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  1. Hi all

    I think you will find that the sat he was picking up with the God channels was Eurobird 1 @ 28.5E just that litle bit further east, the dish was at the edge of the signal as he lost those channels as well, a little nudge west and he would get both eurobird and astra 28.2, which he has done now, shame he did not mention about the storm in his original post as I am sure everyone would have gone for...................."the dish has moved !!!!!!"

    He has sorted it now so that is good.

    What a mine of information this forum has...........[:D]

  2. Hi Mary

    As long as the skies are clear you should have no problem, happens on August 12th and no moon that night best from about 11pm through till day break, for a couple of days prior and a couple of days after you should see some activity but the 12th should be superb, you will need somewhere dark not near any lighting and about 10/15 minuets for your eyes to get used to the dark, I will be in Brittany at the same time.......see you there.

  3. Hi Tim

    Your Humax stb will move your dish, depending how old it is and which motor you have (Diseqc or Usals) I personaly find the Usals system to be the better option, the diseqc motors are useless once you go over 80cm, they are just not powerfull enough, you should be able to set up the whole system in a couple of hours depending where you site the dish, it does not have to be on the highest part of the roof (a common mistake) you need clear sight south, no trees or buildings, mine is sited on the side of the house about 8 foot high, makes it easy to apply a drop of WD40 which they all need to keep them running sweet. 

  4. Hi Martin

    Your 80cm dish should be OK as you are that bit further south, I am using a 80cm dish here in UK and it's working fine, I have just bought and awaiting delivery with baited breath , a Funke 1mtr plus a 0.2 lnb which hopefully will solve my problem with Feeds on 10e. By the way the 1w is a feed which is liable to be there till the Tour finishes and has English commentary, great if you are in to cycling, I'm not but you have to admire them.

    I hopefully will be in France full time by the end of the year, which I am looking forward to with my motorised new dish, Martin you just can not beat a motorised dish, once set up and it does take a bit of setting up, at the press of a button you can cover so much of the world, I do not understand why people stick with sly, well I do really it is something they feel safe with, with a standard digi box and motorised dish you get soooooooo much more, OK you do not get channels 4 & 5 but your sure not missing much imo and having to pay for all the other channels,  more money than sense.

    Enough of my ramblings

    If you can't get it to work, as a last resort look at the instructions.................

    All the Best

  5. Hi Nap,

    Lets try and answer/sort out one thing at a time, for BBC / ITV you need to be on Astra2 once you are fixed on Astra2 you will receive Astra 2a,b,d and Eurobird1 these satellites are grouped close together and you should get a signal from all of them which will cover BBC and ITV channels, as all brands of stb (set top box) are slightly different in they way you go about searching for channels you really need to read the manual, your best bet is to do a Blind Search, you should end up with about 300 channels, there may be a screen that allows you to choose TV / FTA / ALL if you want radio as well you need to choose ALL and that is what you will get including all the encrypted channels (Sly Sports, Sly Movies) don't get too excited you will only get a blank screen when you select these channels, you now need to goto "edit channels" menu go through your list of channels deleting the ones you do not want and IMO there is a lot of c**p channels and ones you do not want your children to see once you have sorted your channels turn the stb OFF at the MAINS this will clear the deleted channels totally from your stb, now if you do not have ITV you need to goto Menu, Installation, Advanced Search, Add Transponder, then enter 10758 22000 V, This is the transponder number, it's symbol rate and it's polarity, then SCAN this will scan this Transponder only, you should end up with ITV1,2,4, men and motors and some ITV regional variants.

    Try this first, I cannot guarantee your stb menu/screen shots will be exactly the same  but I feel they will be very close, if in doubt READ THE MANUAL.

    You also state you can get Hotbird was this achieved by moving the dish by hand or have you fitted a motorised dish?

    Try the above FIRST then we can sort out the Radio channels, but you must have a good signal from Astra2 first.

    Let us know how you get on

  6. Well that's Tesco for keeping prices down..........my a**e..........  I buy (UK) in local Turkish shop 3 ltr Kalamata 1st press Virgin Olive  oil for.............£8.09 and Kalamata olives @ £5.99 a Kilo very yummy with a quality full of flavour tomato, crooks cucumber (that goes CRUNCH when you bit it) and some halloumi cheese.......BLISS
  7. Hi Martin and All

    I have just read the posts and I am a little confused, Martin you have touched a little on the matter, ie. using a standard stb from a brico or whatever, which gives you all the bbc and itv channels, the only channels you do not get are channels 4&5 and is that any great loss? but if you get a motor for your dish (should be at least 80cm) the sky's (no pun intended) the limit and if you are in the know  ;)  there are even more channels. I just would not pay money-bags murdoch a penny.

    Brywi I find it strange though not impossible that you cannot receive a signal from 28e, can you see the sun around 12.30 if so you should get a signal, I would go for a 90cm dish and as Martin states good quality cable, makes all the difference also some stb's are more sensitive than others and will pick up a weak signal.

