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  1. You were probably banned for your horrendous taste in music......


    " I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky "
  2. places sounds a lot better than foruuummii or forumuses or whatever its supposed to be!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. bernard

    Liver salts?

    obviously suffer from the same problem from time to time?? i've found a good substitute " Efferalgan " straight from the chemist, don't use the dissolve in water jobby, use the on the tongue one. works a treat.


    p.s add one nurofen and hangovers pass by like a dream!!

  4. Just my example, hope it helps, The mutuelle complentaire(top up insurance) does come in very handy especially for doctors visits and in the case of xrays or outpatients visits. I'm a young'un but when i broke my foot recently it involved a lot of silly little visits to hospital and pharmacy prescriptions, which with the normal 70% cover would have left me with at least 150 equiv.to pay. I have a complementaire with my bank, who are a good way to insure anything, I now pay 95f per month which covers the "normal" things. When I got the quote from the bank they produced upto 10 examples ranging from base cover to fully protected everything which were explained well and gave me a great choice. I did a bit of bargaining with them as well and managed to get car/house/health insurances all reduced as I used the bank for all 3. Good luck with all.

  5. Hi Neil, read your message and thought I must reply, I moved out for good at the start of 2000 at the age of 25! Had an affinity with France for years, especially where I am now in deepest darkest Vende.Bought my place in 1997 when the money was good in England and found myself spending more and more time here. There were a lot of pro's and con's involved in the decision to move out for good, family/friends, but if it feels right in your heart, do it! I see more of my close friends now than I would if i'd taken a job in London for instance, they love coming over to sit in a field for a couple of weeks and spending QUALITY time together. The big difference is the speed of life, whereas in England you find yourself subconsciously worrying and stressing about the smallest things that actually don't matter, over here a problem is a godsend to get the old grey matter in action. The electric goes off in England for 10 minutes and its a disaster, over here its a challenge as to who can find the candles and then hoping it doesn't come back on for a good while as we're having a great little chat without any distractions. I for one am never homesick and if this helps in anyway i'm glad, by the way don't forget to stock up on hp brown sauce, however good the local boulangerie is you can't beat a good bacon buttie on a foggy sunday morning after a few too many rouge ones the night before!

    Good luck Marco
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