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  1. Hi Petra

    I must say I do not go around hankering after English food but noticed the following, Chedder cheese at Hyper U, Tetley tea and Scotts porridge oats at InterMarche and Baked Beans at Lidl and also at Aldi I believe, what I have had trouble getting is Parmigiani in a lump (Hate the grated stuff) but now available at Hyper U, I am not sure but I think I have seen Robinsons marmalade at InterMarche.

    Hope this helps





  2. Hi All

    If you had a good signal from Hotbird and nothing from Astra1 then I think you are picking up Hotbird on the wrong lnb that is why you are not getting Astra1, not wanting to teach granny how to suck eggs but do realise that Astra1 is NOT the sat that has BBC/ITV on.

    Have never set up a dual lnb before (I have a moterised dish when I eventually get a round tuit)  but I guess you tape over the end of one of the lnb's get the right sat on the one not taped and when you remove the tape you should have the other sat on it (fingers crossed) Martin or Tim might have another/ better way.

    All the best



  3. Hi All

    Interesting reading, the only thing I would miss I am afraid is Marmite but I would rather go without than pay silly money for it. Quaker oats available in Intermarche, custard as mentioned easy to make and sooooo much nicer, horse radish, grow your own, curry / fish and chips make your own, how you can miss M&S food or Kentucy chicken is beyond me, but each to their own.




  4. Hi All

    I used to go through espresso machines like there was no tomorrow I am now using a real cheapy from Lidl's £39 which is standing up to being on all day long and the coffee I use is Segafredo zanetti Intermezzo, bags of aroma, full of flavour (not just strong) and wonderful crema, I would not knock the lavazza range but I just love Segafredo.

    I have nothing to do with the company by the way.



  5. Hi all

    Ihave been offered a lump of oak, 4 meters long x 45cm x 45 cm although felled may years ago has been left to the elements for at least 8 years, what I need to know is roughly how much is it liable to weigh as I need to transport it back home, could I put it on a trailor or will I need a large van?

    Many thanks



  6. Hi all

    It could only happen in France.........I phoned a neighbour (english) across the far side of our village to see if he had any idea of what to do and he has offered to book and pay for the flight on his card and just pay him back when I next see him AMAZING and WONDERFUL




  7. Hi everybody

    I am trying to book a ticket on their web site but when I get to paying, the symbol for the Maestro card is shown but when you click on the "Type of Card" Maestro is not shown, has anybody paid with their Maestro card and how do you do it..........HELP!!!!!!!!




  8. Hi Peeps

    Bought a espresso machine from Lidl last week (UK) and it's the bee's knee's, they normally have the same specials in France so go have a look at only £39.99 it's a bargain really good crema and the milk frother works well as well for your cappuccino, comes with a 3 year warranty and super coffee.




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