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  1. Hi Christine


    Its me Max, Stephen said I could send you some photos, hope you like them & hope your keeping well


    I'm having a great life, everybody here loves me and I get special biscuits in the morning but I must take my cod liver oil first


    This is Lucky he was rescued just like me, he came when he was 7 or 8 weeks old, silly cat thinks I'm his Dad but it is fun sometimes

    Lots of love


  2. Honest......... it was tongue in cheek : )

    please explain how I check each click of the mouse as it will go from page to page then suddenly freeze.

    I have now changed to google chrome and flickr and guess what same bl00dy problem ie. not up-loading photos but showing "shockwave flash has crashed" on top of page, now I have re-installed S/W and checked using their website showing all OK, but still same problem think I might totally un-install flash and then re-install and see then

    Thanks again for your input
  3. Hi AnOther

    I'm with orange.fr

    Thank you for your suggestion looked at visualroute if you want it to run continuously which you need if you are checking each click of the mouse it only costs $375 err not this week thank you, unless you know better, I have a feeling it is Flash Player that is crashing it does when I go into other sites where I can see it has crashed ie. utube

    Thanks for your input
  4. Hi all

    We have a Villager and sometimes it has run really hot, you know when you can smell the heat, never used a thermometer but it sounds a sensible thing  to do, just to say our baffle plate is fine, just over 3 years use, contact villager I'm sure they will sort it.

    Please let us know the outcome of your dealings with Villager

    Bon chance

  5. John and All

    I'm afraid still not made up my mind, the reason I like the Bosch is it can be used as a plunge router (which I'm not too worried about) or a fixed router, which is ideal when fitted into a table, problem is it is only available in USA, why I don't know, seems strange to me anyone have any ideal why it is?


  6. Hi Russethouse

    Errr... ball & chain icon?????

    I have look for it but cannot seem to find it.

    do you mean highlight the link on photobucket?

    which I did but no ball & chain

  7. Oh Richard if only that was so, afraid Sunday Driver changed some of the code, hence the picture.

    I am trying again to upload a picture.


    the above code reads as below, I have add dots so it reads as text.


    whether it posts a picture or not we will see when I post this post?


    Well, no picture and as you can see the code has changed, this is my problem, Sunday Driver I don't know what you changed to get the picture to show, would love to know though.

    Thanks to all for being patient.
  8. Hello Sunday Driver

    Understand now what Richard was explaining,thanks

    But still confused, why you might ask......well you have changed part of the code, I copied it from the "Photobucket" site and pasted it on to here when I looked at preview it was still all OK then I posted and it changed, and no picture, if I remove the dots from the posting above the begining and the ending will change when posted, now I must be missing something please be kind to me and explain what I am doing wrong, thank you.

  9. Well that was interesting .............still Bu**er all

    the line without the dots has changed from what was paste'ed, was just like the line with the dots but minus the dots (hope that makes sense) why does it change?

    Answers on a postcard.......

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