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  1. It does leave a few things in French, but at least the help pages are all in English.   It is very close to what you could do if you bought Ultimate and it is free.
  2. [quote user="AnOther"]Never tried it personally but...................http://www.froggie.sk/ [/quote] I changed my 64bit Windows7 Home Premium language from French to English using Vistalizator without any problems.   You just need to follow the instructions.
  3. Yes another vote for CCleaner, but I would suggest caution with it's registry cleaner.   You need to uncheck cookies if you want to keep any. I gave up Advanced System Care when it's owner, Iobit from China, was caught stealing the Malwarebytes database.
  4. [quote user="ErnieY"]Actually there MAY be an option but you try it at your own risk ! Vistalizator Bon chance [/quote] This one has worked fine for me, but it needs a little work to get windows updates going in the English version.   You need to uninstall windows search 4.0 from previous updates and then hide it.
  5. When I had a long wait for my tax refund, I used the following contact details to email them.   I was surprised to have a quick reply explaining that my forms had arrived a few months ago but were queueing. At least you can chase it up again easily by replying to theirs. http://search2.hmrc.gov.uk/kbroker/hmrc/contactus/search.ladv?sr=0&as=1&cs=ISO-8859-1&sc=hmrc&sf=&sm=0&nh=50&ha=34&tx0=370342&fl0=__dsid:&tx1=2020&raction=view
  6. John if you use Firefox and Thunderbird you can transfer all your passwords settings and emails with this: http://www.mozbackup.org/
  7. Hello Betty, As far as I remember it was just passports they needed, but not sure as we had other identification available in case, as we were travelling around in a motorhome while looking at property.
  8. If you change your mind and get a French one, I just bought an Acer online at a very good price.   It arrived in just under 24 hrs from placing the order.  Post again if you want the name of the supplier.
  9. [quote user="Joshua"] In the event that the new French rules apply solely to EU citizens, whilst allowing French nationals to remain covered by CMU or the CPAM, this could be considered unlawful discrimination under EU law. In that event, as a matter of EU law, you must be entitled to continue to affiliate to the CMU or the CPAM under the same conditions as French nationals. [/quote] This seems to be perfectly clear and means that the proposed changes are unlawful and should be withdrawn immediately. Have you forwarded this to the MEP who has taken up these cases?
  10. There would be no need to take the box to UK just to activate one of the £20 Sky cards, as that can be done in any sky box in the UK and will then work in any other anywhere.  Maybe the digibox is u/s though.   Whoever fitted the dish should be able to check that for them.
  11. [quote user="s7ephanie"]We also have a little house like that and when our Marie came to visit he said we could claim 40 per cent back on renovation costs and he could let it out for us.  We havent looked into this yet but sounds good to us[/quote] We received a circular from our Mairie on Friday, offering 45% of renovation cost provided the property is then rented out.   It probably depends on what is offered in your area.
  12. It may be worth you looking at this site: http://www.devismutuelle.com/index.asp We chose one that suited us from here and it would give you an idea of costs of different levels of cover for your age group.
  13. There is an excellent program available to disable unnecessary startups: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download5583.html It is called startup lite and will check for items you have in your startup folder that you don't need.
  14. I don't know what offers are available in Spain now, but about 10 years ago I bought a Spanish sim card for about £10.   The special offer was an unknown amount of credit included. When I checked I found mine had £90 credit on it and I used it for several years with just a small annual top up to keep it going. France seems to be by far the worst country for mobile phone costs, so it's about time it was sorted out here. There are other things which seem to be accepted in France such as annual fees for bank cards, there does not seem to be much competition going on does there?
  15. Presumably I am not the only one to have the Orange browser installed on my computer together with other start-up items I never asked for when I installed Orange Internet.   Has anyone actually used this one and if so is it any good? The common term for this sort of stuff is foistware, which describes it rather well I think. I would also be interested to know what the following do: C:\PROGRA~1\Wanadoo\Toaster.exe C:\PROGRA~1\Wanadoo\Inactivity.exe C:\PROGRA~1\Wanadoo\PollingModule.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\ALERTM~1\ALERTM~1.EXE C:\Program Files\Wanadoo\ComComp.exe C:\Program Files\Wanadoo\Watch.exe
  16. It's just that with IE I think that my scanners would find a load of tracking cookies etc. and I don't know how to prevent them without blocking the cookies that many sites like banks need to use for whatever reason. It's more the addons than the basic firefox which makes it safer, like noscript.   But maybe IE can do the same these days.   It is a long tome since I used it.
  17. To phone the UK from Spain, by far the cheapest way is to purchase a phone card when you are there. They allow something ridiculous like 3 hrs for 6 euros.   The only problem is that you have to dial into their system first, before you dial the UK number from a phone box. If you have a UK mobile, you can get your people to send you a text message which is free to receive and then phone them back. Spain also has good deals on pay as you go sim cards.
  18. [quote user="Breton Networks"]I know that Firefox can be made to look like IE, but in my experience the only people who use Firefox are the anti M$ brigade.   [/quote] And the people interested in internet security.
  19. [quote user="Onion van man"]Anyone looking for a full featured firewall for free should give Comodo a try. [/quote] Yes and if you have any doubt about that suggestion see here: http://www.matousec.com/projects/windows-personal-firewall-analysis/leak-tests-results.php#vendors-responses However we are today waiting for the third beta of the next generation of the Comodo firewall, also free, which will make the existing one obsolete when the final is released in maybe a month from now.
  20. Hi ltf, I am having problems with Firefox too.   Mine seem to be related to google-analytics and are only a problem on some sites I need to log in to with a password.   Are you getting any error messages?  
  21. [quote user="ams"]  Just in case, we have obtained a good quote for health insurance and I have sourced alternative prescrptions on the internet at 1/6 the price of what is paid at the local pharmacy..   ams [/quote] I think you need to take care with drugs sold on the net.   Some of them are not genuine and may not contain what you need.
  22. Suggest you turn on automatic updates.
  23. The problem is solved, now working as it should.[:)] Thankyou
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