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  1. Having lunch today at by the Rance at Dinan we watched a workman with a van load of tarmac dealing with potholes. Overfill the hole,pat down with shovel, move on to next hole and so on untill about 12 holes were overfilled. Next reverse van over holes and drive back ,thus compacting tarmac. This was on one of the hottest days this season. I wish I'd had a video-camera I might have earnt a few bob.
  2. Many thanks for the comprehensive replies.I have printed all the info and will pass it on for him to digest before he starts writing a fairly hefty cheque I fear.
  3. Many thanks for quick replies. I'll give him the bad news later. It would appear that his Jersey accountant and Solicitor might not be paid this year!
  4. Anyone in a similar position who could clarify this question? A friend has a property in Jersey,rented out,rent collected by agent and deposited in Jersey bank. This also is on deposit and accrues interest, capital and interest staying in Jersey where it is taxed. The chap is resident in France and has been for about 20 years and is a French tax payer owning property and land here. A problem has arisen this year for the first time and he is getting conflicting advice from Jersey and French accountants. Exactly what should he declare on his French tax return and do the French Impot take the tax paid in Jersey into account? I may add this is for a friend,I wish I had the same problem. Any help,advice greatly appreciated.
  5. Our neighbours have organised a first one next Saturday along the same lines,starting lunchtime ending with a dance in the evening. Plus a tirage to pick who does it next month. I believe we are the only Ukers in this area so our take-in dish will be a surprise.
  6. The one thing I was hoping for in the Queen's Speech was a few words like" Due to the economic and social mess left behind by the outgoing bunch-------
  7. At least this posting explains why my French neighbour ,a good carpenter,gives me a list of bits and pieces to bring back from UK. 20 years ago I used to buy tools in France to take back to UK.I still have some in use.
  8. It would be interesting to know where the car was advertised? I did think that if a friend had a decent car it might even be worth having a go at a sting?I forgot to add,if you get another dodgy buyer,advise the Police first.
  9. My last letter with the 6th copy of the requested form to the original office that dealt with our claim ,is still awaiting a reply. They do inform you that the backlog on post is about 12 weeks at present? We have been referred to 5 other offices about the UK but have now been told the first office should have dealt with it? Out of the dozens of letters we send to family and others in the UK it amazing that it is the HMRC who don't seem to receive their post. Luckily I keep photo-copies,dated of all mail sent to HMRC and if I can fing a box big enough I'm thinking of getting it delivered to whoever takes over the service.
  10. Would he like to adopt me? I believe any sum over £5k is looked into and I think the safest answer to your question might be a phone call to an accountant or the inland revenue,whatever they call themselves these days.
  11. I suppose in any other civilised country they would be having a new election. Surely the boxes must still be available and perhaps this time the local officers will have enough sense to have sufficient staff to deal with the number of voters. The most amazing thing to my mind is that after 13 years of absolute mind blowing mistakes,lies and self profiteering ,Labour had so many votes.I always find it amazing that people suddenly become the chosen ones,as in Ruth Kelly ,the Millibands etc.etc. Where did they come from and what have they done for the country?
  12. Perhaps a member will clarify this point. A joint current account as Mr AND Mrs will be frozen on the death of either partner, whereas an account in Mr OR Mrs can be used by remaining partner. Obviously savings accounts in one name don't comply.
  13. Each year we follow the same system. The form came Monday,I had already written out our income per month,pensions,annuity, and yearly interest plus lump from plot sale. 5 minutes down the road to the Hotel des Impots,about a 10 minute wait,the tax lady read all my figures,entered them into relevant boxes,we signed the form and left. The easist way in dealing with any bureau ,health,tax CdC is to go to the office. After dealing with UK Tax Office,it's almost a pleasure.
  14. Luckily only seen one rat about 7 years ago and never seen one since or found any holes in garden. We have an enclosed garden with a thick hedge with a small mesh netting fence inside it and wooden panels set into concrete so garden is fairly enclosed. No dogs and no cats,not a lover of those and rarely see one in the few gardens by us.We did have a polecat get into our roof space a few years back and I had to put wire mesh on a couple of corners on the roof but no return visits. We watched him one night trying to rip the mesh off one corner,why he picked us I don't know as there are several open barns and farm buildings across the road.I clear any odd bits of bread left on the lawn at night so I presume that as the scavengers don't find any grub they don't bother. Quite often in the morning I will find bluetits and greattits in the greenhouse. They get in through a small hole in one panel and eat the seed I put in a small tin hanging from the roof.