    If you want further assistance just ask. 

  8. Hi All

    If your dough shrinks back roll it out bigger than you need and let it shrink back, I have always rolled my dough and never had a problem (30 years) adding some semolina to your mix might help which I have always done, used to do it all by hand but now use the dough setting on the bread maker and find no difference, after making dough I put it in an oiled plastic bag in the fridge for at least 30 mins before using, dump it all out onto a floured surface and cut into sizes required, roll it out quite thin place on oiled tray cover with toppings and straight into oven (230C) until done, about 10-12 mins.

    The tomato paste topping should not be too wet and do not go overboard with the toppings....less is more....

    Tomato paste, gently fry onions and garlic add passata or chopped tinned tomatoes and a dollop of tomato puree, cook and reduce (whiz up with a hand blender if you have one) then add a handful of chopped basil or do not whiz if you like it lumpy.

    Hope this helps, bonne chance

  9. Hi Clair

    I make bread 3/4 times a week using my £9.99 Tesco breadmaker mainly as my mixer/prover then bake it in an oven with Great Results, so I thought I would give your No Knead bread a try and ....................Great Results ...... worth getting your teeth into ............even though we have a GREAT baker in our village! 

  10. Hi All

    I can honestly say I have never had a bad loaf of bread from our breadmaker, purchased from Tesco £9.99 on special offer.

    As stated above, as simple as bread making is, you do need to check the dough (I learnt this from a baker) as each batch of flour is different!!!!!

    My way of breadmaking........put you ingredients into the b/m as your recipe set to dough/pizza setting and start, leave the lid open and check dough (touch with back of fingers) if sticky, which it normally is, add a little flour and test again, add more flour if needed, the dough  should just feel tacky, NOT sticky, allow cycle to finish remove dough form into shape you want or put into bread tin, set oven to 50 C spray dough with water, place in oven for 20 Mins, turn heat up to highest setting for 10 Mins and spray with water again, cook for a further 10 Mins, check if loaf is baked, tap bottom of loaf, if hollow its done, if not place back in oven bottom side up for a further 5Mins, check again etc.

    By the way I use Lidl plain flour (Not bread flour) with good results

    Hope this is helpful

  11. Hi All

    Getting back to the original question, on some cookers there are adjusters in the end of the gas regulator shafts, you need to remove the regulator knobs and you will see a hole in the end of the shaft, you will need a long thin screwdriver pushed down the hole to adjust the flame height.

    Hope this helps

    Bonne chance

  12. Hi Graham

    you may well be correct, but I have a feeling the flat bread is FOUGASSE, which I should have thought of before as I have cooked it many times, it can come plain, with orange juice or grattons (crispy bits of pork)

    It is a Provencal flat bread which traditionally is leaf shaped then slashed through and opened up

    A very tasty bread

  13. Hello Graham


    mmmmmmmmmmmmm...................... interesting........... 10cm square never seen it, mind you bread can be any shape you want, 5mm before cooking, then how thick once cooked?

    did it have dimples in the surface, or any herbs or olive oil on it?   or seeds, could be focaccia or turkish flat breads, both very tasty, did the bread have uniform air bubbles through it or some large bubbles? or maybe it was panini, was it floury on the surface or shiny, was this the only product they where selling that might give us a clue or it may have been Syrian bread that's very flaky and normally very thin though so I do not think its that, what could it be, next time you go why not ask them what its called or from which country it originates?

    Gosh I feel like a detective, just need the cigar and the shabby mac..........Colombo!!!!!!!!!!    

    Bonne chance


  14. Hi All

    I am not a veggie but I use soya mince and textured soya and I have even dished it up to non veggies and had compliments on how nice the dish was, they thought it was meat! so it is not just for veggies, I have veggie friends whom I have cooked for and they have always enjoyed the food I  have made, we eat it as well and enjoy it as much as they do, I have to say I tend to eat less meat as time goes by, no real reason for this as we do enjoy the occasional steak and we do eat a lot of fish and sea food as well, I could not bring myself to eat veggie ready meals the same as I do NOT eat ready meals anyway, too many additives.

     I feel soya mince etc. just gives you a different texture to what you are eating and I think that is why veggies like it and why not, ready meals on the other hand are a different subject and are there to make someone rich.

    All the best

  15. Hi Graye

    I have posted before re: "veggies in France" I am not a veggie but I like veggie dishes or should I say non-meat dishes, there is such an abudence of fresh produce (non-meat)

    If I was a veggie I would NOT eat LM packaged products or any other make, the same as I do not eat packaged products anyway, I prefer FRESH, there is so much junk added to packaged stuff.

    If you would like a few recipes just ask, glad to assist.


    Bonne Chance



  16. Hi Paul

    I'm with you, life is difficult enough, why not make it easy and I noticed Ty did succumb,  thankfully I do not have as much to do as you, but I will be looking at the mortar gun even though I can throw mortar at a wall successfully.

    All the best



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