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  1. Courgette tart ie a quiche but with courgette and no lardons, freezes well. Curried courgette soup - very easy and delicious hot or cold. Freezes well. Plus I make courgette chutney - a real faff to make but I love it. Also, as suggested already, add courgette to most pasta dishes - OH makes a super tagliatelle dish with courgette, blue cheese and either spinach or wilted blette (chard?) leaves in a sauce with added crème fraîche. Flat lamelles/thin strips in salads or fried as a veg. We eat lots of courgettes ?
  2. But the posters are not dead .. they have simply moved on ?
  3. David .. Sorry if I confused you earlier. I wanted to explain that your Préfecture will help you if you contact them .. their email address is : [email protected] Do explain that you are in a wheelchair and they will help you out.
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    Judith-aka-Judith wrote the following post at 13 Jul 2021 9:55: Sue, Take a copy ... and keep that copy, you will not guess how many times you will need it (we didn't and had to get a replacement!). Good advice - I made about 3 copies of each .. never, ever part with the Original, guard it safely.
  5. David wrote the following post at 13 Jul 2021 10:27: I have now received the date for our appointment for our "titre de séjours", with an instruction to attend at the "à la préfecture de Préfecture de l'Aude" with no address given .. My 90 year old friend, wheel-chair bound and 'fragile' was in the same situation. We wrote a simple email to the Préfecture - the contact details were at the bottom of the letter she received - describing the problem and asking for help. (The 'Bureau des Etrangers' where the interview would take place was up a flight of stairs, the whole being renovated and also had no lift !) They replied suggesting that I could go in her place with her supporting documents - so that's what I did. Please contact your Préfecture by email preferably and explain your situation .. they are obliged to help. Edit : Looking at their website you will need the 'Bureau des Etrangers' too .. you can contact them : Pour prendre un rendez-vous avec le service des étrangers : votre demande par mail à : [email protected] en prenant soin de bien indiquer vos coordonnées (nom, prénom, adresse postale, numéro de téléphone, mail). Un agent vous répondra dans les plus brefs délais.
  6. Judith-aka-Judith wrote the following post at 12 Jul 2021 8:47: Thanks, Sue! I'm duly corrected! No, no .. sorry if my reply appeared to say that. Bonnes Fêtes and Bonne Fête are used all the time is what I was trying to say. Just that there are 2 of them at the end of the year so the plural is used but just one July 14.
  7. Judith-aka-Judith wrote the following post at 11 Jul 2021 21:18: Must admit, Mint, that if in doubt, I just say bonnes fêtes! That's what everyone .. and I really mean everyone so friends, neighbours, resto people, shop people, the postman/postlady just everyone .. says. Bonnes Fêtes .. mostly for the end of the Year. ? .. but for 14 July then it's .. Bonne Fête Nationale
  8. Antonia wrote the following post at 04 Jul 2021 13:03: If I want to make a withdrawal I have to go through the F.A. and I'd much rather be able to do that myself. Online there are many sites which discuss legal questions .. for free. The difficult part is phrasing the question on Google to reflect your particular query. Have a go as there is an amazing amount of genuine advice by experts out there. Edit: I was going to suggest contacting the financial advisor .. but he might be economical with the truth in his reply.
  9. Antonia wrote the following post at 03 Jul 2021 10:44: When we first moved to France we used the services of a Financial Advisor. What's a defunct Assur Vie ? Are there funds in this Assur Vie ? Management charges are charged on all Assur Vie .. as the company you hold the AV with are providing a service. So .. are you paying 2 lots of charges - one to the AV company and another lot to this 'advisor' ?
  10. Antonia wrote the following post at 30 Jun 2021 19:48: I think, perhaps, ALBF has given us a clue as to why some people remain disenchanted with the EU .. .. but, in my view, the fight has to be conducted from within, not without. I agree with you .. I have always said that the EU has many faults but that the best way to reform it/change it is from inside it.
  11. Ken wrote the following post at 29 Jun 2021 20:28: Then you, and your O.H. were residents in the U.K. and if correct, Antonia was (is ) too, and so entitled to vote. I, on the other hand, am a resident in France and was not entitled to vote even though I'm a U.K. citizen. Was there some coherent point to your post? There you go again making wrong assumptions, Ken. Like Antonia and Judith my OH and I are residents in France .. with cds to prove it ?
  12. Ken wrote the following post at 29 Jun 2021 18:54: Well, perhaps they should have. Just like you and me; if we wanted to vote we should have gone back to the U.K. You didn't, neither did I. The fact is that only U.K. citizens could vote. I am a UK citizen .. it says so on my UK passport. And, like Antonia, I (and my OH) voted in the referendum.
