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  1. [quote user="cooperlola"]Checked in this morning to see how the repairs went yesterday (I just assumed nobody would be dealing with this over the weekend).  The lavender still dominates my screen.  I can see:  20cms lavender (10 either side)                  26 cms of forum of which 6 is taken up with our forum names etc to the left of the text and 1 cm blank space either side of the text within the text box.   Thus of 46cms of screen, just 18 is actual post.  Not good enough.  Sorry chaps.  If it were white I could just about live with it but I cannot face yet another headache (which I didn't make up, by the way.)  Happily for the three days during which I have not looked at the forum I have not had one.  Co-incidence? [/quote] You can use page zoom to make the text box and text larger - Press/hold CONTROL key and tap + key once or more or if you have a scroll mouse Just CONTROL and scroll. My PC remembers this between pages so I don't have to keep repeating it. Voila, less lavender and larger text. Tony
  2. Buy an ordinary open in one and fit the whole frame and windows the opposite way. Voila ! open outward PF's
  3. It depends on the phone but I think 4 is the maximum. However if you use cordless phones with say a base unit and 3 additional handsets then there will be no problem as that only counts as one, as only one is plugged into the FT socket. The rest are wireless and do not count towards the total. Tony
  4. Hi all, Ryanair have announced  another new route from Bristol  to Limoges. Due to start summer 2009. Little detail on thier website unfortunately. Great news for me as both my daughters live in Bristol. I presume it will be summer only but one can hope for all year round flights if its well supported. It should work for Bristol as there is a large catchment area of all of the southwest england as well as East Wales, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Bristol is much closer than the alternative of East Midlands _________________
  5. Hi all, I am a close neighbour of Chris. Meg & Mog knows me. I saw Chris yesterday. He has been up and down over the last few weeks but is trying to stay positive. Keeping himself busy with one or two projects in wood and is beavering away in his workshop most days. I will pass on your concerns over his lack of forum activity. Hope this message allays your concerns. I'm sure he won't mind that I posted this info. Tony
  6. Right, try again. The last posting was from me not Chris. I am his neighbour and when I posted I didn't realise he was still logged in after using my computer earlier. PLEASE someone fix his computer !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I think I now hold the record for return time. Posted Saturday 23rd August, recommande (avec avis de reception). Embassy closed Monday 25th as it was a BH in the UK. Signed for at the Embassy Tuesday 26th. Today 29th at 9.30 the new passports arrived via TNT overnight (the only option option now available). Including the day of arrival they processed the passports in 3 working days ! Cost was 158 euros each plus 21 euros return for the two.  Ccountersignatures are NOT required for normal renewals if your new photo is recognisable to your old passport and you cannot find an authorised signatory who has known you for two years. I just added a note on the last page of the applicationas to why no countersignature was obtained.
  8. Oak weighs between 700kg to 1000kg per cubic meter depending on factors such as density and moisture content. Your oak comes in at 0.9 cu. m. so say 650-900kg as a guide weight Tony Edit - you both beat me to it. At least we all agree its ruddy heavy
  9. Hi, Have followed the link and signed. I presume the letter will be in French or both languages, as opposed to the English that it appears on your site ?  
  10. Thanks to all for your advice.  Aware of the benefits of lots of insulation which is already factored in. I like the idea of ducted fans but they may be a bit noisy. Have to think about that one. I suppose the air will circulate naturally, as it cools a bit it will sink and be replaced by hotter air rising. I just didn't want to go ahead with this and end up with a cold room at floor level. Anyone else with experience/suggestions , please chip in. 
  11. Hi all, am in the design stages of building a lounge in the barn, floor size about 8m x 4m. We are contemplating building a small mezanine floor at one end about 3m x4m for an office. This will obviously leave the ceiling at around 4m high. We will have two 2kw radiatiors and an 8kw wood burner. What concerns me is that all this heat will rise and stay on the ceiling and we will be cold down on the floor. If we fitted one or two of the reversible ceiling fans would this solve the problem, if indeed it will be a problem. We are in Limousin so cold winters are usual. Anyone with suggestions or experience. Thanks  
  12. Yes - boys toys. Of course they would like one.
  13. A friend who has one is very pleased, as like you she tired of hauling logs. However one drawback, as she found out when we suffered a three day power outage was , no power, no fire.  
  14. Wibblywobbly - the metal rails are not connected directly to the beams. You buy small stamped out pieces of metal that are for sale near the rails. They come in various lengths to cope will all situations. These metal pieces are sort of  long T shaped and the T fits into the rails and T's are nailed or screwed to the sides of the beams. What you are doing is creating a suspended ceiling. Find the lowest point of the lowest beam, and fit a hanger to the side of the beam so that the T is close to the beam. Slide the rail in. Go to the other end of the rail fit in a t piece and fix the T piece up to the beam so that the rail is level. Then put one on every beam in between keeping the rail level to prevent sagging. Work from this rail making sure all others are level with this one. Voila - one level ceiling. Obviously space the rails the correct distance apart so that the edges of the plasterboard line up with the centre of the longitudinal (sp?) centre of the rail  and ensuring sufficient intermediate rails to support the plasterboard. Difficult to describe but easier to do. Bonne chance - Tony. EDIT - Geordy Girl - just seen your post when I finished typing mine. Have done one ceiling that way, and, like yours, it looks very nice. I have used the rail system to cover up beams that had about 10 coats of paint on them and were beyond hope barring a huge amout of work.
  15. Same with me also. If you are expecting important e-mail when it plays up you could always browse to the Orange main page and go to the tabbed messagerie (sp), read your mail, them mark it unread so it will download to OE later. Tony
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