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  1. No snide dig,not my style,Having just paid best part,enough to say a large wegde for doing very very little,3 views and putting our names on some forms and then sending them to the notaire some 100m up the road.Sure I resent paying them.Glad it worked out for you,just goes to show want the quaility of some of the brit immos over here in france,we had the similar things happen to us years ago when looking for a house,in the end we went straight to the vender and cut out the immo.
  2. Are the pm`s just that or are the sublect to forum rules?Nowhere can I find the protocol regarding PM`s,please I would think that all forum members would have some interest in this.
  3. Ahh,that would of been so nice,and since you where bringing the 10lt bib,I would greet you with a smile.
  4. What did the breton estate agent charge you,normally it is around E7500 per E100000,go on how much time did you spend with the agent,and what did they do to earn that5 grand, a couple of viewing,and how long had you known your immo??before they took you in to thier confidence.Five grand for what????????????/
  5. Yes,dickie ignorance is no defence and I absolutly agree with you 100%,no excuse,and that they posted on the forum only adds to why the car was taken back to the UK.Maybe Will or one of the other mods may know but there is an aloted time in which the law does allow the car and all it`s paper work re the import/export and if the car is in this time frame,then is there a case to claim the money spent geting the car back.
  6. Paul,yeah I`m alright jack and so what I owe nobody nothing,and thats the way I like it.Do you think that the "les rosbifs"that come over here on a wing and a prayer should be given charity status or counselling.Just posted and caught russie`s post,no, just used some commom sense and chose the right policy for us,no one ever made any one borrow anything.So like I said I`m all right jack and so are my kids and that I all I could care about,even to the point that I have bought them a house,(but will charge them rent,all heart I know).
  7. Well if you looked for land a few years ago you should of bought,down here a 500m2 will set you back around E80-100000,that is if you (or anyone else )wants to build on it.
  8. If the water turns to wine let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. We bought our first house in the early 80`s paid it up,kept the endownment and that with bonus was worth more than the house when it came in...nice little earner.The later problem was that some years later when everyone heard about how good they were,they nose dived.The mid to late 80`s were a good time for savers 15% interest,the good old days bring um back,now in france 2.6% on savings if you are lucky or .....................go see a french bank manager.
  10. We have had one or two houses (and a yacht),paid the first one off in 6years,moved to a semi then bought the first house here in France for cash then the second,sold the semi,and now have anothere house in the same village here in France.Working class sure I worked hard and so did the other half of the bouffie household,I have been homeless pennyless,left school at 15 with nothing really in the way exams.That is why I would still say I/we are working class.
  11. Take care when buying "cheap"paint,try to avoid water based and go for resin based instead for outside painting.
  12. , what a wally,..... rip van idiot ! You talk utter rubbish,.  Now if miki`s comments are not a personel insult I do not know what is,once again he/she is allowed to get away with it,there is forum rules and then it seems like there are rules for miki.
  13. You me and miki live in France,and we all know that the french way,ie schooling until the age of 24 and more is a load ...now add to that the CPE,the first chance and I will send my kids back to the UK once they reach 16(or if I could the USA)Today as just made that much easier,the french could save the world if they stopped using so much paper.
  14. The other side of the coin means that it was not "mauvais" There was a survey in the USA that stated of all the lecturers 74% were for anyone but the Bush team,and even to prove the point some college kid took the teacher to court saying that the lessons where not impartial,74%maybe the NUT should take note.
  15. Well I do live here and IF you start to live down here you might see things from another angle,as for the three or four posters on english in 66,well do a search  and what you may come up with is English servive direct,and there you will find every thing one needs to live in France provided by ENGLISH  tradesmen,change overs for second home owners sheet washing etc do I need to go on?????????
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