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  1. Hi Geoff and Donna,
    we moved to the villeneuve area last oct to live and run a gite business ( with a 3 year old and a 2 month old baby!) and at first the town was uninspiring - however it has a certain charm which grows on you and a few nice restaurants etc.the area could definatley be described as a proper french working town - complete with all the facilities like schools /hospitals /trains and three weekly markets including an organic one.the countryside is stunning and house prices are typically higher than most rural areas of france - but not unaffordably so.



    steve cormack

  2. i have seen an ad for this device in fpn.
    are they any good?
    does anyone use them ?
    our pool cant use a polaris and the electric versions are too expensive.


  3. a truly awful job has been on my list for months ! but with guests in the gite at the weekend i decided to fix the dodgy concrete cover and seal it up to avoid nasty smells drifting onto the terrace.
    when i opened it -to my surprise it was full - we had it emptied about 4 months ago.the top was fairly crusty and solid ! yuk

    can someone please advise if this is normal or not as we have only recently moved to france.
    nb we dont use bleach or any products containing bleach.


  4. 47 or 24 ?
    we moved to 47 last year and yes its beautiful etc and still unspoiled which is not true of most of 24 at certain times of the year.
    there are lots of opportunities here for a builder as there are few who speak english and some of those have a tarnished reputation plus the french artisans ??? are very expensive and sometimes dificuilt to deal with.

    hope this helps

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