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  1. Went to see Avatar in 3D last night - amazing effects, thin story. BUT, I had to leave half way through as it made me feel very sick - like travel sickness. Just got back home in time......! I hope that this isn't going to be the case in all 3D films/ TV or I will be rather limited in viewing choices in the future as 3D becomes more popular/ commonplace. Pouyade
  2. Went to see Avavtar in 3D last night - amazing effects, thin story. BUT, I had to leave half way through as it mage me feel very sick - like travel sickness. Just got back home in time......! I hope that this isn't going to be the case in all 3D films/ TV or I will be rather limited in viewing choices in the future as 3D becomes more popular/ commonplace. Pouyade
  3. Question. Does the priority remain for a LEFT turn by the vehicle (assuming the road is clear on the opposite diection!) or only a 'merging' via a right turn? On  narrow (1.25 vehicle width) roads local to us, this could prove an interesting manoeuvre.............. Pouyade
  4. Should anyone have availability in e March please pm me. We are after a ski apartment or similar, suitable for 4 adults in comfort with either direct piste access to or v near the slopes, in an area of reliable snow. Pref Alps but would consider Pyrenees. Many thanks, Pouyade
  5. We get full European RAC cover included with our Marks and Spencer car insurance. When doing the renewal recently, I looked into it (again) and the costs via M and S was cheaper than buying equivalent insurances separately. Pouyade
  6. I use HIFX - all done in minutes online with debit card from UK bank. Pouyade
  7. I watched about half the programme , so perhaps missed what I am about to comment upon, tho' from what I have heard, I doubt it. This was great opportunity to expose the BNP not just for the obvious slant taken on race issues, but as a party without policies on others - a proper debate on education, environment, infrasructure, etc, would have drawn NG out as a one trick pony, and with an unpleasant trick at that. They tried too hard to make him come acrossa s bigoted and inarticulate - he can do that all by himself, given enough rope...... Pouyade
  8. Whatever the 'norm' (and we were advise the seller pays; we insisted on splitting the bill when we bought a slice of a neighbour's field recently, seemed fair) what you appear to be doing is allowing  the issue to spoil your enjoyment of your French property for the sake of £300 or so and allowing this sum/issue to dominate the first months of your new life. Sorry, seems self defeating to me. What you are being asked to pay is a reasonable sum and I would put it down to experience, vow to be cuter next time and move on. Pouyade
  9. Still having glut of blackcurrants from last harvest in the freezer, I would be very interested in anyone's recipe for using them in a sauce for duck (or pork, I guess). My searches have been unfruitful ( pun acknowledged!) Pouyade
  10. Saw the new Startrek last night. Absolutely marvellous (and so said the non-trekie in our party!) Pouyade
  11. JJ I have pm'd you. Best wishes Pouyade
  12. Re Saintes, has anyone any information re this year? I have tried an internet search without joy. Thanks Pouyade
  13. Could you post the link? Thanks Pouyade
  14. It all depends on the exact nature of the checks (they vary according to agency, role and type of job) and the nature of the reciprocal agreement with the French on the relevant parts of the checks selected for his position. It may NOT be possible for them to be completed. He needs to explore the issue with the agency direct. Frankly, it also depends on the nature of the job he is offered, if it is junior and/or temporary and/or easy to fill, the cost of foreign checking may not be seen as a worthwhile investment. In the security questionnaire/ application advice it normally describes the extent that living outside the UK may be a barrier. Pouyade
  15. Well, if anyone needs to see an excellent UK dentist who, whilst being an 'ordinary' dentist, specialises in root canal work that other dentists feel is too complex for them, pm me. He is based in Wokingham, Berks. Suffice to say that I almost fell asleep in the chair he is so gentle and ensure it is pain free, even the anaesthetic  injections themselves. He only undertakes private work but we find his fees extremely reasonable. Pouyade
  16. I too queried the new rules and was told it was a safety measure now enforced after the fire - one which really should have been before but wasn't. Hmmm. I had the bizarre experience of being told that the new load restrictions meant that I could carry a load 3m by 3m by 3m. 'or half a transit van full'. I did try to explain the difference between 27m2 and 3 m2,  but I am afraid the lady had somewhat less maths than I and I only have  A level. I would imagine that a large 4 by 4 or our old people carrier could easily be found to be carrying this amout anyway, just for a long familly holiday. As you say what really is the difference between a load of luggage, ski kit and food and a load of flat pack or whatever? In our case a cooker, various books and the normal accumulation of 'bits and bobs for France'. We finally went on a long crossing overnight, and overall had better value for money, given current tunnel prices. Pouyade