  13. NormanH wrote the following post at 21 Jun 2021 8:58: *MY SOUL HAS A HAT* Excellent poem, thanks Norman; and what a fascinating life Mario de Andrade had before dying at only 51. Most of us on here are older than that (?) so we have a lot to be thankful for.
  14. NormanH wrote the following post at 15 Jun 2021 21:47: Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU-OD5_Dxrs La chanson des vieux amants Oh yes .. one of my favourite songs. The words, his words - caressed by his voice; his intonation .. such feeling.
  15. mint wrote the following post at 15 Jun 2021 10:35: Just when you think you have got the hang of how to "make" adverbs and begin to relax a bit that you will be OK with the most common ones, up pops one like incessament! Incessamment .. means shortly, directly or in next to no time. Prochainement is in due course, in the near future .. so not quite so speedily as incessamment. ?
  16. Do you think MLP can do it .. ? I remember her meltdown in the televised head to head with Macron last time, when the real opinions of MLP rose to the fore. After her wilder ideologies had been carefully tamed during the run-up to the last election.
  17. Lori wrote the following post at 12 Jun 2021 19:46: The house is amazingly cool (in 33 degree heat) and extremely quiet (considering we are in the center of town, just across from the Mairie). I hope we continue to like the place. Owner and agent have been very nice so far. Brilliant news .. congratulations to both of you .. you have taken the first steps on the road to your new life outside Paris ?
  18. nomoss wrote the following post at 04 Jun 2021 18:35: Try a Google search for "sexual intellectual" That is just so apt .. amazing what you can learn on here ?
  19. Ken wrote the following post at 03 Jun 2021 20:18: Are 'certain chemicals' inserted into food to cause craving? I don't think so. yes there is sugar and salt etc that constitutes certain foods but that is, in my view, something entirely different to what you are suggesting. But that was one of the main points of the summary at the end .. It is very possible that the Professor concerned might be awarded research development money to look into this very aspect of inbuilt addiction added to ultra-processed, foods .. the now proven fact that engineered foods can be produced to induce craving where no craving existed before. How do you know that some of the foods you are presently eating do not already concern a smidgen of such a chemical .. you don't, or rather you can't, as they don't have E numbers or any recognisable annotation .. in fact, according to you they don't exist ?
  20. Judith-aka-Judith wrote the following post at 02 Jun 2021 22:28: Link didn;t work for me, I can live in ignorance ... Do try again Judith .. copy and paste into the address bar of your browser. It really is worth watching. The last minute or two is a real thought provoker .. reference effect on and behaviour of children. Helps me understand the violence and moronic behaviour of the youth I see on the news of an evening.
  21. JohnFB wrote the following post at 02 Jun 2021 22:42: of course you can with a small margin of error. Quite right too .. except for your choice of the word 'small'. I should have worded my post differently .. If you have mostly UK sourced income, especially involving government pensions and investment income, then it is difficult to arrive at a realistic appraisal of your French income tax liability. Edit : I think Woolly understood what I was getting at.
  22. Not a chance if you have any foreign i.e. UK sourced income.
  23. NickP wrote the following post at 29 May 2021 18:37: What I do find annoying about most Vegetarians is that when they come to peoples homes to eat, nearly always their diet is respected, unfortunately, it doesn't often work the other way round. I think the French idea of a Vegetarian meal is to scrape the meat off the plate. Being an almost veggie .. I eat some fish and some fowl but mostly veggie .. So I can sympathise with your post. In the beginning of our life here some 16 years ago I found much incomprehension of my food preferences. So a simple salad would come with lardons on top, or a herb omelet would have ham in it or on it. Fish often came wrapped in some meaty delight somehow .. even tho I'd say that I didn't want ham wrapped around my asparagus, somehow it arrived like that even so. Things are much easier these days .. especially the last year when 95% of the time we have eaten at home ???
  24. Lehaut wrote the following post at 29 May 2021 9:08: .. the simpler the product the better it is for you and often tastes better. .. the vast profits that are made from addictive food, often made with the cheapest ingredients. Have to agree with your words, we mostly cook from scratch .. but then we are retired so have the time. Tho we have had the same attitude most of our lives. The nub, as I understand it, of the programme was the 'mouth satisfaction' element intentionally built into most processed foods .. coupled with taste designed to please the majority. 'Good for you' elements not being part of the equation. I find it scary what is put into some food .. and the ever-increasing reliance by some people on a take-away meal. Fast food, to your door with little thought of what's really in it .. just it's speedy and momentarily satisfying.
  25. NickP wrote the following post at 25 May 2021 21:19: We use the security code system all the time on our mobiles, with no problems at all. Me too; but it seems that the Lloyds secure system might be meeting conflict with the French phone system, which is why I asked my question.
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