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  1. Hi Tim

    Yes I am HD ready only because the crt telly was playing up and I picked up a 26" lcd for only £249 a bargain but the way it was setup was awful, the booklet was less than useless

    got on the net and a really helpful aussie site soon sorted how to set it up, as much as I have Freeview/TNT we are not yet living full-time in France depending on what happens tomorrow (wish me luck) we should be on our way in January at long, long last.

    Like yourself I find it very rewarding to be able to assist others that do not have my knowledge also I do not feel so bad when I need an answer to a question when I do not have the knowledge.


    Peace to all






  2. Hi Martin

    Thank you for your Beautiful answer (did not realise you spoke Italian) the point I was trying to get across in my post was all the SLY viewers where paying through the nose, sly where saying buy this now, the fight of the century, only on sky and only £14.95 you mugs, whereas it was available FREE (FTA) elsewhere and included in the payable packages, we all have to pay full whack sometimes I fully understand that, but whatever it is, it is so much better if we do not have to pay through the nose, your point with Lidl's is so valid, this is why prices go up all the time and it's those same people that complain about price rises and then do nothing about it, I would not (as I have stated in the past)  pay murdoch a penny even if it meant missing out on some channels I would rather go without, hence the reason why I would not buy a sly box as he earns from every box that is sold as it contains his cam which he gets paid for.

    I am a great believer in everyone should be able to like or dislike whatever they want and most people are lazy including me we all want the easy way out but at least get the full facts first or put simply try it first and then make your mind up.

    All TV should be FTA.

    You think your Wendy has a problem my sweet Clare has a choice of 24 satellite's and over 2000 channels

    Peace to all





  3. Hi Tim

    Have you read my post for Martin, maybe people will think I'm a sado too but I'm not, just realistic, I do not think your a sado, why pay murdoch loads of money when its free elsewhere, I also watched the fight although not a big fan a bit like gambleing on the Grand National really, used to be the only bet I had, now I cannot be bothered.

    Channel 4 should be FTA from March as well as more 4 and E4? the new BBC set up should be interesting which is what 4 will be on.

    I guessed the O/P did not have any equipment and was asking how he could get French and UK TV

    Tim have you tried my EPG? its MEGA wow thats a good word I think I will try it again.................MEGA

    I think you should retire your Humax and buy a Technomate I will PM you with the reason if you want or you might already know, let me know.

    It's funny how us "sado's" (and there are more than just us 2) seem to solve lots of problems on this forum, but thats part of the fun.

    Peace to ALL




  4. Hello Martin

    Here is a nice slow ball for you to wack out over the boundary.

    Last night thousands watched the Hatton v Mayweather fight including me (I am not a big fight fan but this was one I had to watch)

    Anyone with a SLY system after paying their subs had to phone sly and pay an extra £14.95 to watch the fight (ppv)

    People in other countries could also watch the fight on:

    2M National

    C+ France

    C+ HiTech

    DigitAlb Super Sports1

    Polsat Sport Extra

    Pro TV

    RTL Germany

    Sly Box Office (ppv)

    Sly Box Office HD (ppv)

    Sly Calcio (ppv?)

    Sport TV2

    All of these other channels apart from sly showed the fight without the viewer having to pay any extra, and to rub salt into the wound 2M National & RTL Germany where FTA.

    Bearing in mind the above list only covers the satellites on our part of the horizon how many other channels where showing the fight, I do not know, quite a few I would guess.

    Over to you Martin.[;-)]





  5. Hi Anton

    Thanks for your comments, please read the first post, they want English and French TV, Not  Possible with SLY.

    I dispute that standard receivers are a real pain to set up, maybe not quite as easy as a SLY box as long as the channel is on the SLY bouquet.

    The Sly TV guide is good I have been told, my guide I think is BETTER try www.tvbrowser.org  my one's bigger than your one[:D][:D][:P]

    Anton joking aside if you do not care about money and only want to watch sly programmes and have a easy life go for sly, if on the other hand you are on a tight budget then a standard digital receiver is the way, now if you really want to go for the world add a motor and you have over 24 satellites with thousands of channels not including the shopping or religious ones.




  6. Hi

    (This is where I get shot at)

    In fairness to "Will's TV in France" it is a bit out of date now and does not show the advantages of a standard stb over the SLY rip off system, unless of cause you want to pay through the nose, for instance Ricky Hatton fight which thousands will be watching on SLY at only £14.95 ......FTA on RTL or 2 M  National yes FREE no money zilch and I get France 2, 3, 5 ......Free     Sorry did someone say you can get those on sly,  no I thought not, do I get channels 4 & 5 no but I will get 4 from March next year do I miss the channels, well seeing as I watch over 2000 not including any of the shopping or religious  I think not, I also watch Premier Football, Heiniken Cup Rugby and other Sport (Don't ask)

    If you can do without Channels 4 & 5 A standard set top box will do the trick about €60/70 at most Brico's and NO monthly charges.


    I will get off my soap box now and  go put on my tin helmet....incomeinggggggggggggggggggggg[;-)]






  7. Hi All

    I am sure I have seen a pod for the Nespresso machines that you can refill at one of the hyper's but cannot remember which one, might be an idea to have a search could save you loads.

    I'm afraid I have gone back to the top of the stove italian perc model as I kill the electric ones with the amount of coffee I drink, the machine is on all day .

  8. Hi Chris

    This is very different to wood but hey a man must eat.............

    Black eyed beans soak overnight drain  fry some chopped onion, garlic in olive oil till transparent toss in some chopped celery and spinach cook till spinach wilts down add water or stock and the beans, liquid must be about 2-3 inches above beans add tomato puree cover and simmer for about 2 hours check beans if not soft cook a while longer till beans are soft, you may need to top up liquid as this dish needs to be soupy, only now add salt and pepper to taste. I serve this dish with sliced raw onion and home made bread.

    Sorry no quantities I do it all by sight and taste.



  9. Hello

    Just to poke my nose in here, I can see where both ErnieY and audiop are coming from and I do miss a couple of the programs on channel 4 ( soon to be FTA ) but I would NOT pay Sly Murdoch a penny and yes French TV is not that great but with a standard digital receiver I can get ALL the FTA channels and no I do not watch the shopping channels or the other not so good channels, IMO there is still plenty of good quality TV on Astra 28.2, there again what qualifies good TV, one mans meat is another mans poison, thousands must watch and buy off the shopping channels otherwise they would not be there and millions of French people must watch French TV and they can not all be wrong.

    Satellite TV is a hobby for me and I have a motorised system so I received channels from satellites from 42 east to 62 west, at the moment 24 satellites in total and I have not bothered to count the channels, I receive all the FTA French channels and all the other French channels [;-)], I also get channels from many other countries such as Bulgarian folk music which is not to everyone's taste, I can watch it for about 30 minuets before I change channels  so we all have our own opinion of what is good or not, I like sport but I would not pay murdoch so I could watch it that on my part is a choice there are many people who cannot afford to so they miss out.

    Removes Nose..........

    Peace to you all.






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