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    exporting pets

    Hi We are preparing to export our cats and have just had them microchipped and jabbed against rabies. We were told that is all that is necessary to export them with their own pet passports. BUT they would not be allowed back into the UK on that passport.  If they then have a blood test (not less than 30 days after the jab) and the results are positive, they will be issued with a full passport and that means they will be allowed back into the UK - but only 6 months after the date of the positive blood test. At least I think that is what our vet meant! Sue
  2. Hi Chocolate I have been doing research on this as (hopefully) we should be taking our 4 over to France in the not-too-distant future. Generally people have said that sedation is not a good idea except in special circumstances. No need to starve the cats beforehand but don't feed just before travelling. Water is a must, but might be refused anyway. Dried food is optional, but might be refused anyway. Some people think (our vet included) that larger cages are a must, some other people think smaller and more cosy is better! A suggestion I think I will use for our very nervous moggies is Bach's Rescue remedy sprayed sparingly on the comfy bedding - sounds good to me. I like the idea of the wee-proof layers - sounds a definite yes! Good luck with whatever you decide. Sue  
  3. Gosh it must be wonderful to still be in t-shirts and shorts. Enjoy it whilst you can. Here in (lovely and sunny but chilly) Lincolnshire we have had the CH on am and pm for what seems like forever. Mind you, we have sold our lovely, warm, south-facing house and swapped it for a cool, borrowed bungalow. Which has also made me realise how much I like going upstairs to bed! Sue  
  4. Hi Cracknanty If you transfer to Virgin with your own phone then, AFAIAA, there is only an initial charge for the sim-card (£10) which includes £5 of credit, so net cost of change is £5. That's all there is to it if you do not mind having the Virgin number that comes with the sim card. If you want to keep your old number then it is transferred, or ported, to Virgin. You must state to your old supplier that you want to port your current number when you give them notice. Virgin will sort the rest. On the 'nifty' front: as my OH had already swapped to Virgin he recommended me to Virgin (something about 'glue') so he got a free £10 credit. I paid Virgin £10, got a sim-card and £5 credit and promptly recommended my daughter so then I got a free £10 credit too. Then I did the decent thing and paid her initial £10 payment so she transferred for free and got £5 credit. Result - one happy family! As I do not use my mobile much I now pay about £4 or £5 a month, instead of the £120 per annum I paid before for the same amount of airtime but which also had a rental factor built in. Sue Edit**You asked about minimum charge - there is none so no use no bill. Also you only pay for the seconds/minutes that you use, no rental charge.
  5. **or - God 'elp us - a doorbell sited at the gate! - Not my idea I can tell you !** Is that for the postman to ring so you can rush down and sign for a recorded letter? I hear some don't like getting out of their van when delivering the mail. Sue 
  6. We are with Virgin on PAYG, paid monthly in arrears by direct debit. My OH has recently come back from Portugal and the costs for the calls/texts he made were as follows: To make calls - 60p a minute To receive calls - 30p a minute Texts from - 25p each It only cost me 3p to send him a text as I am with Virgin too - quite a change from when we were with One2One ( or whatever it is called now) I kept my old number when I transferred to Virgin and my old phone - as the phone is nifty and it was only a year old. Sue
  7. Hi Ann As far as I know (and I am still learning for when we make the move) if you are trying to dial an 0845 access number for your UK ISP whilst you are in France it confuses the French telco system. What seems to be recommended is to set up a connection online whilst you are still in the UK ie signing up for pay-as-you-go with something like www.free.fr or www.tiscali.fr etc and then changing to a an 'abonnement' when you are settled. That way you have access and time to sort out who you want to sign up with. Free seem to have quite a following with some people, but it seems to depend on the precise area you will be living in in France - just like some parts of the UK have better connection via dial-up than others. You will, of course, need to have a French address and know the French telephone number you will be dialling from. Mazan wrote a v good article about this, see: http://www.frenchentree.com/fe-techcorner/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=435 Sue  
