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  1. Bought one in September. Absolutely delighted with it. Came down from a Previa which size we no longer needed. I tried most major marques of similar size and in my view got the best value. Have the petrol 1600 which cruises at (!) the motorway speed limit with acceleration/ speed to spare.  Good high driving position. For a medium-size hatch back it is stylish, very comfortable, has good boot size and easy to park in town. My test drive was in the 1500 diesel which amazed me, but the fuel cost/ mpg ratio for our use led us elsewhere. Pouyade  
  2. I bought a hand-held steam cleaner, thinking it would be a useful way of assessing whether a more expensive heavier duty version would be a good buy. I didn't therefore expect miraculaous results, but, although it appears to be working correctly, I am not able to really see any benefits when using it. I have tried it on the oven, small marks on carpets, shower tiles etc and am underwhelmed. Am I doing something wrong, or are they just not as described? Pouyade
  3. Consider Marks and Spencer. We have found them efficient,  very competitive and include Euro breakdown too. Pouyade
  4. Related topic - a friend has just had a hot tub installed and is new to all the chemical balances issues etc. I ran through what I could as the recommended levels are similar to a swimming pool BUT she haas been sold something called 'aquafinesse' as an organic set of ingredients allegedly eliminating the need for others apart from chlorine. The latter is in galette form and so has cynuric acid therein. We have been unable to find out what is in this liquid and I fear it is either an expensive way to use necessary chemicals or is atotally unecessary con. Any knowledge/views/ideas? Many thanks   pouyade
  5. [quote user="Sprogster"]One of the reasons maybe that there are more 'silly' posts at the moment, is that there has been a substantive decline in new posters moving to France and asking for associated advice,[/quote]   When there were substantive discussions to be had, some  people reacted badly to those who held views opposing their own - whether I agreed on a particular issue or not, TeamedUp and Saligobay added value to the discussions; both were, of course, also able to be light-hearted. I feel capable of distinguishing between the two without others' censorship. Too much navel gazing going on around here for me, I'm afraid. Pouyade
  6. Whilst in France recently, I had cause to return an item I had bought a couple of days earlier. It was a car part, and I had been sold the wrong size. They were fine with the principal of refunding my money but refused to credit the refund to my credit card (MasterCard) with which I had paid for it. They insisted that I took cash. Is this normal in France? Why did the store state that it was impossible to make a credit to a card, any card; a view which was adhered to by waiting customers? My card company say that cash should not be given in return for items paid for by card amd that they can see no reason for this refusal. Be interested in others’ experience and views. Pouyade
  7. pouyade

    Soda water

    Have searched all over amd asked for it to no avail, I bring it over from UK - any family with cystitis sufferers within its ranks will understand!! Pouyade
  8. Thx. Very helpful start. Search underway! pouyade
  9. Thx. That is the firm who are local - I'm sure they are ok but have a reputation as very pricey. Doesn't seem to be any competition though! Pouyade
  10. Have wonderful stoves in France but does anyone have a recommendation for a supplier and installer of wood-burning stoves or inserts in UK?  I am having difficulty finding more than one who will cover the Maidenhead area. I am after a firm who will supply and fit. Have done the google thing! Many thanks in advance as ever, Pouyade
  11. Used Caen for first time at the beginning of June to go to Charente- Maritime, so via Tours. Easy route BUT sat nav wanted to send me via Rouen to get onto A28, not cutting through via Argentan etc. Luckily I ignored HIM!! Pouyade
  12. pouyade

