanks - can't believe it's so difficult to get hold of - rarely had so many blank looks! Pouyade
  12. Has anyone any details of where we might procure some wet poured/pumped concrete? What we are searching for is a firm who deliver the concrete  in a lorry and then pump it out through quite a small nozzle. We have tried Gravieres in Gemozac, but no joy -anywhere in 20k radius of Gemozac would be ideal. Thanks Pouyade
  13. 'Dunkie'   Tried to E mail you but message bounced - please E mail me then we can catch up, as you're never there when we are!! Love to OH, S 'Pouyade'  
  14. We have a superbly comfortable, 'just right for our respective backs' divan which we have taken to France. However, whilst adament that that is the bed upon which we will sleep' it is not the bateau lit we had deamed of before physiotherapists ruled our lives. Anyone any knowledge of a source (in UK or France) of bateau lit type surrounds with which I could disguise the divan? Many thanks Pouyade.
  15. I wonder if the poor experiences described with inserts are linked to build quality/ design as per the comments about poorly performong free standing woodburners? Ours was as dear as a Jotul; has thick rope seals; is very efficient and stays in overnight (albeit after it's been on for a couple of days or so). I would recommend a good insert as I would a good woodburner, I would hate someone not to investigate the options 'cos they thought ALL inserts were inefficient.......   Pouyade
  16. We recently had an insert put into an existing fireplace. I can only describe us as ecstatic over its efficiency. The insert has a fan option, but this is overrideable and I generally use it only when we are not sitting down admiring it, to speed up the flow of hot air around the two rooms it heats. I agree that the front panel (about 18 inches by 12) is relatively unattractive. We have solved that by painting it to match the chimney, which is of stone. We will be having 2 woodburners installed in freestandng locations later this year - but will revert to another insert when we finish our living room, as I think they generally look better that a wooburner shoe-horned into a fireplace.   If you are in southern 17, I can recommend our installer.............   Pouyade
  17. Mes amis   I am sneaking a few minutes R and R and turned to the forum thinking I would seek to catch up with and double check that there was still ‘normal’ life out there, albeit with a French flavour.  I couldn’t resist though turning to the very interesting set of posts about that which I was trying to R and R away from - the London bombings.  I am one of the (many) cops working here in NSY on this horrific case and just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to you all, as representatives of the general public, for the offers of help and support that we have had.  It has really boosted us all.  I cannot join in the more speculative comments here as you will understand, but can reassure everyone that the MPS (alongside our partners including BTP and the City of London Police) is stretching every sinew in the efforts to return London to normal, protect you and bring the bombers to justice.    Vive Londres!!   Thank you again   Pouyade
  18. I share the condolences offered. Where is your place in France? Can any (nearby) forum members offer you any support in situe?? Pouyade
  19. In order to access them swiftly whilst in France it would be time efficient if I could find a way of copying my (long and well organised) favourites list of web sites to my lap top. The thought of retyping each is enough to send me to sleep, or to the gin bottle! Any bright ideas? I appreciate that it's probably very easy once you know how.................... Thanks   Pouyade
  20. Last minute panic from friends who have decided that they can actually take a week off in e August after all and are finding availability poor. They are after a one week (exactly whcih one flexible) rental for 6 (3 bedrooms) with pool near Gemozac. Any ideas? PM or E mails very welcome, Thanks Pouyade  
  21. pouyade


    Oh that I could get near Teamedup's prices here in Berkshire - even those figures sound like a bargain read from here in Maidenhead!! Pouyade
  22. So who are you, really?? I have actually been a member of this forum for years, but have transmogrified through ISP changes/forum format changes/own memory failure to my current ‘moniker’ and junior status. I wonder whether some of the main stays of the forum of yesteryear are still with us but under new plumage. Have been trying to work it out from the tone and content of posts, but am not sure……….. Anyone care to reveal their ‘previous’ identies?! Can’t actually remember all mine, except ‘seb’.   Ps anyone know where/who ‘Dunkie’ is now?     Pouyade Berkshire and 17  
  23. Have to concur - we have a 'kinetico' softener in UK. Simple, reliable with no electrics, saves on detergents etc and EXCELLENT for sufferers from common skin problems like eczema/psoriasis. Will be replacing 6 year old one in UK when new kitchen installed next spring and repositioning it in France. Pouyade
  24. Have to concur - we have a 'kinetico' softener in UK. Simple, reliable with no electrics, saves on detergents etc and EXCELLENT for sufferers from common skin problems like eczema/psoriasis. Will be replacing 6 year old one in UK when new kitchen installed next spring and repositioning it in France. Pouyade
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