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  1. Hello all

    Firstly may I just say Air conditioning is NOT that expensive to run but it does depend on how many rooms and what size they are. If your house has 14 rooms and they are all 25m2 it would be expensive to heat or cool. If you want to cool a couple of rooms which I must say is the norm, a wall mounted split unit of 2.5-3kw duty should be ok for the average room and that would also give the same heating duty in the winter and running costs would be minimal.Portable a/c units need a window or door to vent the hot air and are noisy as all the working parts are in the room.

    Hope this helps


    Refrigeration & A/C Engineer

  2. Hi Brian

    I have only installed and worked on air/air systems (I believe in sticking to what you know) but common sense says geo would give you a more constant heat gain, it would also be much more expensive to install and I guess (and it is a guess) the system would be a one off, designed for your property no doubt a good system but who would carry out any repairs and how soon could they get to you if in the middle of winter if you have a problem?

    As a ball park figure you will need 25/30kW output from the system

    Hi Sallyb

    the £50 coolers use water as the cooling medium which means you will be putting water into the air in the room you are trying to cool which in turn will give you a very humid room.

    The £200 mobile unit will need to be vented to the outside (you cannot destroy heat only move it from place to place) is liable to be noisy as the compressor and both fans will be inside the room a fixed split system has the compressor and one fan outside the indoor unit has the cooling block (evaporator) and a tangential fan (very quiet)

    you pays your money and makes your choice

    Hope this helps



  3. oh ye of little faith

    air/air heat pumps

    for every euro you spend on running the unit in heating mode you will get UP TO €4 OF HEAT Please NOTE up to  the reason for this is as the ambient outside temp drops so does the heat gain ratio, the claims you see are not wild but true at a given temp you do get a large heat gain, a bit like...... the sun always shines on our gites!!!!! ......enjoy glorious sunny days at our cottage.

    the big question is HOW BIG IS YOUR BARN ? AND IS IT TOTALLY OPEN PLAN ?

    Hope this helps


    p.s Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer 

  4. Hi All

    air sourced system will freeze up but will not fail they are used today all over the world, when the outside coil freezes over a sensor sends a signal to the controller which in turn tells the system to reverse cycle which defrosts the coil and then turns back again onto heating mode.

    hope I have explained the principle clearly


    The Fridgeman 

  5. Hi Alexis

    What ever the size of pipe you have you will need a "connector"

    which can be straight or an elbow ie. if you are using 100mm pipe you will need a 100mm connector. Your 100mm pipe has a outside dia of 100mm and the connector will have an inside dia of 100mm. You will need to clean your pipe ends carefully apply adhesive slide the connector over the pipe then insert the other pipe into the connector allow to dry for a couple of hours and job done


    Bon chance


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