    No toiletteur

    We bought ours in Lidl in Gemozac - but, as ever, you need to wait for them to come into stock.  Just got back yesterday and, whilst there, the dog hairdressers in Gemozac was recommended by some English dog owners who have extensive relevant experience in both countries.........   Pouyade
  13. Speed humps? Just thought are they called sleeping policemen/gendarmes in France?! Pouyade
  14. Being realtively tall  (5 9) for a gal, I struggle even in UK to get clothes proportionately sized, particularly tops long enough for my poor frame. In France, I find it even more difficult, easier in Holland and Germany. Any ideas for French suppliers? There must be some tall French women, somewhere, albeit I seem to tower many  French chaps in 17!!    Pouyade
  15. Can't help specifically, but two thoughts: We use a generic garage locally, found by word of mouth which deals with any make. They are excellent so perhaps your friend should speakl to neighbours? We have a Rover diesel. Actually they  have BMW engines (fantastic), so a BMW garage may be a way forward if he wants to go to a marque specific servicer? Pouyade    
  16. Thanks for all the comments.  She has been across Portsmouth - Caen a couple of times without a problem, but the St Malo route, particularly if one is loaded early and/or disembarked late is somewhat longer, without any delays!!  I certainly would not relish arriving back at the car to a little ‘accidental present’!   As coincidence would have it, my husband’s boss has changed the work schedule again (3 times in 5 days) so we may now be able to revert to the dates we wanted and thereby use the tunnel or a short crossing, which suits us better generally.  If anyone sees a ‘dead to the world’ black cocker spaniel, in a Previa, at a service station, with a middle aged owner trying to persuade her to leave it for a pee, that’ll be us doing the 12 hour jaunt to Charente-Maritime.   Can’t wait! [:)]   Pouyade  
  17. Our 7 yr old spaniel has travelled happily to France on short ferry crossings, on Speedferries and by Tunnel at least 4 times a year since she was a year old. For our next visit, it suits us to use the Portsmouth - St Malo route but we are concerned as to how she would cope. I read that she would be able to go into kennels (on the Bretagne) rather than having to stay on the car but am still wondering whether it is a great idea. Anyone used the kennel system or able to offer information on the kennel visiting arrangements? Does one end up later/ earlier embarking or disembarking when using the kennels? Do the dogs just wind each other up?   Thoughts welcome, by PM if you prefer. Many thanks   Pouyade
  18. Can't remember how much we last paid, but chestnut, whilst excellent for heat, is very, very sparky. We only use it in the woodburners as we haven't time to watch it constantly on the open fires. The odd mix up has had us shooting after burning embers which have shot a metre from the open fire...................   Pouyade
  19. [quote user="Deimos"]  Given that the programs give out specific figures (e.g. house prices, renovation costs, etc.) then I really this that the broadcaster should put the date it was filmed somewhere.  OK, not on the screen (emphasising its old or a repeat) but maybe in the program guide or somewhere.  Without the date it is just plain misleading. Re: the guy's UK qualifications.  I'm sure that if he can get his UK qualifications he has the capabilities to manage to do the appropriate study, etc. in France to understand the requirements and standards here.  His French might be limited but some people let limited French stop them doing things whilst others just get on with life and manage and have great fun doing it. And just think of all those people who learnt to drive in the UK under UK rules - and now they are driving in France and most of them have received no additional training, have not even read the French Code de la Route, etc.  Things differ but people can learn and I can see no reason to just assume he will "get it wrong". Ian[/quote] I agree,  I thought they were a hardworking, positive couple who would succeed through commitment and energy at most things they decided to tackle. They revised their dream plan in the light of circumstances (sensible) and appeared to be well on the road to living their own kind of dream. Good luck to them. Actually, in the end credits was a caption, " Prices correct as at Summer2005" or whatever. Pouyade
  20. Queuing at Center Parcs to book some or other activity , only to find that the receptionist was a young man I had sacked a couple of months previously.............................
  21. As a child, whilst on holiday from Birmingham, I went with my parents up Snowdon on the railway. In the same carriage turned out to be my Dad's cousin whom he had not seen since he was a teenager! My secretary turned out to have been to the same senior school as me (150 miles away from where we both ended up working) albeit entering as I was in my final year. That's quite frighteming - what stories might there be to tell?! Pouyade
  22. pouyade

    Cat diet

    Thanks all! Will progress the KD diet immediatley and see how we get on................... Pouyade
  23. pouyade

    Cat diet

    Our last surviving cat (14yr old male tabby) has been diagnosed with progressive kidney failure. The vet says he can do nothing to halt or reverse his decline but can slow it through the use of a prescription only special diet - ‘KD’. Just wondered if anyone was aware of anything else that might be done or the efficacy of this (expensive) diet? Many thanks   Pouyade
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