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  1. Hi Ali

    First of all I am NOT a veggie! .....But I don't have a problem with anyone, each to their own, and I love vegetables, I also cook a LOT ...... I see you don't eat fish which has shot down some of my favourite dishes ....... no problem as there is plenty more things to cook..... as I don't live in France YET (soon hopefully) not too sure about soya mince but I am sure I have seen it mentioned in other posts (try doing a search for soya mince).......... Yes vegetables are good and so are crepes...... and pizza ......... and fritters ..... and aubergines in curries are a good meat substitute ........ well there are a few things to get on with ..... there are quiet a few veggies on this site and I am sure you will get plenty of replies that will point you in the right direction and all will be helpful


    If you want anymore info just ask


    Bonne Chance

  2. Hi Londoneye

    You need a digital FTA receiver (Numerique), a  Dish and mounting, an  lnb,  cable, two "F" connectors, which as the previous posters have said you can buy as a kit in one of the sheds and I would not disagree with them if all you want is cheap and very basic ...... if you want french TV or other English / Spanish / italien / etc channels then you will need to spend a little more money but IMO get a lot more.....re: channels 4 / 5 you will only get these with a sly box ...... and then you will NOT get french TV

    If you want ant more info just ask or PM me

    Bonne Chance

  3. Hi babnik

    I am guessing you have a digital stb and a fixed dish, shame you did not tell us the whole true in the beginning........ all you need is a motorised dish then you can point it at any sat you want, if you want french pay tv you will need a stb that will accept the card... does your stb have card slots?  no slots .....no card....no pay tv....... look through my other posts for channel's you can get plus many more......


    More info?      just ask

  4. Hi Croixblanches

    May I be bold and throw my two euros in, this may just get your Christmas viewing (must watch the Queen)  this will ONLY apply if you have a clear view of the sky south ie. no trees bushes buildings in the way.......... buy a 80 cm dish a single lnb and some decent cable plus two "F"connectors and a pole........ I will keep this next bit simple........pick a site in your garden close to the house facing south bang the pole into the ground so it does not move and idealy  upright, attach lnb to dish then dish to pole..... best to have already measured distance fom tv to the position you are going to put pole plus and extra 4 mtrs so you know how much cable you will need connect cable to box and dish and turn on box and tv as you normally would ....... get compass find south then 28 degrees east of south point the dish in this direction ......... now the elevation of the dish, I would say almost upright (remember the sat is high in the sky NOT on the horizon) and your lnb is offset its now a case of moving the dish in small movements and waiting at least 5 seconds before moving again and the best of luck......... That a look in the FAQ section re satellite installation which might explain it better.

    If you need more info just ask

  5. Martin

    Could not agree with you more, if it suits you why not, and I agree with keeping the dish lowish normally no need to put it on the chimney ( maybe they think if its nearer to the sat it will work better lol!!) same as the Romans who built high spires on their high churches thinking they would be nearer to God, I just think a motorised dish gives you more options.



  6. Hi Graham

    France 2, 3, 4 and 5 are available Digital FTA on Atlantic bird 3,  you will need to purchase a digital/numeric system, I would also recommend a motorised system, you will need a motor to move your dish, IMO better than multiple dishes (sorry Martyn) but get a decent motor about £70, I went for the STAB motor then set up your receiver to USALS and its all done for you.

    If you need any more info just ask I will try and help 

  7. Hi Paul

    Sorry to but in, too far apart, suggest you motorise, cost about £70 for a good motor, yes you can buy cheaper but its out in all weathers and the cheaper ones do tend to seize up and I would recommend a good squirt of WD40 after about a year of use before the bad weather arrives you don't want to be up a ladder in a gale! and that goes for any motor you fit, not too difficult to do, then you change sat at the touch of a button.



    Bonne Chance

  8. Any thing is only as difficult as you allow it to be, ask a pilot how hard he/she finds it to fly a plane, if you can fit up a stationary sat dish there is NO reason why you can not fit a motorised dish which will give you a 180 deg swing and as long as you have clear sight due south (no trees buildings etc) there should be no problem, I would also suggest a 85/90cm dish and I would  go for a decent motor NOT the cheapest, if you want any help just ask, my best advice is TAKE YOUR TIME DO NOT RUSH if it takes another day to get it right at least it will be RIGHT, one other thing to take into consideration is the Sat's are due south but high in the sky not low on the horizon if you look at the lnb you will notice it is offset take an imaginary line from the end of the lnb to the dish and then using the same angle skyward, it takes you high into the sky.

    By the way I knew NOTHING before I fitted up my system my only help was the beautiful Clare (and what an assistant she is ) and a sat signal strength meter (very useful) and thankfully after setting it all up it only needed a slight tweak here and there for perfection, lots of Sat's and loads of channels, some good some not so good and some absolute C**P

    Not as expensive or difficult as some would like us to believe

    I hope this helps, any other questions please ask.

    NOTE...... The info I have given is what I have taught myself, I am NOT a professional tv/sat engineer and I have given this info to assist anyone who is setting up a digital tv system,  if anyone finds any faults please advice me so I may correct it, just be responsible especially when up a ladder, a 80cm dish acts like a sail when the wind is gusting so be careful.


    Bonne Chance


  9. Hi all

    This box will get ALL the FTA channels, you can only get the S*Y encrypted channels with a S*Y box so you will get all BBC, ITV1, 2, 3, 4, but NOT channel's 4 or 5 so you are not missing (IMO) much, me I would not use a S*Y box if it was given to me and the thought of giving Murdoch money.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But hey that's my opinion, you do what you want to do.

    With the right box and a bit of knowledge you can get some of the encrypted channels including TPS (English footy and films)and Multi-vision, For Free, I would recommend a motorised system as there is plenty of other satellite's that broadcast in English and they are  FTA.


    Bonne Chance

  10. Hi all

    Plain and simple put them under the grill non skin side up to melt the fat and heat through then turn over (skin side up) and grill until the skin is crispy, and as stated already KEEP the fat it will last for ages in the fridge, good for roast potatoes, Pork rillettes, and it smells wonderful when cooking.


    Bon Chance and a merry Christmas to all

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