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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for your replies there will be 4 of us so hopefully can lift it OK    
  2. Hi All I had a quick search but could not find a post with the answer, I am sure there was a post regarding the weight of a oak beam, my question is what (approx) weight would an oak beam 200mm x 200mm x 6 mtrs long be. Many thanks in advance    
  3. Hi Pierre I tried the dinner plate.........don't work[:(] Martin ....nice to be back, been and still working my nuts off rebuilding our place, did you know that France 2, 3, 5, Arte, KTO, LCP & TV8 Monte Blanc are broadcast FTA on Amos 4W,  also 2STV, Africable & M6 Suisse are FTA on Eutelsat 7E ......yet more useless information, nice to hear from you and Tim, will keep an eye out for your most enlightening posts. All the very best      
  4. Hi Martin & Tim Long time no speak, well at last got my full system up and running complete with new 1 mtr dish (Been using a Lidl stb fixed on 28E)  Channel 5 a great find Martin have just up dated stb, the girls will be very happy now they can watch "neighbours" (Great [;-) ) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! How the hell are you both, well I hope, will keep an eye out for your posts.    
  5. Hi Bananas   What I would like to do is run all the cables for it now and install it later when time and more importantly my budget allows. Depending on which unit you are buying the interconnecting cable may come with the unit and usually the cables are run with the pipe work and drain, just noticed you are looking at a/c units from brico's then the interconnecting cable will be with the unit. Firstly does anyone think it would be a problem to have the exterior unit on a flat roof terrasse (with no access) or would the weight and possible vibration of the unit make this a silly idea? If the roof has "NO ACCESS" how are you going to place the a/c unit there? or do you mean the only was to access the roof area will be with a ladder? If it is the latter no problem as you will be able to get to the a/c unit to carry out 6 monthly servicing ( yes they should be serviced every 6 months if you don't you could invalidate the warranty )  and they will not run as efficiantly as they should. Depending on the stucture of the roof will depend on whether the weight will be a problem, Vibration problems, place paving slabs then antivib pads then a/c unit then bolt a/c unit down to paving slabs, two large slabs, one under each set of feet on a/c unit, both pipes will be lagged so should not be a problem, run them with cableand drain line in plastic ducting will stop viberation and make the job neat and tidy. I realise that I need 3x 2.5mm cables from the tableau to the main unit outside, but what cables do I need to run to the actual wall mounted units inside? Cant seem to get a clear answer form any of the brico sheds....And secondly if any one has any experience of it, what size gaine do I need to instal so that I can pull the refrigeration pipes through at a later date? You may not need 2.5 cable it will depend on the load that the a/c unit draws, normally on these cheaper units the power is from a wall socket next to the indoor unit (as already stated ) and is carried to the outdoor unit by the interconnecting cable, depending on whether you come out of the back of the unit and through the wall or if you need to run pipe work and cable along the wall to get outside, if the latter, run all pipe work and cable in plasic ducting, again keeping the work neat and tidy, please note, in my opinion pre charged lines do tend to leak after a while!!! One last thing make sure the unit is using R410a and NOT R407c,  R407c is a mixture and is liable to be phased out in the near future, so NO spares will be available for units, the Chinese are dumping units in Europe (selling them off cheap) so be aware !!!! Hope the above helps, I do not know whether you need permission to install one or not, but mine is keeping me nice and warm.[8-|]   Bonne chance        
  6. Hey .........Big Spender....... how the hell are you?  [:D]
  7. Hi All We have been here since Jan this year and find veggies and fruit in supermarkets either very good or c**p nothing in between also finding little places about selling really good produce at reasonable prices, I give most of the markets around me a miss as I find them expensive and not that good quality mind you I am sure there must be a decent market near me but have not been to them all, pork is good value and when its on special buy in bulk and freeze, have just been told about a farmer selling lamb at €5.50 kg for a whole lamb, need to get another freezer before I go down that route, beef, well that is interesting I find it hard as it seems lots of others do to find a decent bit, thankfully do not eat a lot of beef, chicken and rabbit are reasonable and have taste not like the UK tastless bits of cardboard, for want of a better word, don't do ready meals never have, but each to their own, all our meals are made from scratch and have had some really nice comments from our French friends when they have been to us for a meal, we have a great baker in the village so not making as much bread as I did in UK, I do find biscuits expensive so now making our own, and we have laying chickens so we have plenty of fresh eggs. Overall I find a better choice of tasty veggies and fruit as they are sold "in season".    
  8. Hi If I was capable of winning one , I would not care if it was gold coloured plastic!!!!!      
  9. Hi all Interesting posts, I make my dough in a bread maker, turn it out, then place on tray or loaf tin place in oven at 20 deg C for 20 minuets to allow a good rise then turn oven up to 250 deg C to cook this seems to give it an extra rise before cooking.    
