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  1. Hi folks

    How about this little chap out of his nest too soon, we put him/her in the greenhouse overnight with bread soaked in water which he ate but sadly he did not survive.


    At least his/her picture lives on


  2. well hush my foolish mouth, it appears from a knowlegable person that it is in fact a Scarce Swallowtail Iphiclides podalirius and they think a male to boot!!!!!!


    so I'm a lucky boy to have such a rare beauty in my garden.

  3. Seems like a lot for something that does not work?


    We use biocania which I guess has different ingredients and we are now looking to change to another product to ring the changes


  4. Sorry Guys I do not want to "Move" photos have worked that out, I want to make a copy of the photo keeping the original in its original album that way I can send various people an album with similar content but not exactly the same, so I want to COPY a photo and place it in albums A  + B not C then next photo in A + C not B once albums completed I can send to individual people, hope I have explained myself.

    Many thanks


  5. Hi Pat

    Thank you for replying.

    Exactly my thoughts and yes they are interlocking but have only been nailed here and there not by a row just individual tiles and no cement at the verge, there is only a cement fillet around the stack and it has always leaked and there has not been any "extreme" weather, my problem is my French is c**p and my other half who's french is perfect has no bottle which I can understand.

    This work was carried out with a devis and I've learnt my lesson there "always read or get someone to read exactly what it says cos that is what you are going to get!!!!" don't matter what you verbally agree what is written is all that counts!!!!

    Please put me right,as far as I am concerned this work is covered for 10 years ?

    Your thoughts please

  6. Back to Bread,

    We are very lucky our village baker is superb, cooks loafs from light bake through to almost burnt, he makes his dough from a starter (polish) like sourdough and is full of taste, I could eat a whole pain for breakfast but I hold back, it's then popped into a plastic bag is fine for lunch and dinner, I also bake my own bread using my bread maker to make the dough and then cook it in the oven, white, wholemeal, Grainery, Olive, sundried tomato, lardon etc. I've tried super market bread here in France I find lacks taste at best to not very nice, but each to their own we've all got different tastes, and as much as we live on a tight budget, bread and coffee we do not scrimp on.

  7. Sweet 17  ..............................

    Thank you so much...................very kind

    Christine A  .....................

    I've had the camera about 18 months now (Nikon D50) bought 2nd hand, my greatest achievement is being able to post the photos ; )

    Some people can grow veggies and flowers "Green fingers" 

    Me, I just seem to be able to take a good photo, an uncle of mine was the same and the best bit of advice he gave me was " when you look through the view finder, view it as a picture and and what you see including the four corners is what you will get" 

    Glad your enjoying

    All the best


  8. Hi folks

    Had my roof re-tiled by a local builder (?) about 4 years ago and have complained a few times re leaks, he is very very slow in getting around to us, usually after asking 5 or 6 times and then some, unfortunatley I cannot now get on to roofs just about make it up the ladder but a friends son who works for a building company kindly took a look and he feels in his opinion that the work is shoddy at best.

    I have a few questions, the roof has canal tiles with flat unders my question is:   Should ALL the under tiles be nailed, also after 4 years should the ridge tiles be loose? should he have put zinc around the base of the chimney stack and should the bottom line of tiles be cemented in ?

    I feel I know the answers but would like to hear from those who REALLY know, someone like a roofer please

    Many thanks


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