  15. Forgot to add .6 fat-balls at Leader-price 89c,at Carrefour e2.50.????
  16. Having invested about 5-7 euros a week on various types of bird seed,supplemented by bread/pasta of various sorts/Peanuts & walnuts/fat-balls etcI am now finding that I have to buy tins of cat food. The outlay is bringing a very good return. The usual mixed flock of regulars has been joined by goldfinch and a lone blackcap but like an expectant father the arrival of the first chick means it's all worth while. Although it seems that our robins only have one chick last night we spotted a very fat hedgehog. I did wonder what had been leaving little presents around the lawn and shrubs,hence the cat food hoping a family is in the offing. Most intersting was the discovery of what I thought was a small mouse hole in the front gravel . Tonight I saw a lizard,we have several resident families in the garden, lying on top of the hole.I thought perhaps she had been caught by the hole maker as she was very still. however when she decided to move a pile of tiny eggs were revealed in the hole. I will be pacing up and down awaiting the new arrivals. Thank goodness I don't have to feed them.
  17. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I was going to mention the £250 for the video but Mr.Zoff beat me to it. The one and only time I got involved with a trailer I could have earnt at least £250 for the Video. My trusty Hillman Minx estate broke down on a country lane, with help pushed it into an empty field,shut the gate and phoned friend with pick up truck and trailer. 3 hrs later he picked me up from phone-box about 1 mile from field.No mobiles then. Returned to field to find about 50 young heifers in-situ. They had removed plastic petrol cap and one wing mirror and wiped their rear ends all along the sides. Drove trailer into field,soon as tail gate down they started getting onboard, eating the ropes and chewing bits of wood plus depositing everywhere. We managed to get the off and load the car and quickly drove straight up to gate to avoid large muddy patch. Gate opened inwards and wheels spinning the truck plus car wouldn't reverse. Unload car and I expect you can guess the rest. I actually told my pal he could have the car as I didn't want to see it again and next day bought a Morris J4 van for the pricely sum of £100 which I used everyday for work for four years.
  18. Yes.Ok should be the word as we do have a few bob with them and this is for a Debit card as we don't use credit cards at all.
  19. I did think his reply yesterday regarding immigration numbers was quite good. There as as many UK residents leaving to live in Europe,or words to that effect. I wonder how many who have left the UK have had such a free ride as many of the UK arrivals? I would think it safe to say the majority of those leaving whether to Europe /Australia/Canada have not gone with a begging bowl but have gone for a decent quality of life and with resources in hand that they have earnt.I can't remember advisors paid by the French Government [Tax-payer] lining up to offer me free advice/house/benefits and translations and health service etc.I do believe that the UK has imported a large quantity of what the other countries of the world don't want,and plenty of these seem to have a completly different view of law.order and respect. The photo gallery on Crimewatch seems to give a truer guide than the figures spouted from Government sources. I just wish some interviewer would try and point out what a complete pack of lies keeps gushing out of the mouths of these political P.R. exercises.
  20. Add The Times,Express,Telegraph,Guardian and Ouest France plus several news channels. Glad you believe it's all improved over the last 13 years,personally I don't. I also believe a large percentage of the loss of public services is due to lack of funding from Central Government and then blamed on local Councils. Part of the reason for the Council Tax rises and Council budget cuts.Large amount spent on unwanted and outdated Quangoes and P.C imaging. I also think that each persons conception of what effect Government policies and funding are having can largely depend on your area of work and home, particularly relating to general outgoings/roads/schools and hospital services.I would hazard a guess that virtually everyone is pleased with Browns treatment of their Pension Schemes and investments.No blame can be laid at his door as it is always Global but his departments favourite saying must be" Lessons will be learnt" Let's hope soon.
  21. Tried this and visited UK branch but they couldn't resolve problem.Will try again on next UK trip.
  22. I note that 2 of my UK bank cards have been changed from Mastercard to Visa for a "more secure service". Only trouble being it is impossible to complete the Visa card security check with a French post code although both accounts are at our French address!!!! When this was pointed out ,they couldn't find a way around the problem? Modern progress from modern management.
  23. Just shows what type of character he really is. I 'm amazed that he can spout such out and out lies and exagerations every time he opens his mouth. After 13 years of control,along with Blair,surely any body can see the mess that virtually every public service and department is in?They can't even run a refuse service properly never mind a country.
  24. I thought the applicant also had another accident and lost most of his brain? No b--ls and no brains an obvious candidate for management.
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