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  1. Hi Tony

    Thanks for the reply, sorry have not got back sooner was called into the hospital in Paris for tests a 4 hour trip then a 4 day stay then a 4 hour trip back but a lot of positives, but it does knock you sideways.

    Yes I still receive IB, I'm 62 and I have a carte vitale and covered 100% plus I have a Mutual, don't think the E121 comes into it now, I must say up to now everything heath service wise has been superb and although I am very ill everything the doctors and nursing staff have done has made me feel better, after being here now for 2 years I do feel sorry for the UK staff they always seemed run of their feet although every seemed to take sooooo long to get done, here I get my blood test results the following day, in the hospital the same day in the UK 2 weeks!!!!!!!

    I will give the number a call and see what happens I did argue with them when they told me I would not get DLA but I was so ill at the time,I did fill a form in but do not remember getting a reply.

    I do not receive any french benefits.

    Tony thank you very much for your time really appreciated.

    All the very best





  2. Hi All

    I have been following this thread with great interest and admiration, the amount of work that must have been carried out would must been tremendous and I would like add my thanks to all that have been involvd.

    My situation is before I left the UK I phoned and asked if I would still receive the benefits I was getting when I moved to France and was told yes I would get all of then, this of cause was ot the case, I still get my long term incapacity benefit but lost my Disabled Living Allowance, does this ruling mean I will now get my DLA? and will it be back dated from when I left the UK Jan 2007?

    Also is there anything else that I should be claiming?

    A lot of questions I know and thank you in advance for any assistance.



  3. Hi George

    Just read your post, seems the Arbortech worked a treat as it did for me, I have mixed wood dust with PVA to repair wood many times (normally splits) and it works a treat but personally I would not use it over a large area and looking at your picture it shows the work and effort you have put in to make the beam look really good why try to then cover that up, I would leave it as is, just treat it with a wood preserver (you know the stuff) then a finish, someone on here will know exactly what to use, then you can sit back and say "I did that".......and well done you.


  4. Hello Wendy

    In my experience I have found fridge kit does not being turned off for long periods.......but lets just check a few things .....is there any sound at all when you turn it on?

    Humming?.........Clicking?..........if humming does the compressor (the black dome on the bottom back) get hot?

    Come back to me with answers and let see if we can work out what may be the fault.

    Depending where you are I could take a look



  5. Hi Fi

    Jambon = leg, rond = round, avec os = with bone.......and you now know you bought...... a round piece of leg of pork with the bone in.....what you want is porc salé or fumé

    salé = cured, fumé = smoke cured

    Hope it helps

    ps I would cook up some onions in olive oil add garlic and cook a couple of min's more then add a tin or two of tomatoes and cook for 10 min's then add your pork and cook on a low heat for about an hour (you may need to top up with liquid)......... you could add a glass or two of red wine just before the tom's and a little sage, salt / pepper to taste.

    All the best




  6. Hi Teapot

    only just seen your reply (thank you) will take a look and see which day its on, only need one tub as can then make my own from that tub will work OK for at least 4/5 times before new pot needed, there is something special about Total yoghurt and Greek honey



  7. Hi All

    A friend of mine found an old 50cc suzuki scooter in the barn of the property he bought sometime ago which he has kindly given to me, it was a non runner, I now have got it running although it runs rough so still needs sorting, no number plates on the scooter it's about 1980/85 ish and no carte gris, do I need a carte gris for such an old scooter as with no number plate, what do you register??

    may be a question for Sunday Driver

    Many thanks



  8. Hi Clair

    The original poster was looking for "Crumble mix" hence why I mentioned it, so the answer is Yes!!!!!!!!!!

    Why cut your fingers when you grate cheese, you need one the graters that you put the cheeese into then turn handle and out comes grated cheese available in most super-markets



  9. Hi All

    Interesting posts, but I thought we where trying to "SAVE" money?  Buying British food stuffs here or on the Internet is expensive, not money saving!!!!!

    Now don't get me wrong each to their own, if you want something and you are willing to pay that's up to the individual but not for me.

    Bacon is easy, keep an eye on special offers for potrine fumé normally €4.50 / €5.00 Kg when it's at this price check it's not too fatty if the piece you are offered is ask to see another piece then get it thickly sliced, their eyes pop out when I say 2 Kg, it is not full of water so crisps up lovely, will freeze OK, just wrap in cling film or freezer bag.

    Why buy crumble mix? Flour, butter and sugar (for every 100g flour add 50g butter and 25 g sugar) into processor, wizz until it looks like breadcrumbs (or by hand) for a interesting change add cinnamon or grated lemon / orange peel.

    Baked beans, easy just add what is missing, tomato puree, vinegar, sugar and salt, cook rather than just warm up, keep stiring to stop them sticking.

    Bread, I sometimes cheat and use Lidl / Aldi bread mix (Granary style is very good) in bread maker using "dough setting" then into loaf tin or if you want that rustic look on an oven tray and cook in oven, make sure you put a bowl of hot water in bottom of oven or I use cheap super-market flour instant yeast, olive oil, water etc into bread maker and make as above and I do this despite having a superb baker in the village.

    I hope this helps you "to save money"



  10. Hi All

    I  miss Total yoghurt and emailed them, their reply was rather vague "available in most supermarkets" so if anyone finds it (Dept 86) please post, I have looked for a Greek/Turkish shop in Poitiers but to date no luck and why are olives so expensive here



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