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  1. When OH went over recently in a hired van, he received a phone call from BF the day before departure asking him for the reg number. Explaining that he didn't yet know which van he would be allocated, they just said that they would input the reg number on arrival at check in. Pouyade
  2. Precisely why I took a UK kitchen to France! Being 5' 9'', I would like it a little higher still! Pouyade
  3. Thanks - I got there in the end via desktop, graphic, properties, something or other, just before reading this tip! Will bookmark it for the future, Thanks again Pouyade
  4. I am sure that there is a simple (and to those who know, obvious) explanation for why my netbook screen has suddenly gone to a 'portrait' setting from landscape. Operating it on its side is not easy! How do I get it to turn back? Hoping that I am right and that the answer is simple! With thanks in advance Pouyade
  5. V hot water with a dose of biological washing powder, left 24 hours. or, have you tried the dishwasher? Pouyade
  6. Hi! We are reasonably experienced dog owners and have seen the growth spurts that our lawn has where our cocker spaniel sprinkles. However, since adopting a young rottie we have seen the lawn decimated. We are now getting bare areas on the lawn as the 2 dogs seem to outbid each other with wee. The local pet shop sell various substances to put in the dogs' water bowls to stop the wee being so noxious, including one called 'rock sulphur' and another, 'Australian rocks'. Do these work at all? Are there any side effects for the dogs? Any other tips to help us avoid losing the grass? Also Rottie (spayed female) has always pee'd like a bloke - leg cocked - about half the time. However she positions herself, she scratches at the grass with her rear paws like a cat afterwards - sending small divots flying for several feet as if to cover her wee! Never seen this before with our other dogs. Clues?! She is, I should add, a charming, happy, soft, reasonably obedient , well exercised young lady......... Thanks in advance Pouyade
  7. Thieiere Have pm'd you Pouyade
  8. Many thanks for this pointer, I did look but never seem to get the right search results! Pouyade
  9. My husband bought me a very expensive bottle of the genuine article, in Italy as it happens. Fine. But, what to do with it? Any suggestions as to how to use it to best advantage, please? Thanks Pouyade
  10. I'm with Idun on this. I had a slow cooker but could always 'taste' that food had been cooked it in - rather as a microwave leaves a taste on food. I use a combination oven which just takes my cast iron casserole dish and use that on a very low heat with great and economical results. Pouyade
  11. At the last minute we decided to go skiing last week (got back yesterday around midnight). Concerned that there wouldn't be enough food for the dogs and unwilling to get our daughter, who was dog sitting, to buy it at shop prices locally, I ordered from zooplus (uk site for uk address) literally an hour before we left. It arrived 3 working days later, very good service. I will look at the other links when I next need an order, hopefully I will have more time than I did on this occasion! I did notice that zooplus uk offer delivery to France - is there any difference in price/ service between using the UK site as opposed to the French one for delivery to/in France? Or is it merely a handy alternative language wise but actually one central offer? Pouyade
  12. I find that OH stops mentioning such issues once he has had to use the machine himself for a week or so...... He has choice, my way; or DIYFS!! Pouyade
  13. JeanS I have pm'd you. Pouyade
  14. Thanks all for speedy response! I shall check out the sites and place an order v soon! Pouyade
  15. I have had a quick search without joy - I would be interested to hear views on the best websites for buying dog food either for delivery here in UK or for delivery to France as well as a reputable website for purchase of tick/ fleas /wormer meds. Many thanks in advance, Pouyade
  16. Speaking to our UK vet today, he recommends monthly Advocate and 3 monthly Droncit for use whilst in UK, (with tick collar in the warmer months), with monthly Advantix and monthly Milbemax in France. HOWEVER, Milbemax is incompatible with Advocate so has asked me to make sure that it is not given during the coverage period of Advocate, neither by me nor the vet during the pre- return trip appointment. Complicated?!!
  17. Yes, Chancer, I agree, but then I wouldn't dream of buying a Christmas cake or pudding in England for the same reasons. A proper home made version is so so easy and so, so, so much better, incomparable really! Pouyade
  18. We had similar problems with our rottie as a younger pup. Try a water sprayer - we bought a bird sprayer from the pet store, it's a gentle mister - and use consistently to the face area when bad behaviour is actually occurring. Then lots of treats/ praise when temptation is resisted thereafter! Pouyade
  19. We will use the Nationwide credit card for purchases and keep the Halifax one cl;ear. I will preload it, withdraw the cash; I shall report back once I see what happenes........!
  20. I have just got us the new Halifax clarity credit cards which have no charges. I called Halifax and they said that, if I withdrew CASH on the CREDIT card and paid off the card (via our online bank account) immediatley there would be no charges. Would this not work on the nationwide card? Pouyade
  21. Near our house in France are the village of 'Arces' and the hamlet 'Grosse Tete'. Pouyade
  22. A rook on its own is a crow; a crow in a crowd is a rook. IIRC Pouyade
  23. Please, if anyone can recommend (or warn about!) a satellite installer in the Charente Maritime (near Gemozac), please could he/she pm me? Many thanks
  24. Please could one of our home grown French colleagues let on WHY there isn't fresh cream available, generally speaking? How a nation which prides itself on good quality food (whatever experiences to the contrary any of us may have had from time to time) can happily accept sterilised/UHT 'white liquid' is beyond me. Pouyade
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