  8. Please forgive me if I am on quite the wrong path but I was told by s.o. who knows about these things that the one thing that many people who are lucky enough to get onto Broadband do is forget to disable the dial-up modem which, of course, is no longer needed to dial up. Sue
  9. I have Win98Se, Norton 2003 and Zonealarm - all up to date - and I can see everything and use emoticons but then I run IE6+. So IMHO I think it is the IE that might make the difference. Sue  
  10. **Refill bottles of Butane are about 23€ currently Val 2 Which size of butane would that be? We pay about the same (£16.50 equivalent) here in the Uk for the 19kg bottle which sits outside and use it for the hob and oven so would be interested to know how that compares to France. Sue  
  11. [quote]We have a cheque book and a debit card, for use mainly to be able to use 24 hour petrol while travelling. We pay 5.50 euros a month and I think my sister who lives there pays similar.[/quote] Quote: There aren't any charges to run a basic account, although you would need money in it........ have you any idea what they have signed you up for that you would need to pay for. Teamedup As a UK resident who has had 'n' number of years to become used to the UK system re free debit and credit cards and totally free bank accounts etc I feel the French system might take some adjusting to. Could I ask, assuming you have a basic, no frills bank account, how you pay for petrol when there is no one at the kiosk at the supermarket petrol pumps? Last time I was caught out when we were due to return our hire car (they insist on a full tank of fuel, however inconvenient that may be for the hirer) I managed to persuade some kind young man to put some petrol in 'our' car with his french debit card and I gave him over-the-odds in francs to make up for inconveniencing him. I know all should be OK when we all have equal chip and pin cards, but we don't yet. Sue
  12. My husband has always used the surname of his step-father, who joined the family when my husband (Roger) was 5. As Roger was never adopted by his step-father at the age of 21 he changed his surname by deed-poll to that of his step-father. (Not legally necessary, but helpful.) Now comes the question - what kind of paperwork etc will Roger need to prove who he is in France? I seem to remember that someone said a while back that the only legal name-change allowed in France was that witnessed by the President(?). I am imagining all kind of horrors when we try to rent/buy when we get to France. Has anyone any useful information or leads that I could look into before we go? Sue
  13. >Still fretting about wisdom of new >house offer. >And yet, what else do you >need in a bedroom apart >from a bed? > >So, how big is yours, and >does the size matter? > Hi I have been reading this thread with interest as it seems to me you would like someone to tell you to go ahead - but we wont or can't. We have just sold our business in the UK and my mantra to our undecided customers was: if in doubt - don't. Or even: go away and then come back and have a second look - working on the premise that a second look makes you realise either how dreadful the thing is/was or how much you really like it. You sound to me as tho' you are trying to talk yourself into this house, but do you really need it, right at this minute? If you have sold in the UK then can you not afford to keep renting until you find somewhere you are more sure about? Or at least somewhere that needs less doing to it? Sue (Interested in that we will be in the same kind of situation soon.) Add: I am tiny and our present bedroom is huge - don't know what that means.
  14. >Does anyone have any experience with >house sitters ? for example are they reliable / trustworthy >etc. and also how much does it cost ? Hi Jude I can't give you exact figures as we did not proceed but, as an indication, we found companies which charged between 20 - 40 per day for each sitter plus food allowance (for them!) plus an additional charge for each animal. As we had 5 cats at the time these charges were going to be so huge we decided against it. Sue
  15. >Can anyone help and tell me where >I can get a pair >of crutches for mobility post-op? > Hi Dannie When I broke my leg whilst on holiday in France my husband bought my crutches from a pharmacie near to the Hospital I was in. It was a pharmacie which specialised in 'appliances'. The ward Sister told us about it and was most helpful with directions and advice. Sue
  16. >Slinky grey lady with attractive white >socks and bib, GSOF (good sense of fun) > just 7 weeks old seeks partnership with >older financially independant biped/s for >love. Hi I am sorry that I cannot take up your offer re this adorable-sounding kitten (unfortunately we are still in the UK) as she sounds just my type; me being a very soft touch, also I lost my own old grey fellow at 19 just recently, but I hope that she finds a happy home soon. Good luck and keep trying - if at first you don't succeed .... Sue
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