  17. Thanks for posting this - I can't help you, but you helped me!! Only a few days ago I booked my husband on the evening flights to and from Angouleme, deliberately chosen so as to avoid day time travelling and thus maximising time off without taking leave. Only due to your post, I discover the time chandges!! I have heard nothing form the carrier and am not sure we will be able to use the flights now. Am considering what to do as I type. But thanks for alerting me! Pouyade
  18. SEBO do a 'pet' version - though we have 2 'ordinary' ones and 3 animals and are very impressed with their performance. My husband is a Virgo, so you can imagine the standard required for him to be satisfied! Pouyade
  19. I don't kmow of any senior officer who supported the introduction of the scheme. Most, like myself, did/do take the bonus money as it was part of an earlier pay settlement where the basic pay had been adjusted accordingly (ie down in real terms!). I can never ever recall a converstaion where anyone commented on adjusting our stance or approach because of the bonus being more or less likely to be awarded. Indeed in my line of specialism (CT), my success or otherwise had no real impact on the targets of burglary, road deaths etc etc except perhaps to make reaching them less likely if officers were diverted fom 'normal' duties to help with preventative security or the aftermath of an incident. It is a farce but rest assurred it cut the pay bill a little (unless you include the administration and morale costs). I know of one Authority which is seeking a buy out of the scheme but the HO is still keen. There are schemes (with bigger incentives) for civil servants both local and central. All such are hang overs of the misguided notion that what happens in the private sector works and is automatically better than in the public sector; and that it should be imposed on the public sector. Having had senior experience of both, I disagree!! Pouyade
  20. Well, in some sort of fairness, it would be awardable only on the back of the force’s overall performance on burglary, robbery etc etc as set by the Authority and Home Office. Whatever anyone thinks of his personality!!! There are some strong views on that within the Service too you know! Pouyade
  21. The bonus scheme was imposed upon the Police service most senior ranks by politicians whom the cynical might think hoped thereby to influence police activities more closely than many would be comfortable with. The amounts are set in regulations and are paid according to performance against published performance targets, set at the beginning of each policing year. The actual decisions as to achievement and amounts awarded are made by  Police Authorities, who are themselves a mix of politicos, ‘independents’ selected by the Authority and magistrates; together acting rather like non- exec directors on pay and conditions issues.  The pay scales etc etc are again centrally set by Government machinery and rather lower than equivalent central Civil Service pay and conditions, surprisingly!!   ACPO is required to be a limited company because of legislation regarding its handling of moneys. These come not from fines or any other such statutory judicial source – those go effectively into government - but through the individual subscriptions of members. It is the most senior officers’ professional body where research, forward thinking and interface with other such are managed. I can’t remember the amount per year but last time I looked several hundred pounds per year per member. It is NOT their staff association body which negotiates pay etc with the Government – CPOSA which is again funded by individual subscriptions.   Safe to say the published maximum percentages payable by rank and the pay scales (which are permanently in the public domain) allow anyone to work out the maximum taxable bonus payable. The rules surrounding decisions as to exactly how much is actually paid include the rubric from Government that it would be extremely rare for anyone to get the maximum and most will get near the bottom of the band. That has certainly been my experience, with only perhaps 10% getting anything in the schemes first year, and a few more thereafter.   The amount that Officer A gets as opposed to Officer B is confidential, even amongst themselves; the pay scales are however publicly set. That is a pretty normal circumstance in the public sector. Of course in the private sector both are often kept private.   To suggest that there is any theft or unlawful payemnet occurring here would be incredible, inaccurate and IMHO actionable.   Best wishes   Pouyade   Ps Yes, a retired senior cop, who received a small bonus last year and the year before.
  22. Perhaps, simply, it was at an airport where all police are armed automatically? Pouyade
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