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  1. When HSBC advised us to bank with Jersey or Isle of Man I noted on reading "Some" of the small print ,that only £15K is covered instead of the £50K from UK branches.
  2. Must be the only judge who lives in the real world.I liked his summing up."An abuse of power"
  3. You've made me confused now!! I want to sell the French reg Honda on leaving France and buy a new Honda in UK.I just wondered which was the best way to go about it? 2 points, not leaving just yet and having had 2Honda Jazz from new I have found them very reliable and problem free.Anyway,thanks for you input.
  4. Anyone any knowledge on this problem? We have Honda Jazz LHD 18 months old .Shortly wish to buy new UK spec Honda Jazz. Our local Honda Agent say they can take ours in PX and supply UK spec car.OK so far but----Obviously it will have French Reg, can a car be supplied for UK agent collection ?We have had basic details from DVLA site but wondered total cost of re-registering in UK and what,if any,problems regarding TVA-VAT. UK agents say they will only PX a LHD if re-registered first.
  5. Reading through your posts and the many replies,it would seem that you might be giving yourself a rather large headache before you start or know what income/profit is in it at the end. Chambre d'hote with breakfast seems the best first step. I think in 7 years and hundreds of B& Bers ,I think 2 asked about meals. Both English!! There are over 100 restaurants within a few miles so little point in us offering a meal when part of the holiday experience is surely eating out. Obviously depends if you are in the sticks miles from anywhere.regarding insurance cover,your house insurer will provide public liability cover.Usually they visit the premises count your number of letting rooms,see the state of the place and charge accordingly. I believe our cover for 5 rooms was somewhere around 60 euros. We had a visitors book from the mairie to log in people,good for getting address and car reg on arrival and we had to pay 25 cents per night per person. Easy to do your tax return etc.etc. Chambre de Commerce will do your paperwork for Urssaf etc for about 55euros . Save yourself a lot of headaches the first year and then see where you are going profit wise before you lay out hundreds joining this that and the other.
  6. We always used to grow our own but the veggie plot is now being built on. We are lucky that we can get virtually any veggie from the farm a few house away but when I asked about the parsnip I was told they don't bother with them as they stay in the ground too long. I note that within days of one crop being cut the fields are ploughed up and replanted.
  7. Lots of discussions in the media about the pro's and con's of assisted suicide for the terminally ill,can we please add murderers/rapists plus a few other lower denominators of the human race? might save a lot of future problems as the punishment.if any, offered at the moment certainly isn't working.
  8. Yes,had one as well,it seems that there are plenty of changes in the offing. Not sure why but perhaps it's just another way of checking where you are officially resident.
  9. Someone at HMRC must be awake as we had a letter this morning asking if we had any UK property,where we stayed in UK on out visits and dates of entry and exit from the UK for the last 3 years?In our response They might perhaps note that in 2007 our total days where 30,in 2008 22 and in 2009 15. Perhaps they'll deduce something from that about the UK. As we stay with Daughter I expect a letter in 12-14 weeks asking if we pay rent!!To date 7 different tax offices have had all the relevant paperwork from the Hotel des Impot giving our tax records from 2003. Yesterday we had a letter from the same office asking when we leaving the UK? I wonder how much stress or how many heart attacks they cause?
  10. Reading through the replies, I wonder how many rooms you have and how you expect to get guests, by advertising,G.D.F. or the B&B agency, and if the initial outlay for these agencies less the commission they charge added to your cotisations will see you making any profit. We are lucky enough to be on a tourist route from St.Malo to St.Suliac. St.Suliac being a "Village of Charm" plus close to the Rance and many beaches etc.etc. We did have to register with the C.d.C. as we are close to several hotels and they don't like people not paying their dues. We did enquire about joining the various agencies but apart from cost,the delay before you are added to any advertising can be a year. We decided just to put a B&B/Chambre D'Hote sign outside our gate and see how we got on.Slowly but steady up till June , then July and August we were turning cars away every day. Virtually Complet for the main 7 weeks busy period. We also charge 10 euros more per room than the 3 hotels near-by!!!. No problems with any of the powers that be,they were all very helpful.The local Tourist office would not offer our rooms as we weren't graded by G.D.F. The local Mairie did add us to their site and also published an article and photo's in the Commune Mag. This resulted in many locals booking in relatives/freinds when they were having a bash. We did quite well out of it for 6 years but following 2 family bereavements and the onset of retirement age decided to close the B&B. WE still get many repeat enquiries which we pass on to others in the locality.This may be an easier route for you to go down and then you can see whether the idea is profitable or not. While I think of it the Tax was fairly painless as you are allowed somethinh like 72% before tax without any receipts. The Staff at the Hotel des Impots were always very helpful and efficient,unlike dealing with HMRC in UK.
  11. Always worth remembering that if you only want to trade for a 6 month summer period you can register on April 1st and deregister on Sept 30th. The local CdC did all the paperwork for us for 54e.That is contacting Urssaf etc etc. when we started and stopped. This considerably cuts down your outgoing expenses. We did this for 6 years with no problems at all and at the end of each year received rebates from most depts. This point was pointed out to us by Micky,an ex-member but was not mentioned at the CdC or by the Maire.
  12. One spin off from this terrible story is that the papers show rows of neglected and semi-direlect houses. WHY can't these houses be re-furbed and used to house the immigrants and asylum seekers that at present seem to be in houses costing the taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds and notably found in the most expensive areas of London. Surely this would create employment for local builders/decorators,the benefit money would be spent in local shops and the area might improve as a result. Pity it wasn't done some years ago and there may have been less social problems with the extra input from Government sources where Immigrants.Asylum seekers are involved.