  10. Tonyv and all Todays units are very quiet and as long as you have units running on R410 (Leave R407c units alone) are very efficient, and you will get the 2.5 or 3 kW output as stated on the box it's what it is costing that really matters, keeping it simple at +10 deg C for every € spent on electricity you get €4 worth of heat as the outside temp drops you get €3 then €2 untill at around -15 it is € for € taking into account electric heaters output is approx €1.20 for every €1 worth of heat (you loose a percentage in changing electricity to heat) a heat-pump is a viable heating method, not perfect but good value for money. Wood burners may be low tech but the modern ones are more efficient than the old ones, good for the enviroment too.    
  11. Hi All Not wanting to sound too clever I was under the impression that water copper pipe work was brazed rather than soldered due to the high water pressure in France also making a swaged joint was is lot neater than a coupling and yes I have brazed thousands of joints.    
  12. Hi Tonyv Not quite as drastic as you say. The condensers are fitted with ice stats so as soon as they freeze over the unit goes into reverse cycle for a couple of minuets to defrost the coil. The refrigerant in the condenser (which acts as an evaporator in heating mode) is at a nominal -28 degrees C, so unless the ambient is lower than -10 degrees C you still get a good heat exchange, now do not get me wrong here, they are not perfect but in my opinion give a good background heat, if you went for geothermal the pay back period is about 15 / 20 years depending on the cost of installation and on paper they look very good but still no real evidence as they have not been in use for that long on top of that there is the maintenence and any break downs and as there are not many engineers to do the repairs how long would you have to wait in the middle of winter? I think it is a case of compromise, use a wood burner, an extra jumper, plus air to air heat-pumps (or better still there are now air to water heat-pumps, expensive but nowhere near geothermal) in the bedrooms and as they have timers on them set it up for an hour before bedtime and the room will be cosy also you have the benefit of cooling in the summer.    
  13. Hi Poste Strange my aviator used to say where we where will have to sort that, near to Lussac les chateaux Dept 86  about 30 minutes south of Poitiers. Thanks for the offer.    
  14. Hello People Just come across this thread, I am attempting to turn wood, I am using a very old (1990) cheapo Multico lathe at the moment and would like to upgrade to either the Fox F46-719 or a variable speed lathe, have looked on the French sites and they all seem expensive compared to the UK, the problem with buying from the UK the additional shipping costs or getting someone to bring it over, if any of you has any personal info (used one of the lathes) on the lathes I am looking at I would be most grateful. All the best    
  15. Hi All I am afraid it is not NEW Tech, all proper commercial fridges use the system, the good news is it is a very good system, as the air is forced around the inside of the box (tech term for fridge) and the sensor should be in the return air flow, not until the return air is at the correct temp will the unit turn off, tis makes sure ALL of the interior is at the correct temp. Hope the above helps    
  16. But you are paying through the nose for the coffee....(If it looks too good to be true it probably is)   Save your money and buy the slow cooker you really want.        
  17. Hi the link does not work    
  18. Hi George Sorry have not got back sooner, enjoying the good weather, that is exactly how I do it gentle strokes from left to right or right to left if you like[:)] taking off a small amount at a time you will find that unless you really press hard you will do no damage to a old beam, as you get down to good wood after taking off the rot it is almost as hard as steel, I tried turning a piece of very old floorboard as a plate, the finished product looked good but I was forever sharpening my chisels the wood was that hard. And do wear a good mask the dust is awful.    
  19. Hi Hereford Where abouts are you, I may be able to help.    
  20. Hi All I have and am using a arbortech I have found it to work really well but you do need to be careful as it will take off lots of wood so you need to be light with it also the dust it produces is emence so do wear a good dust mask and full face is best as stated already.    
  21. Hi Richard You do not say whether you have a sly box or a fta box but whatever you have you are doing well with a 60 cm dish imo you need a 80 cm dish, signal boosters are a waste of money, someone (Hi Martin where are you) a lot more technical than me will be able to explain why, a bigger dish will solve your problem.    
  22. Hello Ceejay After reading your post a couple of times and then the answers people have given, which I must say has all been good advice I feel the one point that seems to have been missed is what size dish have you got, if it is smaller than 80cm in my opinion you are liable to get drop out in poor weather (heavy rain, snow ect) apart from that I think everything else has been covered.    
  23. Hi Google search for Toshiba battery model No. xxxxxx and there will be quite a few places selling it at half the price the likes of PC world charge.    
  24. Hello all Did someone mention my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You don;t need me, Martin has said it all, If you had been a little closer to me I would have popped over and assisted, all I would add is once you are set up on 1 West you should have an auto search for sat's (I do not know the receiver) hit that button and it should search for all the sat's but do set up limiters east and west otherwise the motor will try and push the dish through the wall, been there done that (ouch)!!!!!!!! You should be OK with your dish already set up and if you cannot find the auto search just go through all the sat's you want manually and save each one as you lock onto it. Best of luck and do come back if you need further help    
  25. Hi It is not so much the lenth of the cable but all those joints I believe is your problem, try one cable from dish to TV then if not better come back and we will try and solve, your other receiver not picking up BBC is more than likely that is not tuned in to the correct transducers but get the single cable sorted first and come back for further info, best of luck.    
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