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  1. We had nine happy years to-ing and fro-ing with our cats. We had a large dog cage that we padded out with a blanket. We put a cat litter tray between the two cats to give each their own area. We took regular stops to offer water and food and empty their tray on the long journey to the South of France. We never had any problems, we are still sad that they are no longer with us but are grateful for the 22 and 24 happy years we shared together!
  2. I have  a red leaved one of these in the UK! It has been in a raised beds for about 7 years to my knowledge as we did not plant it and has not flowered once! Maybe they are better in France!
  3. My neighbour has just lost her labrador and would like a King Charles spaniel. Before she goes out and buys one from a breeder is there any that anyone knows of one needing a VERY good home? We are in Charente Maritime.
  4. [quote user="caro"]People are trying to help you here! At the very least be polite! There are terrible companies about! AND YES they do smash up furniture and worse! They will demand more money before they release your effects than you have paid for them to deliver it! If you think they are all professional, you have a lot to learn! AND the moderators on here are very good and have a job to do! Please do not critise them!   I really don't know what you're referring to. I have been polite, and I said nothing critical about the moderators. I was simply responding to what someone else said. Perhaps you've misunderstood. [/quote]It was guardian who made the comments not you Caro sorry
  5. People are trying to help you here! At the very least be polite! There are terrible companies about! AND YES they do smash up furniture and worse! They will demand more money before they release your effects than you have paid for them to deliver it! If you think they are all professional, you have a lot to learn! AND the moderators on here are very good and have a job to do! Please do not critise them!
  6. I spoke to Eurotunnel yesterday as we were one of the ones who could not get through on the 14th Sept. They said that they are now running two trains a day carrying cars. Their prority has been for freight as food needs to get through. Also they said that Eurostar has been virtually unaffected! They are to refund the cost of the ticket we had but have said that the refund may take 28 days to show up on our credit card.
  7. Yes, I have a lovely Border Collie and she needs to have the stimulus of some classes for agility or something similar. It would be good to meet other dog owners too! We are near Jonzac in department 17.
  8. Athene

    Pumpkin puzzle

    I sling in some chunks of pumpkin with my roast potatoes! Potatoes need to be parboiled to do this!
  9. Letters from Africa are generally after one thing... Your bank account details! Do NOT give it to them! I get about one a week of letters from Africa telling me that they have a fortune to share with me if only I will share my bank details with them! lol!
  10. What is the best way to take euros to France? Swift transfers are expensive! Getting euros out of your Nationwide account at the French hole in the wall commands a bad exchange rate! So is the best way to check which travel agents will do the best interest rate and carry the euros out with you?
  11. Having looked in a few estate agents windows this week 50k will only buy you a complete wreck. Is this the sort of thing you're looking for?   Yes any land in dept 17 is expensive! Good luck with your search!
  12. Thank you so much for sending this! Yes it made me cry remembering how much I loved my own big British shorthair cats who are sadly no longer with me!
  13. At the end of the day, it is important where you are living but in my book more important is who you are with and who is around you! [quote user="sweet 17"]want2move, All the Very Best with the completion of purchase and, of course, the move. Erns, I have thought about what "good" means and I am sure that one of the key things is that you will be able to sell it on at some later date if you need or want to. Now, let's have your definition. [/quote]
  14. [quote user="Val_2"]John I should also mention you must NEVER rely on work coming from other british people here, they are dwindling now in numbers buying in the region and most are doing their own work. It was rich pickings 15 years ago but we now have 95% french clients and ocassionally the odd UK customer,so you would need to learn the language well to be able to cope with the paperwork in french and speaking with your clients. Finding employment is hard without any language skills and bosses are very wary on taking people on because of the hefty social charges this incurrs. Do some serious homework before deciding on a place which will give you an income.[/quote] This is such good advice from someone who knows! It costs a king's ransom to set up in the building trade, it is not like the UK where anyone can have a go - witness all the Eastern block builders plumbers and electricians! You have to have expensive insurances and a special state number that you will not get without state courses to check the profficiency in your profession - yes you pay for these! If you try to work without this you are in danger of deportation and colossal fines! Then there is the payment for healthcare! It is not like the UK where anyone is seen free! Until you are retirement age and have a full National Insurance entitlement that you can exchange for 70% French care, you will have to pay! I hate pouring cold water on dreams but you are better to know the facts and then make the right decisions!
  15. We have an efficient, friendly vetinary practice in Jonzac. Docteur Gadras, M. Bourreau and Mame Beau. they are all excellent! M. Gadras speaks English! Normally I spoke in French but when my much loved cat was dying, he spoke in English to me!  I forget the name of the road where it is but it is the one where la poste is on the corner. They will be in the phone book! They do not have appointments, you just turn up and are seen in the order you arrive or the gravity!
  16. Yes, there are French who say the kind of things written here about Brits forcing up house prices but the factual reply must be that there are more French living and working in the UK than  there are Brits in France and you do not hear Brits whinging on about them buying up UK houses! Also a great many French companies are buying up UK utility companies but no-one moans in the UK! Just wonder what the French reaction would be if it were the UK companies purchasing a slice of French utilities? 
  17. Do they do tiron bands in France? Having once had a tyre blow out, we would not travel without them! Also if  it has a stove, you will need a gas bottle! And if it has a sink - two aquarolls! One is not enough! Then if it has a loo, a wastemaster! And a hitchlock and wheel lock! Maybe you were lucky and it came with all these! The accessories cost nearly as much as the caravan itself!
  18. Are there water hook ups in most French sites these days? Does it work out expensive or is it all in the site price? Do they charge for dogs?
  19. Yes we have the paperwork completed on the caravan but I think the last owners will need to sign that they have sold it?
  20. Thank you for the replies - very helpful! Yes we were lucky as all the paperwork has been done and all we need to do is change the names over to ours and change the area.
  21. Hello all caravaners! please can you help me? We are buying in the UK a UK caravan that has all its paperwork for France. (The seller brought it back to sell!) We intend to take it back to France for use there where we are domiciled. I just want to know if a UK gas bottle can we used in France? Are the bottles the same as in the UK ie when the bottle is empty, can I swap it over in France for a full one? Is there a choice of using either butane or propane and which do you all use please?
  22. Now here is a suggestion for you! E-Mail Bob Christy O'Brien on [email protected] He goes backwards and forwards to his yacht and will do favours as far as delivering items. He is not a professional mover shifter! Bonne chance!
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