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  1. Hello Folks, We have been living in Southern France near Beziers for five years and are re-locating to the U.K. on 23rd September this year.  Our problem is that our small labrador x doggie's pet passport will not be valid until 17th November.  We're therefore looking for a loving temporary home for him as near to Calais as possible so we can pop over and see him ( we won't be far from the channel ports)  We will obviously pay fees but are anxious that we don't have to kennel him for two months in case it spoils him, he is such a lovely natured little chap.  He's fully up to date with all his jabs and has been castrated.  To all intents and purposes he looks like golden labrador with small features and very, very short legs and he's about the same size as a cocker spaniel.  He loves everyone especially children but he has, as yet, no knowledge of cats. Is there any kind soul out there who can help? Here's hoping, Sue
  2. Hmm yes, thanks for that, however it's advice from a so called "expert" that has got me into the situation I'm in.  I have learned a huge lesson though and that is, "You will only get the answer to the question you ask"  At huge cost (far more than your suggested 250 euros) my accountant told me there was no way around paying cotisations even though I told her that I was unlikely to earn more than 4,000 euros and she said that everyone pays up front.  I now know this to be untrue.  Because of her advice I never even asked the question of URSSAF when I registered and out of my meagre earnings of 3,800 this year I have paid 1881 euros in cotisations to URSSAF and RAM Gamex, 625 euros to basic pension and now this demand for Taxe Professionnelle for 550 euros.  So, for 380 hours of work this year I am left with a total wage of 796 euros which works out at 2,09 per hour.  Mad?! Yes I'm hopping.  I'm particularly cross that I now have to go back to all these places and find out how I can get refunded .  Sorry but in this country more than any other I have lived in I feel I can trust no one but most particularly anyone who claims to be an expert. I'm off to eat chocolate now! Sue
  3. Hi Folks, I know there are some freelance English teachers out there and I hope someone may be able to help me with my query. Briefly, I am a trained TEFL teacher living and working in the Languedoc, I registered as a "trainer" ( Formation des adultes et formation continue) and I work only a few hours a week.  Apart from the usual liability for cotisations which I was expecting, I was hit earlier in the year with a lump sum payment into the pension fund which I wasn't expecting and now to top it all a demand for Taxe Professionelle for over 500 euros which I certainly wasn't expecting!!  I wrote to the tax office concerned to verify that I have to pay bearing in mind I don't have an office or any employees and they have confirmed that this does not negate liability for the tax.  Is it possible that proof of low income will exonerate me or is this just wishful thinking? I'd be grateful for any advice on this. Sue
  4. Hi there, Probably too late for you, it sounds as if you're in a hurry! I live half an hour from Narbonne, have a TESOL certificate gained two years ago in U.K. No recent paid work in France but plenty of experience of the voluntary variety. Experience with all age groups and one to one teaching. Have transport. Let me know if I can be of any use.
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