  13. Ask the Notaire. Having sold a few times we had one buyer who paid a deposit of E500. The notaire did point out to them that if they defaulted ,they would be liable to pay the full 10% deposit. You can also ask advice from the notaire what arrangements can be made as I'm sure a lot of buyers can't come up with the 10% untill thay recieve payment from their own sale. Most Notaire's would give you this info free,especially if they will eventually be dealing with the sale.
  14. Bad news for us who have enjoyed the good and reliable service from the Barfleur,Poole/Cherbourg. The reason for the selling of this ship and cancellation of this service is that it's been making a loss since 2003, The Bournemouth Echo is offering 24 hr returns fo £5. Might be part of the shortfall in cash? Average return fromCherbourg using Home Owners discount £150!!!!!
  15. From a Swiss couple who tried to do a runner without paying B&B bill" Do you have any organic honey?
  16. Nervous breakdown time. My wife's claim has been sent from office one via four other depts over the course of 8 months back to office one!!! Phoned this morning to see what happened to the letter being sent to us in SEptember?" Don't know anything about that,Your claim should have been dealt with by ofice one and has been returned to them" After 8 months!!!! " Can I phone to ask if it is being dealt with? No,any calls go to any dept that has a free line? God help us all, if this is an example of how the Government run their departments. We were advised that the huge backlog would entail a wait of about 12 weeks. This backlog is probably caused by staff being unable or unwilling to deal with anything and passing it on.
  17. Funny how they can find details and paperwork if they want to or if they think a bonus might be theirm reward. About 2 years after we bought our first house in Brittany, we had a nice form to fill in from the I.R. asking how we had paid for the house,via which bank,or otherwise,where the money had come from? were we in receipt of any rent etc.etc. about 20 questions in all .Fortunately we had done it all legit. Over the last few years although we have been tax payers here for 7 years we arestill get problems with them. Some bright boy decided to deduct 20% tax at source on a payment although all accounts with the same bank are paid gross. Since then we have found ourselves dealing with 5 different Tax offices, all pass it on. It's like a magic roundabout full of hopeless inefficient nonentities. Regards.
  18. Having had 6 labourers sent from the Jobcentre to one site ,I would say ,"Don't waste your breath". I wouldn't go so far as to tar them all with the same brush but you might as well equip them with a beach bucket and spade.I expect it's against there Human Rights as well plus one to one Councelling plus Prozac might be required.
  19. Having just returned from a Christmas break in the UK,I was again saddened by the problems caused within families by one being on the drug trail. Not only a U.K. problem I know but seeing it at first hand with 2 families,fortunately not mine but good friends. One son is now on Heroin,having started on the special ciggies and going down the slippery slope to the bottom. The parents have spent fortunes on various re-hab courses etc but to no avail. At the age of 28 the son cheats,lies and steals anything in sight presumably to buy the stuff. Apart from no self esteem in himself he has very nearly killed his father with the stress. The other family suffered the only release by the son,well educated and once with a good job,killing himself with an overdose. This obviously causes his mother with the thought of could she have done more. Therefore what would members put forward as a process to stop this rot? Full de-criminisation of all addictive substances but a supply to registered users that can be controlled by quantity and reducing strenght perhaps. It seems that our collective Governments seem unable to flatten the growth and provide the growers with another source of keeping themselves.The whole world seems to have degenerated with filth,shootings,thefts etc due to the sale of these products. I would like to see the erasure of the words" Drug Baron""Supplier" Drug Mule" from our language. To add to my rant,or heart felt wishes, I have just read that there are 260000 registered users in the U.K. on benefit of at least £120 a week. With many users on £200 - £ 500 a day habits I don't have to wonder where the rest of the cash comes from.
  20. Amazed at the B.F. price. Booked Cherbourg-Poole car+3 23rd return30th Dec Car+2 free cabin each way £154. Regards,
  21. I scrapped my RHD.just drive in,they may even offer you a few euro's for it but ensure they give you the document to send to UK to ensure it is scrapped and you don't end up paying someone elses fines!!! Regards.
  22. In case anyone has missed the info.Brittany Ferries are axing the Barfleur and the Poole -Cherbourg route in early March. Concentrating on Portsmouth routes. The Vomit Express will still operate from Poole ,weather permitting.
  23. To add insult to injury Brittany Ferries are axing the Barfleur and finishing Cherbourg-Poole service early March. Regards.
  24. Article in the Malouin paper this week about a father and son doing the old tarmac trick again. Dol area thousands ofeuros involved. They got 6 & 8 months clink and supposedly have to repay the victims I'd have thought by now people would be well up on these scams but it never ceases to amaze me how many expect a good job on the black but usually not so cheap.
  25. Funny reading the Council House remark. Over lunch we were discussing the snob culture of the UK,possibly more England than regions and that it must be the last remaining place in the world where snobbishness rules.I lived in a Co-ownership block and spent 2 years of my spare time getting the right to buy for all the 54 tenants, after Lady Thatcher,God bless her,pushed through the Housing Act.I learnt quite a bit about dealing with the high and mighty and sacked the Association and Solicitors dealing with our case for the Housing Corporation as their sole aim was to stop us having the right and so losing part of their income.It did allow me to buy my first flat and since the go on to buy and sell 13 more houses to get out of debt.My wife also bought her own Council house after being widowed with 2 small children but still managing to train as a nurse and get a mortgage. I think people at our end of the scale might have a better grasp of life than those looking down their noses like Norman. As an add on most of the older Council houses were actually better built than many New-builds and actually had things like gardens/cupboards/fireplaces and room to swing the cat. Regards and hoping for a Healthy New Year to all,especially ex Council House persons!!
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